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August 2018
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Change Readiness: The New Normal
It’s not incorrect or an exaggeration to say change is a constant; change is happening every single day, and it’s the responsibility of company leaders and communication teams to prepare employees to be change-ready. What’s important is that employees are prepared for change, welcome it and make it the new norm.

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>>"There is a 0.97 correlation (with 1 being a perfect correlation) between employees being ready for change and therefore finding change easy, and employees being unready and therefore finding the change difficult."
- Cy Wakeman, keynote speaker, author
and leadership expert <<


Tips for a Change-Ready Culture
All companies can be ready for the inevitable changes that they will face. Here are three don’ts for communicating change and ideas for making your workplace change-ready.

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Through the Noise:
Change Communication

Listen to this month’s podcast episode, where Seth and Dan had the opportunity to interview Cy Wakeman, a keynote speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and global thought leader. Her revolutionary new approach to leadership centers on ditching the drama in the workplace, and teaching companies, leaders and employees to be ready for and embrace change.


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