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Thornbury Primary School Newsletter
18th August 2016 | Issue 13
A Creative and Diverse Community Growing Together
Trivia Night
Last Saturday night’s Trivia Night was a great success.  Lots of people, difficult questions!! and a lot of music and dancing.  The organising group has done a great job organising this event with a lot of effort gone into gaining sponsorships, donations and the many other things that needed to be done.
Thanks to Elissa Wilson, Finley Francois, Tim Bennett, Sheri Burmeister, Genevieve Cizevskis, Alicia Flynn, Ana Francois, Lou Dyer and to everyone else who helped out.

Personal Items at School
I wanted to remind everyone that personal items are not insured by the Department of Education & Training and that they are brought in at the owner’s own risk.  This includes staff, parents, carers and students.  Having said that of course when things are sent in, we will do whatever we can to ensure that items are able to be kept safe. 
Enrolments for 2017
We are taking enrolments for 2017 and I would ask any parents/carers who intend to enrol their child’s sibling,  to please do so as soon as possible.  It is now term 3 and we will be starting to plan for next year later in the term.
Steiner Teacher Visit
After assembly last week we had 36 trainee Steiner teachers have a tour of the school.  They were all first year trainees and were very interested in what the students were doing.  It was a bit of a whirlwind.

Kind Regards,
Phillip Banks
Basketball Finals
Thornbury PS has traditionally had strong basketball teams across the district. In the boys quarter final our team played very well only to be beaten by a few points in a titanic struggle. The girls semi final was also very close with our team missing the grand final by the barest of margin. The effort and discipline on the day was outstanding. A big thanks to their coach Keith Howden who has been working with the kids at lunchtime and a big thanks to all our players: Summer, Mia, Rose, Lily, Zinnia, Billie, Maddison, Shianne, Oscar, Russell, Isaac, Soul, Joseph, Owen, Jett, Sam and Remy.
The kids must be very proud, as is the school.
Science Week - Professor Bunsen
We were incredibly lucky to have Professor Bunsen attend the school this week to help us celebrate National Science Week. He demonstrated fantastic experiments and had the children gasping and laughing with excitement and enjoyment.
We hope you all enjoy the rest of science week and get the chance to attend some of the exciting things that are happening in and around town this weekend.
Shady Trivia Night Success
A big thank you to everyone who supported and came to A 'Shady' Trivia Night on Saturday Night. It was such a fun night and a big success. We are very pleased to have raised close to $8000 for the TPS Garden Dreaming Project! 
We could not have done this without the support of TPS parents/carers and friends on the night. 
Big thanks to our fabulous entertainment including the wonderful band led by Finley Francois and our Trivia Masters, Duane and Jay. A special thank you also to our fantastic bar staff organised by Sheri Burmeister, and of course our sponsors...
Major Sponsor: Nelson Alexander Northcote
Bar Sponsors: Twisted Vine
Prize sponsors: Zunami White from Guardian Defence, Jo Kummrow, Jonathon Miller from the RASV, Jesse Hull from CERES Fair Food, Neville Pilven, Gen Cizevskis, Scott Fry from Loving Earth, Naabi Methe from Northcote Natural Therapies, Kylie and Andrew Eley, Aunty Terri, Jack and Alex Burmeister's Grandma, Bunnings Northland, Dan Murphy's Preston, Lam Lam Vietnamese Restaurant, Perimeter Books, Ziyad Hair Salon, Northcote Social Club, Tiger and Peacock, Thornbury Meat Supply, The Goodness Bureau, Elk Accessories, Obus Clothing, Westgarth Cinema, The Body Whisperer Brunswick, Nancybird Accessories, Lightworker Institute, El Patio Spanish School, Phil's Bakehouse, Danny's Dry Cleaning, Northcote Picture Framing, Bamboo Vietnamese Restaurant and Melbourne Writer's Festival 
Can't wait until next year...
Father's Day BBQ
The fundraising committee have decided that instead of running a big Father's Day stall this year we are going to make the Term 3 BBQ (to be hosted by 1/2M and F/1R) a special Father's Day celebration. So make sure all the Dad's in the house know that they should come to the after-school BBQ on Friday 2 September. There will be sausages, treats and a small gift stall. See you there!
TPS Garden Program
Hello from the Tuesday TPS Garden Program.
Our winter plantings have grown and we have been able to use our own produce in our cooking (lettuce, mizuna, mustard leaf, parsley and rocket).  Still coming along are our broadbeans, wombok, kale and cauliflowers.
On wet and windy days we have set ourselves up in the kitchen. We have been making use of the oven to taste test roasted Jerusalem artichokes and baby potatoes with a sprinkling of rosemary and garlic leaves.
Other times we have toasted pita bread to go with over dip creations – Tzatziki and mizuna dip, hummus dip and more recently organic green punchy pesto!
Some comments from the 5/6s:
Maggie – “So yummy, I want to make hummus dip at home!”
Jeff – “Yummy, easy dish, love it!”
Estaban – “Tasty”
Tai – “It was fun and easy to make” 
All students participating in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge have until 2 September to enter their books online. Make sure you add your books before the due date to receive your certificate and have your name added to the online Honour Roll. Keep up the great reading!
All T.P.S. students are encouraged to participate in the Challenge, inspiring them to read more widely, more often and to develop a love of reading.
Collect a consent form from outside the Office, sign and return it to the Office.
Students will then be issued with a username and password in order to access the Premiers’ Reading Challenge website and enter books online.
Pre-order your lunch order here!
Open Wednesday, 8.30am-10.00am
or shop online at
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