Message from the President

Dear <<First Name>>,

What an incredible semester! Thank you to everyone who lent a hand, shared a skill, learned something new, or said, “Yes!” to whatever was needed in the moment. And almost every member Zoomed in throughout the seven weeks! The semester officially ends when we each submit our course evaluations. It’s the critical piece that marks our truly fabulous success, and every response will help to make our spring semester even better. 

We do great work in all areas of LLI, and each member brings unique energy and a valuable perspective to the ongoing effort. Participating within LLI is a personal choice, and we all respect both the freedoms and the constraints of our varied lives and interests. We each contribute as we are able. 

Our new LLI leadership initiative, Sustained Leadership Development, encourages all members to get more involved, is more intentional in offering opportunities for everyone to serve and grow, and strives to support goals that are rewarding and fun. You will hear more about this in the coming months.

This newsletter highlights our Membership Development Committee, a great place to learn about LLI participation. You can also search our website,, to see a complete overview of our structure and the many areas of service. We hope you’ll find something that interests you. If you’d like to know more, see the Contacts note on the Home page, or reach out to Barbara Burns, our Volunteer Coordinator, at She’ll introduce you to specific committee chairs and can arrange visits to a few meetings. If you find a good fit, we’re delighted. If not, please try a different committee. There’s a lot going on!   

In January, all members will be invited to self-nominate for the March 2021 Council elections to fill the two-year terms that will begin next July. Open positions will be Second Vice President, Secretary, and two Members at Large. It’s not too early to think about serving on Council or looking for your special place at LLI.

It is a privilege of membership and an enduring pleasure to work together to ensure LLI’s successful future. Especially as this remarkable semester ends, with Thanksgiving ahead, we are most certainly grateful for all that we share. 

We Can Build It, But Will They Come?
by Felice Gelman

Looking back on the 20 years since the founding of LLI, hundreds of people have participated in classes, presented classes, and joined in the management of the endeavor. When you consider that just four women gave birth to this organization, those numbers in themselves are a remarkable accomplishment. LLI got off to a quick start, attracting dozens of participants to its first classes. There was clearly a need, but widespread publicity quickly raised people’s awareness of the opportunity. The publicity and promotion were managed by Carol Lee, one of the four founders.
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Presenters' Perspectives

by Gary Miller

Seemingly ages ago, when we finished coffee, snacks, and warm conversations in room 305, we walked down the hallway toward classrooms. As we sat down with old friends or new members, presenters stood before us and shared their knowledge. Some presenters walked back and forth, our eyes focused on them and a projection screen. Others walked up and down the aisles, and members bathed in a personal warmth. When he or she said they’d “welcome questions any time, please don’t wait until the end,” hands and minds flexed in preparation for those moments.
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Anticipating WinterFest
by Margaret Shuhala

A gentle silence often fills the shortened days of the new year. For many of us, the sense of isolation that comes with the quiet cold of January promises to be heightened this year by the confinement of the pandemic. If ever there was a winter to gather and enjoy a stimulating WinterFest program, this is it. Fortunately for us, Irene Esposito, LLI Curriculum Committee member and long-time committee secretary, has assembled just such a program.
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Frank Benson, Flag, 2005
Marking one week prior to the Presidential election and flying until the votes have been counted and the election results are ratified, CCS Bard will present Flag, 2005, by Frank Benson. Flag was first flown at CCS Bard in 2005 as part of an exhibition titled, Uncertain States of America. Fifteen years later, the echoes of that title reverberate through our media as well as our psyches. Hoisting Flag at this time, on the 50-ft. pole at the entrance to the Center for Curatorial Studies and Hessel Museum of Art, provides a visual representation of the distorted and perilous period in which we live, as the nation struggles through several simultaneous crises and hurtles towards the most consequential election of our lives.
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Membership Development Committee Ready for Deep Sleep?
by Robert Inglish and Linda Still

Our friends the bears are now looking for shelter to begin hibernation. Bears hibernate in order to survive the winter without food. Calcium in the body is recycled into bones and when the bear wakes up, it is fit and ready. Momma bears begin hibernating at the start of pregnancy and when they wake up, give birth. Like the bears, LLI’s Membership Development Committee is getting sleepy now, preparing for the time they become active again.
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Working Together to Make It Happen
by Cathy Reinis

Did you take a class this fall? Sign on to a team to help with moving online? Please reach over your shoulder and pat yourself on the back: you are indeed a lifetime learner!

Fall 2020 was a semester unlike any other in LLI’s history. Brand-new teams formed in a flash over the spring and summer. Long-time presenters and first-time presenters ventured into the virtual learning space. And LLI members sat down in front of their devices, figured out ProClass, registered for courses, and learned how to Zoom. And we had New Member Orientation and Social Events online! How did it all happen?
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Tech Corner:  Fill Out Your Data in ProClass
by Deborah Schwartz

As a caring community, we hope you find that LLI members are helpers.

We often get requests from members for help - mostly technology help, but other kinds too. It would be great if we had your personal information in ProClass: phone numbers, addresses, name tag preferred name and town, etc. About half of our members have not provided this information.

Please log in to ProClass, click your name in the upper right corner, and then click the My Account button. There are a series of text boxes here with whatever information we have about you. Please take a minute to change the information from bogus default data (such as “X” or “some data”) to your actual data and then click the Save button to save your changes.  You never know when one of our helpers can help you. 

Email us at if you need us.
Council Notes from September
Linda Stanley, 1st Vice President, is chairing a Nominating Committee to serve through the LLI election cycle. Members include Barbara Burns, Emily Michael, Chuck Mishaan, and Marge Moran. 

A donation of $1200 was approved to support the Bard Nursery School and Children’s Center forming an Open Air Adventure Club for kids between kindergarten and grade five.

The Stevenson Library is digitizing all LLI archival materials and will maintain our records.

The Council is working to identify replacements for current leaders. They are following a sustained leadership development model.

Nanci Kryzak is working with Bard alumna and distinguished copyright and intellectual property lawyer Sandra Alstars to develop a policy about recording classes. Many members and presenters would like to have the recordings, but we first need to resolve questions about intellectual property and privacy.
Upcoming Dates for LLI
Important Dates for Members:

November 6 - Fall semester ends

November 12 - Curriculum Committee Open Meeting (if you would like to attend, please email Bill Tuel at

November 16 - Council meeting (if you would like to attend, please email Linda Stanley at

December 21 - Council meeting (if you would like to attend, please email Linda Stanley at
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