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Welcome to the February Newsletter.

Wow, what a busy start to the year. It's been great to be working with so many wonderful clients who are motivated and committed to improving their relationships and positioning themselves for a wonderful start to the year and decade.

Lee has been busy working behind the scenes improving the Save My Marriage program and developing new resources I'm sure you'll love.

With school now back and the worst of the bushfires behind us, I feel it's a good time to make headway on your goals for the year and get some results on the board.

For couples it could be about forgiveness and building trust (see below), having fun together and strengthening your rituals of connection.

For coaching clients it could be about living your values, sticking to your boundaries, and backing yourself to the higher standard you have set yourself to. Perhaps it's taking a bigger leap of faith and  s t r e t c h i n g  yourself with a bigger goal that slightly scares you but deeply inspires at the same time!

Perhaps your thinking "Whoa! I'm stressed, worried, overloaded with work, the last thing I need is more things on my plate Jacqui".
in which case Self Care should be a high priority. Be sure to view the video below on ruminating and the linked resources I've included.

Enjoy this months newsletter!



How to Apologise

Have you ever messed up an apology, and dug yourself into deeper trouble?
If so, then you'll love the simple five step apology process.

Click here to read the compete article, Learn to commit to your apology and communicate with genuine care and remorse.

Ever missed your anniversary?... How did that go?...

Hear an example, how a husband strings together the five steps to apologise and take action to get back in the good books! Click here to view article.

Pick a Trust Building Behaviour for Feb

You can do this exercise for your relationship, or in a professional setting if that suits you.
Read complete article
A key trait of any successful relationship is trust. Sounds simple enough, but what exactly is trust? How do you describe it? How do you measure it?
In this new article, I ask curly questions to get you thinking and briefly explore why trust is important.

For example: No.3  Connect during the day, it could be a short phone call, a brief ‘messenger chat’, or a catch-up for coffee on your break.

Discover more trust building behaviours and strengthen your relationship.

(Bonus tip - Journal what you notice!)

Why We Behave Irrationally

Do you sometimes make poor decisions, when you know darn well better?


In this video by behavioral economist and health policy expert David Asch, hear the strange reasoning behind our sometimes irrational decision making.

Moreover, gleam ideas on how you can design incentives for personal positive change and long lasting intrinsic motivation.

I highly recommend this video for all my clients. Click here to watch
Do you 'KNOW better',  but don't 'DO better'? - why?

Rumination & Work Related Stress

Are you 'topping out' your window of tolerance? Do you zone out and ruminate about work outside of hours?
How does this impact on your relationship and quality time with kids, family friends?

In this video by psychologist Guy Winch, hear how you can relax and unwind after work, be present around loved ones and reduce the effects of ruminating.
Could this be an area causing tension in your relationship? Could small changes give you back 10 hours+ of quality time per week?

Watch this insightful video and be sure to check out my additional related resources below.
From ruminating to productive thinking - click here to watch
That's it for this months newsletter, see you next month.
Kind Regards, Your Counsellor & Coach, Jacqui!
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