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letter of intent and personal update

first of all, this letter has been a long time coming and i appreciate you immensely for tuning in.

i intend for this to be a seasonal publication, sent quarterly, with occasional updates when called for! i definitely consider this an expression of my heart and am doing this because it brings me deep satisfaction, channeling many passions into one physical manifestation, meant to be shared.

in case you were wondering, the vision for this publication—

the editorial style lends to visual storytelling and sharing work in multi-layered format—mixed media, really. utilizing photography and design, the newsletter sets forth to be both a resource for wellbeing and a visual installation itself.

let's watch it unfold.

through an ayurvedic lens, summer is the season in which we are most tempted towards false play (ie. being overworked and resorting to vices to relax in attempt to rebalance). summer is the pitta season, where the fire element is exacerbated within us and around us. 

in yoga, fire is represented in tapas, which is the heat of positive change, that, as stephanie snyder says, comes from the friction of old habit and new habit rubbing up against each other. it's the deliberate practice of the wanted habit that delivers positive change. for me, this summer season has been about practice­—or a few, in particular.

i have practiced saying yes to all the opportunities that i have deliberately co-created. i have spread my wings to teach at yoga studios around the bay area, i have deepened my studies of yoga, strengthened my sadhana, and i have aligned on a path to some tropical places this fall.

upcoming fall

through the lens of ayurveda, all of manifestation (prakti) is comprised of a combination of the elements—ether, air, fire, water, and earth. just as your organs and the stuff that moves through them, the seasons are qualified by their elemental equations.

according to deanna batdorff, we can look at a year's seasons as a complete cycle and optimize our lives to flow with the qualities of the seasons. when in alignment with the fall, we are refining our work, moving into completion, preparing for winter—and a new cycle.

for me, many ideas that have been a long while brewing are coming to full physical manifestation, which is pretty exciting to witness. here's what's coming up for me—

// september

continuing my ayurvedic studies, i'm attending a nutrition course at the dhyana center in sebastopol, california. 

offering yoga (and event photography) at the visionaries summit, a four-day gathering of socio-political-spiritual activists making change through activation and action.

// october

traveling to mexico to combine two of my greatest passions—photography and yoga. no—three (travel, duh). susannah freedman is offering a yoga retreat and i will be there to capture it and live it.

// november

i'll be joining the creative team behind hits & mrs society to capture a sophisticated women-only mastermind retreat in maui. what more can i say?

currently on offer in sonoma and bay area

// public yoga classes

i’m teaching yoga five days a week at noble yoga sonoma, sonoma’s newest yoga studio. 

i’m also popping up in and around the bay area. catch me where you can!

teaching schedule

you can view my complete teaching schedule and even add to your google calendar. fancy.

// private yoga sessions

i offer private yoga sessions, tailored to what you want to work on, which can include fine tuning asana (postures) and transitions to support you in public flow classes, functional alignment, pranayama (breathwork), chanting, and philosophy.

read more and book 


// private cleanse coaching

i’m offering monthly coaching packages, which include weekly 45-minute coaching sessions and practices to support your cleanse goals. 

location independent

coaching is available by phone. please reach out if you are interested in cleanse coaching and i will follow up with details!

to align with the seasons, follow through is crucial in the fall. now is the time to close the projects and complete this cycle, so that you can rest and ruminate in the winter.

a simple practice to support you this fall

routine is especially important during the fall (vata) season, and many of our typical calendars already align with that seasonal rhythm, which is useful (school beginning, vacations ending, harvest season, etc.). 

the crisp, cool, winds of change can remind us that we're in the midst of a cycle—or many—and that where we are is temporary. at times, this can bring a sense of relief, and at other times, overwhelm—either way, the winds that carry us into fall can be a reminder to press pause and recalibrate as often as needed. having a simple practice when you need to refocus can help with you stay grounded and moving toward completion. 

pick a sacred plant or incense. i like to use palo santo, as it feels particularly grounding (earth), and a candle (fire)—which brings warmth and focus (pitta energy)—both supportive elements during the fall, as well as for anyone tending to vata excess at any time.

set up a simple place for your tools—at minimum, a candle, matches, and anything that helps you feel peaceful. as soon as you're aware that you are feeling scattered, distracted, anxious, or overwhelmed, come sit here, light the candle and/or the wood and focus your attention on the flame or the smoke. keep it simple until you are called to a more advanced practice (such as trāṭaka). you can't do this wrong, so don't worry about that. all you're doing is shifting your focus to something neutral. you can watch the breath and when it has become deep and regular, thank yourself and move on.

you could also make a cup of tea.

// chai no. 8

this 8-spice chai is making it's way into my mornings. and those days, i use it as a reminder to slow down and try to be just with what's in front of me.

view + print the recipe.

until next time, thanks for tuning in! in the meantime, stay connected—

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