Message from the President

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Season

Welcome to our Bard LLI 2020-2021 program year. Thank you, again, for your generous support as I begin my service as LLI President.

As most of you know, we will be fully online for our fall semester. I happily report that our June SummerFest online program was a huge success, with unsurpassed member enrollment, fully engaged and exciting presenters, and appreciative and constructive member feedback.

Our dynamic LLI Online Team members committed immediately to moving LLI online and mastering the ever-changing Zoom technology to offer meaningful experiences for our members. We’re all still learning, so please look at the Zoom tips available on our website, These easy-to-follow suggestions will help us make the most of all our Zoom classes and get-togethers.

This month, we acknowledge the loyalty of our renewed members and warmly welcome 71 new members to LLI. The Member Services and Mentor Teams will host enjoyable online orientation gatherings this summer, and we’ll be excited to see both old and new faces in classes this September. Our fully subscribed membership affirms both the increasing value of lifetime learning and the impressive stature of Bard LLI in our wider community.

Our Administration & Infrastructure Committee will soon invite us to sign in to ProClass, our new course registration system. This new tool allows members to have control over their own data as well as streamlining much of the work now done by our tech volunteers. We will each have the ability to update our member information, create a course wish list from the catalog if we choose, and then finalize our selections when registration opens in September.

Looking towards this fall and beyond, knowing that LLI must operate differently, we embrace the changes and move forward with dedication and goodwill. LLI works so beautifully because our members share their skills with enthusiasm and mutual respect, and I invite each member, old and new, to join the fun. The opportunities and the rewards will be remarkable, as our LLI adventure continues. Read on!

With my sincere regards,
SummerFest, and the Learning Was Easy
by Deborah Lanser and Deborah Schwartz

That was the goal of the LLI Online Task Force, and according to the 104 LLI members who answered the survey, they often succeeded. Even when members did not enjoy their experience, however, they often had some constructive comments. Here are some of their reactions to attending their SummerFest classes on Zoom. 
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Andy Weintraub, demonstrating a magic trick in the Magic for the Family Class
We Came, We Zoomed, We Conquered
by Felice Gelman

Fingernail-biting anxiety might have been a good way to describe the feelings of the LLI Council and class producers when the decision was made that our annual meeting and SummerFest would have to be online. This was a whole new world. A lot of work and dedicated volunteering went into making it work, but now we are prepared for a full fall semester of online learning. 
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Join Some Great Teams
by Cathy Reinis

As LLI gears up for our fall semester, the teams are already forming to prepare for success. Currently, the new Session Manager Team is hunting more members to learn how to work with the presenters and producers of our expected 26 courses. People who worked on SummerFest enjoyed the close collaboration that developed as they worked on their courses and also enjoyed learning new skills. Interested in trying it? Click here.

More of a people person? Another great job opening up is LLI mentor. LLI expects around 70 new members to be joining for the fall and all those members will need someone they can turn to for advice and knowledge about LLI. There will also be some social interaction as the orientations go online. People who served as mentors found it satisfying to get to know new members and be helpful to them. Like to try it? Click here.
Extraordinary Students Receive Stipends
from LLI
By Cathy Reinis

Each summer, outstanding students at Bard High School Early College Manhattan receive a $500 award from LLI to support their summer projects and internships. This summer some reflect the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the community.

Paul Bloom, '20 will use the money towards his efforts to provide logistical and material support to his local food pantry. During the COVID-19 outbreak, reliance on his local food pantry rose from 60 people a week to 225 people with fewer families making donations during the crisis.

Edona Cosovic, '21 will display her interest in helping people by co-running a tutoring program with her sister. She will spend the summer offering information sessions and tutoring students of all grade levels in many subjects using distance learning for those impacted by COVID.

Maxwell Feigelson, '22 will intern with the Brooklyn DA’s office, working alongside prosecutors and engaging in community outreach. His project builds on a longstanding interest in debate, political science, and the law.

Afifa Zahid, '21, will intern with the Central Laboratory at Weill Cornell Medicine. This will be a continuation of her studies regarding blood-based illnesses, which she studied at the Hematological Laboratory at Elmhurst Hospital.

LLI originally linked with BHSEC Manhattan because our faculty liaison, the late Dean Stuart Stritzler-Levine, was Dean of Studies there from 2003 - 2009. To learn about the network of BHSEC schools that now exists go to
Council Notes
In his last remarks as Council President, Tom thanked all for their hard work, especially in improving our website and member communications, and, most recently in moving SummerFest online and preparing for our fall semester online. 

Council meetings are open to LLI members; since the meetings are now held online, members will be asked to request an invitation to join the meetings by contacting Member Services.

Membership Development is recruiting mentors for our incoming members. Plans are being developed to hold online meetings with groups of new members to introduce them to LLI. 

Program Support is looking for more members to serve as session managers; we now have experience in running classes using Zoom and can train other members.
- Cathy Reinis
Keys and Credentials
By Deborah Schwartz

As LLI starts using ProClass for course registration this fall, every LLI member has been set up with an LLI membership. Each member also has credentials for logging in, changing personal information, and registering for courses. 

ProClass will allow only LLI members to register for courses using their credentials. We want members to register for courses easily, and we don’t want non-members to register.

What on earth are credentials? And how do you get yours so you can register for fall courses?
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Highlights of the Bard Calendar
The Bard calendar changes regularly and events are virtual.  Please click here to see Bard's calendar of planned events.
Upcoming Dates for LLI
Important Dates for Members:

July 1 - New Council term starts and 2020-21 program year begins

July 1 - New LLI members are notified of admittance

July 14 - Curriculum Committee meeting

July 20 - Membership Development New Member Welcome 

July 20 - Council meeting (if you would like to attend, please email Member Services)

August 8 - Curriculum Committee meeting

August 15 - Catalog of fall courses is published and available

August 15 - August 30 - New Member Orientations will be held in small groups via Zoom

August 17 - Council meeting (if you would like to attend, please email Member Services)
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