Dear Edgemont Community Members,

Successful school districts like ours benefit from involved parents and a supportive community. You can help make the Edgemont experience the best it can be for our children by getting involved in our school-focused community groups. The PTA, PTSA, E-Club, Edgemont School Foundation, and the Edgemont Scholarship Council all strive to ensure that every Edgemont student is getting the most out of his/her educational experience.  All of these groups are run entirely by parent volunteers, all of whom believe that for Edgemont to continue to thrive, contributions from families must supplement and support the mission of our schools.

The PTA and PTSA ask for annual membership dues from each family; the Edgemont School Foundation, Edgemont Scholarship Council, and E-Club seek annual contributions at any level.   I encourage you to become involved in these community groups, described below, and to support them in their annual campaigns. Their donations and contributions to our district are essential to our growth and your donations are tax deductible. Volunteering is also a great opportunity to meet other parents and to make new friends!  

Edgemont Scholarship Council (ESC) - College and high-quality education beyond high school is the ESC’s goal. Although we live in a beautiful community where higher education opportunities are considered the norm, the fact is that there are Edgemont families who cannot afford the exorbitant costs of college.  The Edgemont Scholarship Council is committed to doing all they can to ensure that no child is denied a college education because of insufficient finances. Through the support and generosity of the people in our community and through various fundraising efforts, ESC awards thousands of dollars in need-based scholarship money to eligible Edgemont High School graduates each year.  The ESC’s  work is completely donation-based; I encourage you to donate what you can.  The need is real for some of your children’s classmates and neighbors.  You can learn more and get involved here and watch for their mailing.

Edgemont School Foundation (ESF) - The mission of the Edgemont School Foundation is to “ensure and enhance the value of an Edgemont education.” With the encouragement of the Edgemont Board of Education, the Edgemont School Foundation was formed in 1993 by a diverse group of concerned parents, school administrators, and alumni after several failed school budget referendums. Working in direct partnership with the administrators, teachers and the Board of Education, ESF’s contributions to our district are substantial. Currently, the ESF is in the midst of a major donation to our school as we create innovative learning spaces through renovation and architectural redesign.  They need your support in order to continue providing important gifts like this. Find out more about the Edgemont School Foundation here and watch for their mailing.

E-Club - The E Club is a booster organization which supports Edgemont athletic funding requests not covered by the school budget.  Membership donations fund additional equipment, Sports Award programs, Homecoming, E-Day, transportation for off-campus training, and much more.  All Edgemont residents particularly those with student athletes, are encouraged to become members for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you are not sure if you have joined for this school year already, you can check the current membership list.  Become a member now  - the experiences children have on our fields and as members of our teams are of immeasurable value.

PTA - The Edgemont Elementary Parent Teacher Association is a joint organization composed of both Greenville and Seely Place families.  Our daily partners in enhancing the Edgemont experience for elementary students, the PTA runs After School Clubs,Book Fairs, and Pizza Fridays at both schools, provides funding for field trips for every grade, and brings authors, poets, and musicians into our schools.  Every dollar raised goes back into our schools.  With over forty committees to become part of, the PTA has something for everyone.  Learn more here.

The PTSA - Serving grades 7-12, the Parent Teacher Student Association brings parents, teachers and students together to support and enrich the Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School community.  The PTSA sponsors speakers, recreational and social activities, community-minded projects, and hospitality and recognition events.  Independent from the PTA, the PTSA provides a forum for communication and discussion about matters that affect life at home and at school.  Learn more and join the PTSA here.  

Just as our district relies on the contributions from these groups to further our goals, these organizations rely on you.  Though each group has a unique area of focus, they all have one overarching goal: to make the Edgemont experience the best it can be for all of our students.  I encourage you to learn more about them and lend whatever support you can.

Many thanks,

Victoria Kniewel

PS As a follow up to the October E-News, some of you could not open the college matriculation list. Congratulations once again to the Edgemont High School Class of 2017! Here is the impressive list.
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