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Thornbury Primary School Newsletter
1st September 2016 | Issue 14
A Creative and Diverse Community Growing Together
Grade 5/6 Camp
Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours at the grade 5/6 camp in Kinglake.  When I arrived at about 7:30am everyone was getting ready for a 20 minute quiet time of reflection.  This was a lovely way to start the day before breakfast.
The camp facility is first class with an array of activities to develop the children’s wellbeing, leadership and resilience.  The activities I was able to have a brief look at focussed on the students working together to solve a problem. 
Everyone looked like they were having a great time and had really gotten into the spirit of the camp.  No doubt they will have many stories to share when they return on Friday afternoon.
Marrung Aboriginal Education Plan 2016 – 2026
Last Friday I attended a forum to discuss the implementation of the new Aboriginal Education Plan known as Marrung (I have included a link for your information).
It was attended by many Education Department staff, representatives from the Health Sector, local government, VAEAI and others and highlighted the need for everyone to work together to improve outcomes for Aboriginal children.  It was especially good to hear from a Year 11 girl and another who had recently left school who talked about their experiences and what we can learn from them.
First Day of Term 4
The first day of term 4 is Monday, October 3rd.  This day IS NOT a pupil free day as may have been stated previously.

Kind regards,

Phillip Banks
Book Week Parade
Thank you to the T.P.S. community for your amazing efforts dressing up for the Book Parade last Wednesday! We had a wonderful day attending workshops with author/illustrator Lucinda Gifford and sharing our poems. We hope you had a great week of reading for Book Week!
Some photos from our Book Parade are below:
Book Week Poem
5/6S Poem by Lulu, Mila, Pyper, Zifa, Isabel and Maya
There once was a panda who lived in a zoo
His friend was a monkey, a monkey called Two
Two had a girlfriend, Julie was her name
She travelled the globe and meet a great dame,
The dame was a show off he pranced all around
He waltzed and he tangoed with a sleek brown hound
The hound was a wise one she knew what to do
If someone’s in danger she would call upon Two
And all of these creatures different to look at
Would share an experience in a big book.
Now they’re all stuffed in a museum
Where all the young children will come to see them. 
The book now lives around the globe
Telling the story of the panda, the monkey, Julie, the dame and the hound
Selling their story at the corner store for just one pound
So come and buy it before it sells out
It’s absolutely amazing without a doubt

TPS Arts Festival Meeting

Hi all,
Thank you to all those parents/carers and students who made suggestions in our Festival suggestion box in the school foyer. We will be discussing these at our next meeting.
The Festival team is now very busy getting class stalls organised. We are looking for a parent/carer who has a child in class 4/5J or 5/6J 5/6S or 5/6L, to assist the class teachers with their stalls.
Please come along this Thursday, September 1st at 3.30pm in the Art Room to discuss how you can assist.
If you are unable to attend the meeting please feel free to email me.
Some of the art and craft created by students to be sold at a The Arts Festival in the student art/ craft stall is pictured below.

Looking forward to another wonderful Arts Festival.
Antoinette Vaiano
theQUBiTs - TPS S.T.E.M (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)  Lunchtime Club

We’ve had our first group of student take a turn at learning, creating and making various projects using: Littlebits, Lego TECHNICS, Lego Wedo 2.0 - Wedo 2.0 video and ScratchJr - "Scratch" adapted for early years , this is a free app for many platforms.
Due to the high interest we will be rotating the group every 3 weeks this year so that as many makers get a chance.
Below is a link to a video of some the projects and some pictures.
Richard and Finley

Hello from the OSHC room, Father’s day is just around the corner and the children have been busy making a variety of different things to show their appreciation for the father figures in their lives.
It’s been a quiet week this week with a number of our children away on camp, so we are looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing all the stories when they return.
A few new enrolments have come in this week so we would like to welcome the new children to the program.
Spring has arrived and the days are starting to become a little nicer, so we will have a lot more outside activities starting up soon.

Just a reminder to please advise us of any cancellations before 9am, so we can arrange staff accordingly.

Thanks Andi and the OSHC team

All students participating in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge have until TOMORROW (Friday 2nd September) to enter their books online. Make sure you add your books before the due date to receive your certificate and have your name added to the online Honour Roll. Keep up the great reading!
All T.P.S. students are encouraged to participate in the Challenge, inspiring them to read more widely, more often and to develop a love of reading.
Collect a consent form from outside the Office, sign and return it to the Office.
Students will then be issued with a username and password in order to access the Premiers’ Reading Challenge website and enter books online.
Head Lice

We have had it reported to us that there is head lice in the school. Unfortunately, it is probably best to assume that there are always head lice in the school somewhere. Please see below some head lice facts and a link to the website.

Removing Head Lice at a glance:
· Head lice and nits only live on human heads.
· They don't care if the hair is long or short, clean or dirty.
· Head lice are an unavoidable fact of life for all school-aged kids.
· The best and cheapest way to remove them is with inexpensive conditioner and a nit comb.
· You will need to re-treat your child several times before all the eggs will be gone.
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