Dear <<First Name>>,

ProClass is LLI's course registration software, available through the LLI website.

As a renewed LLI member for the 2020-2021 program year, you have been already entered into ProClass with your paid membership, a temporary username, and a temporary password. Please take 10 minutes to set yourself up in ProClass with a meaningful username and password (and write these down) so you will be ready for fall course registration.

The simplest and fastest way to accomplish this is to follow the screenshots below in the same order they are shown. It is simple and the data you need to enter is shown in each step of the instructions. Some members may find it helpful to first print out these instructions.

You can find detailed instructions on our website or in the LLI Member Guide to ProClass.

Please do this in the next few days or you run the risk of being unable to register for fall courses because you are unable to log in to ProClass.

Need more help?

See the detailed LLI Member Guide to ProClass OR
Contact the LLI Tech Help at

Step 1. Navigate to ProClass

Click to link to the ProClass Registration Page on the LLI website
You will see the screen on our LLI website. Click the Login button.

Step 2. Log in with your temporary username and password (shown below the screenshot)

ProClass assigns the same set of random characters for your temporary username which is *|HTML:MMERGE10|*  and your temporary password, which is *|HTML:MMERGE12|*. Use these to log in to ProClass.

If you are having trouble entering the data correctly, first try your device copy function and then paste into the login screen fields. If you are still having trouble, contact and we will get you going quickly.

The next steps will show you how to change this temporary username and temporary password to something you can remember.

After you enter your temporary username and password on the Welcome screen, click the Login button.

Step 3. Access your LLI information

Now that you are logged in, you will see your name in the upper right corner of the search screen. Click the gear next to your name to access all your information.

Step 4. Change your password

Click the change password button.
On the Change Password screen shown above, change your password to something you can remember.  

Your new password must be a minimum of 8 characters. It must contain an uppercase, three lowercase, a digit, and a non-alphanumeric character (e.g. $ @ # %). Example "Bard&me2".

Please write this down and keep it in a safe place. You will need this password every time you log in to ProClass.

On the Change Password page, enter your new password and confirm it. Click the Submit button.

Step 5. Change your username and update your account information 

Change your temporary user name by clicking the My Account button. This will display your information that was imported to ProClass, as shown below.
Replace your temporary username with your username. LLI suggests you use *|HTML:MMERGE11|*. In the rare instance when you get a "duplicate username error message," just add a number to the end of your username.

All the fields marked with a red "*" are required to save your data. This is a good time to fill out this form with your current information and to write down your username.

Scroll down to change your address information and click the Save button when you are done.

Step 6. Explore tabs

There is much more information on the tabs that you will use whenever you log in. For example:
  • LLI Info is where you record unique data used by LLI, such as the name you want to be printed on your lanyard and if you have an NYS disability access tag. Please fill this out to enable us to better serve you.
  • Addresses are where you can add additional addresses for your account, particularly handy if you travel among homes.
  • Memberships are where you can see details about your LLI membership
  • My Registrations are where you can see your registered courses and you can even drop courses from here! Return to the search page to register for a different course. Easy, peasy!
Click "Logout" when you are done; if you forget to log out, ProClass will log you out after a certain time period of no activity to protect your security. 

Need more help?

See the detailed LLI Member Guide to ProClass OR
Contact the Tech Help team at

Accessing ProClass in the future

You can always access ProClass from the LLI website. In the top navigation bar, select Courses> ProClass Course Registration.
You can check our website at for more information.

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