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News of Author not appearing at
Art-A-Fair FAKE!

Report was given by “phony look-a-like author”

Ree World News has uncovered an unbelievable story … despite wide circulation, the news that noted author, illustrator and artist Scott E. Sutton would NOT be appearing at Laguna Art-A-Fair this summer was a HOAX perpetrated by a fake look-a-like impostor!  The real author had been missing for MONTHS and has just recently been found wandering in the Arizona desert.
In an exclusive interview, an injured and disheveled (but recovering) Sutton claimed that he had been abducted and held by extraterrestrials.  When asked what these creatures looked like, Mr. Sutton stated, “They were short, mean looking, wore ugly green spacesuits from the 1960's and despite what the TV programs say they were not GREY, they were PINK, like a cross between Pepto Bismol and ham."
“They were doing experiments on me until I managed to escape by using Karate techniques I learned watching Captain Kirk on Star Trek!  I ran away from their ship and hid in a desert cave where I survived by eating horned toads and cactus.  Luckily, I was rescued by a tiny super hero...Super Beebee!” Sutton claimed.  Apparently the super hero was flying around Arizona trying to find his way to San Diego when he happened to see the lost author in the desert near Sedona, Arizona.
Artists rendition of the spaceship.
In the interest of ‘truth in reporting’, Ree World News hired private investigator Skeet Dash to look into whether or not this story had any truth to it.  After extensive and exhausting research, Mr. Dash declared, “Mr. Sutton may or may not be a wacko but his story is true, including the ‘phony clone’ author sent to his house to replace him."

Dash continued that he had interviewed Mrs. Sutton and she had this to say: "I knew something was wrong when I made a chicken pot pie for Scott – which is one of his favorites - and he refused to eat it.  Then it got even weirder when extraterrestrial Scott wanted to re-do all the morals to his kid’s books.  He wanted to change 'treat others like you want to be treated' to 'do it to them before they do it to you'.  That's just not right!" 
Scott E. Sutton being rescued by SuperBeebee.
Finally, Dash said that the real Scott was returned home safely by Super Beebee, who then vanquished the evil extraterrestrial fake Scott.  Before Sutton could express his gratitude for his rescue, Super Beebee was called away to urgent superhero business back on Ree.

Mr. Sutton assured Ree World News, and wishes to assure his artist friends and his many collectors, “I will be exhibiting at the Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair this summer, June 28th through September 1st.  And I will also be exhibiting and the San Diego International Comic-Con July 18th through the 21st.”  Mr. Sutton also asked us to pass along his special thanks to Super Beebee, who will be joining him at Comic-Con (if he can find it).
Here is Scott's upcoming schedule:
June 28 - September 1, 10 am - 9 pm Sunday-Thursday, 10 am - 10 pm Friday & Saturday.
Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival
777 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, California

July 18 - 20, 9:30 am - 7 pm Thursday-Saturday, 9:30 am - 5 pm Sunday
San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Convention Center

"This is what we have so far. We will keep you updated as more details come in," concluded the SpokesBeebee.
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