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Welcome to the January Newsletter.
2020 is here!...And what a start it's been.

Obviously, the devastating bush fires around the country have taken centre stage in many of our lives. I'd hazard a guess that we all know someone who has been affected in some way.

I want to link a great resource from the Australian Psychological Society Where information sheets are available to download, giving you 'straight to the point' tips on topics including:
  • Preparing for bushfires (adults and children) and managing emotions
  • Recovering from bushfire and looking after children

There's also other useful tips and information providing general psychological strategies for yourself, your family and others. Topics include:
  • Helpful thinking (remaining positive)
  • The importance of social connections
  • Taking time out for pleasurable activities
  • Managing emotional distress
  • Problem solving
Click here to check it out

After an enjoyable but 'oh too quick' break, I am back in the counselling chair and seeing clients again for 2020.

Enjoy this months newsletter!



Start The Year With Self Care

Over the Christmas break I met with lots of family and friends, one catch up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while revealed that they'd suffered through burnout, anxiety and bouts of depression. Naturally energetic and outgoing, the experience had clearly taken a toll and highlights how important consistent self care is.

Start the year with Self Care.

Click here to visit the Self Care Cloud and follow the five questions to get started and explore.

For example, question two is around balance and alignment. Explore the clouds and see what is weighing you down or where you need to focus your attention. For example 'Feeling Safe' and 'Home' around the 'Physical' cloud may be important to you now. [i.e. bushfire threat / loss]

What connections with other clouds can you draw to support these two clouds. For example 'Community' & 'Peace' around the Spiritual Cloud, Perhaps 'Gratitude' and 'Giving' around the Emotional Cloud will serve you at this time also.

The Self Care Cloud is powerful and is a great starting point. Try it out today. The more you use it, the greater your Self Care awareness will be.

Top Tip: Look over the Self Care Cloud with your partner together. Unpack and discover what each other's Self Care needs are.
Click to download the Self Care Cloud

Mindfulness of Ongoing Media Exposure & Persistent Worry

In the past I've worked at length with children exposed to tragedy and trauma.  With regard to the ongoing bush fire disaster, I want to remind all parents to be mindful of the news and ongoing media coverage of the bush fires.

Know when it's time to turn it off.

Developing children may not have the same capacity as adults to regulate thoughts, emotions and process what they hear. However adults can fall victim here too, especially in this day and age with a 24/7 news cycle driven by sensational headlines, commentary and clicks.

What useful steps can you take?

  • When children are present, be mindful of the conversations they are exposed to.
  • Limit the exposure to news and media reports.

While it's important for your children to learn about, it is equally important they have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, play and grow.
  • Talk to your children and provide them with the opportunity to ask questions
  • If they don’t have many questions, do regular check ins with them to listen and reassure them
  • Encourage conversations (even on other topics) as it will be important for healthy emotional wellbeing and development.

On a more practical level, Teaching and talking about keeping safe in an emergency is a great reassuring idea.
  • Be mindful of your children's age and stage of development as you discuss your safety plans.
  • Couples can use the planning conversations as a connecting exercise and as a way to practice your communication skills.
Knowing that you have a plan may help reduce worrying thoughts from amplifying into anxiety type symptoms and behavior as the current bush fire crisis continues.
That's it for this months newsletter, see you next month.
Kind Regards, Your Counsellor & Coach, Jacqui!
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