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24th November 2016 | Issue 19

Students are NOT required at school

Out of School Hours Care will be available
A Creative and Diverse Community Growing Together

Foundation Transition
It has been great to meet the new Prep/Foundation parents and carers for 2017.  We had a number of Question and Answer sessions which was helpful to all of us (I learned a few things about the school too).

2017 Processes
We are continuing through the process for 2017.  The grade structures have been finalised and we are just finalising the staffing.  At this moment the 2017 grade structures will look like:
Mainstream Number of classes Steiner Number of classes
Foundation (Prep)/1 2 Foundation (Prep) 1
Year 1/ 2 2 Year 1/ 2 1
Year 3/ 4 3 Year 3/ 4 1
Year 5/ 6 2 Year 5/ 6 1

We have also started the student allocations.  We try to make sure that classes have a balance across year levels.
If you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to ask.
Curriculum Day
This year the school has missed one of its allocated Curriculum Days.  Therefore I have asked School Council to approve a Curriculum Day for Monday December 5th.  On this day, staff will be involved in 2017 planning and Steiner Teachers will be working together on the College of Teachers.  I have also invited new staff to this day to meet with existing staff and to learn about the school and assist their planning for 2017.
Have a great week everyone,

Leon Bell
Acting Principal
“Look for something positive each day…..even if some days you have look a little harder!” 
Please enjoy the photos and video below put together from our Arts Festival. Enjoy!


Hello from the OSHC room,
The last few weeks the children have been busy making balloon stress balls, pom poms and a collective art mural that is now hanging on our wall. We have also tested our taste buds this week with trialling hash browns for a morning treat, so far clean-up has been easy as no crumbs have been left.
With the Curriculum Day Coming up on Monday 5th of December we are taking names down for a program as we need minimum numbers to run. We do have a maximum number of places as well so please be sure to put your child’s name down if you wish them to attend. Once staff have been arranged you will be charged for this day.
THE END IS NEAR and we are preparing the program for next year’s places. If there are no changes to be made, there is no need to re book as our system will continue with the regular permanent bookings. If there are alterations to be made please notify us.
Just a reminder that children need to be brought in by an adult and signed in if they are going to attend before care and carers need to remember to sign children out when leaving aftercare.

Andi and the OSHC team.

Uniform Shop
The last day for 2016 uniform purchases will be:
Wednesday 14th December, with the usual hours of 8:30am—10am
There will be an additional day open to purchase uniforms prior to the commencement of the 2017 school year on:
Monday 30th January 2017, 8.30am—10am
The Uniform Shop will open weekly of a Wednesday from:
Wednesday 1st February 2017, 8.30am—10am
Pre-order your lunch order here!
Open Wednesday, 8.30am-10.00am
or shop online at
A box has been placed in the school foyer for donations.
Mindfulness Meditation Saturday's 9.45am-11.15am @ Autumn Retreat, 129 Miller St Thornbury 3071.
For enquiries call Lee Couch 0400 319 202
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Our School Values: Respect, Trust, Working Together, Integrity and Perseverance

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