Message from the President

"Heating Up" for Fall

August is such an exciting month for LLI. We’re “heating up” for fall!

ProClass, our new registration system, is now live. The tech team sent us all directions to get set up in ProClass before the catalog goes online on August 15. Once you are set up, you can create a Wish List that will make registering a snap.

Next week, when you scan the course catalog, please consider the substantial efforts of our fellow members who have made this fall semester possible. Their creativity, enthusiasm, and teamwork are unparalleled as we successfully transition our full program to online learning.

New members, you’re now meeting your mentors. They will share their knowledge about all things LLI, as they warmly welcome and advise you in the coming months. I look forward to greeting you personally at our Zoom orientations, where leadership members will explain how we function at LLI. There is so much on offer; please check out our website,

We’ll soon unveil our anniversary banner, “Celebrating 20 Years in Community with Bard,” as we commemorate this impressive LLI milestone throughout 2020-21. Although we’re not now on campus, we’ll continue to foster our strong relationship as part of Bard’s intergenerational community of learners and provide generous support today and into the future. I commend President Botstein’s creation of the President’s Commission on Racial Equity and Justice at Bard College.

You’ll see throughout this newsletter that we’re never too young—or too old—to make a difference. As our LLI program year begins, please share your own wisdom and skills to promote our estimable membership goals. Yes, this is an invitation!

Thank you to our newsletter staff for bringing us such an inspiring view of the life-enriching opportunities that surround us.

With best regards, 
A Bright Fall Forecast
by Deborah Lanser

Thanks to the hard work of the Curriculum Committee, we are faced with some delightfully difficult choices in planning our fall schedule. As usual, the courses cover a broad spectrum of topics. This year, we have the added bonus of having class sessions on both Thursday and Friday, to make sure we aren’t tempted to stare at a screen too long on one day. Here is a brief foretaste of the courses that will be on offer when the catalog is published on August 15.
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Is LLI Course Registration Simple?
By Deborah Schwartz

When fall registration opens on September 1, we will begin using ProClass, software that is used by hundreds of LLIs around the country. ProClass keeps track of our member information as well as providing an easy-to-use registration process. Best of all, ProClass allows us to create a Wish List between August 15 and September 1 because we will be able to see all the courses in each period and indicate which ones we want.
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Online Task Force and Session Managers Saved Our SummerFest
by Felice Gelman

LLI is so fortunate to have the many hard-working volunteers who figured out how to put SummerFest online and made it happen. We owe the Online Task Force and the SummerFest session managers a huge vote of thanks. They have paved the way for a seamless fall semester.

The Online Task Force did a lot of research and had many meetings and discussions to develop the plans and training that created our successful SummerFest class series. The session managers did an amazing job helping class participants get online and enjoy their classes. LLI came away from SummerFest with a growing knowledge bank that should make scaling up from the eight SummerFest classes to the 25 fall semester classes relatively painless. 
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Farming and Academia Make a Perfect Marriage
by Linda LeGendre

Farming and academia can make a perfect marriage although they rarely form such a solid union as at Bard. Very few college campuses have a working farm that provides farm-to-table fare for students and community members. The following is a story of the people and efforts that ordained this particular marriage and allowed the Bard farm to thrive on the Bard campus for almost a decade now.  
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Bard Students Win International Award for Helping Homeless in Kingston
By Kathy OConnor

Congratulations to Bard students Keyvious Avery and Aidan Galloway for winning one of 10 COV-AID awards for Student Civic Engagement given to students throughout the world for their projects in response to the COVID pandemic.   
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Remembering Marty Kutikoff
by Margaret Shuhala

Longtime Bard LLI member, Marty Kutikoff, died on June 21, after a year-long illness.

Marty became chair of our A/V Team in 2012, after serving as an active member for many years. One of his many accomplishments as chair was securing convenient on-campus storage space for LLI A/V equipment. Also in 2012, Marty became a Bard LLI Council Member at Large. His significant contributions to Bard LLI were valued, not only by his colleagues but also by the organization as a whole.
Before retirement, Marty was a science teacher in New York City and managed the school district’s student-run TV studio. He was on the board of the New York State Marine Education Association and a member of the Mid-Hudson Bike Club. Marty loved to travel and was a passionate outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed biking, hiking, skydiving, skiing, and scuba diving. He shared many of these activities with his beloved wife Eileen, who predeceased him.

Marty was an incredibly kind and caring man whose devotion to those he loved will long be remembered.
BHSEC Student Pays It Forward
by Deborah Lanser

When Paul Bloom received his LLI stipend of $500, the first thing he did was sign it over to the Ascension Food Pantry, where he volunteers in New York City. Paul, who is a senior at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan, learned about the stipend for young people working at unpaid internships when he spent time at the Bard Graduate Center’s Lab for Teen Thinkers. That time, he says, “helped me understand the intricacies of our society’s emotions and cultures, and gave me the skills and perspective that I needed to effectively support those around me.”
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Bard College Announces President's Commission on Racial Equity and Justice
On July 19, President Leon Botstein announced to the college community that he was setting up the President’s Commission on Racial Equity and Justice. You can read his message here.
Council Notes
Two hundred sixty-five members renewed their membership in LLI and 62 new members joined LLI, bringing our membership to 327. 

Members who want to attend LLI Council meetings (the third Monday of each month at 9:30 a.m.) can contact Linda Stanley at A maximum of five visitors will be given the Zoom link to join the Council meeting.

A total of 25 courses are planned for our online fall semester. The catalog will be published August 15, with registration opening on September 1. In ProClass, members can create a wishlist after the catalog is published and just click on it when registration opens.

The tech team is populating ProClass with information about our fall classes. They are delighted to have several active new volunteers.

Four online orientation sessions are planned for new members, along with an online meet-and-greet for new members and their mentors.
- Cathy Reinis
Upcoming Dates for LLI
Important Dates for Members:

August 6 -- Social Zoom with Magic Show

August 11 -- Curriculum Committee meeting

August 15 -- Catalog of fall courses is published and available

August 18 - August 20 -- New Member Orientations will be held in small groups via Zoom

August 17 -- Council meeting (if you would like to attend, please email Linda Stanley)

September 1 -- Registration for fall classes begins

September 8 -- Curriculum Committee meeting

September 21 -- Council meeting (if you would like to attend, please email Linda Stanley)

September 24-November 6 -- Fall semester starts
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