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          Cathy Quiel Watercolor Newsletter
              Fall 2020
How are you doing?

In my past two newsletters I spoke about how Covid and sheltering in place was affecting my art work.  As you might recall, I mentioned that I was amazed that I wasn't painting up a storm. I was surprised at how many emails I received from you all that you were experiencing the same thing. 

In response, I suggested multiple solutions to get us all rolling again, splashing and enjoying our watercolor.

I took my own advice and searched old photos I had taken that SCREAMED to be painted.  I found a photo I had taken of this very intriguing gentleman on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Let the painting begin!!

      Techniques and Pigments Utilized in painting                                   THE AMALFI MAN

I wet the entire background with water.  I tilted the board and then applied Quinacridone Burnt Sienna and Lunar Black.... and a dash Quinacridone Gold and Opera.  Three of the pigments are Daniel Smith and Opera being Holbein.  I tilted and splattered extra water and paint for extra texture. 
You'll notice a granular texture to the background.  That is Lunar Black, a fabulous Daniel Smith granulating color. This one granulating color can be mixed with other colors to create a  multitude of grayed colors with granular effect.  Most granulating colors lose some of their intensity when mixed with other colors.  This is not the case with lunar black as long as you don't overly stir and mess with it too much.  When painted by itself it is black with a light beige undertone. See image below.

"Imagine a transparent black with an expansive value range and pigment particles that react like magnetic shavings attracting and repelling each other. Unique pigment properties make Lunar Black a radically reticulating color.  This mottled stony texture can be successfully glazed. You can even paint into a wet-to-damp Lunar Black, dropping into the watery pigment, virtually any combination of favorites. Lunar Black is a wonderful mixer adding exciting black granulation to the mix! Lunar Black is an inorganic neutral black watercolor pigment and a DANIEL SMITH exclusive."       Daniel Smith Website.

                                     PERIWINKLE PAINT
                   Ultramarine Blue and Titanium Dioxide

Notice the light blue lines on the shaded side of THE AMALFI MAN'S shirt.  Detail Image below.  This is periwinkle at work, a light color over a dark one.

Periwinkle, sold by Cheap Joe's Art Stuff is an amazing pigment. It is a lovely dulled light blue/violet that can magically cover a dark color.  Although it is  listed as a transparent watercolor, it definitely borders on being a gouache type pigment.

An ingredient in Periwinkle pigment is Titanium Dioxide. "Titanium Dioxide pigment is a fine white powder. When used in paints, it provides for maximum whiteness and opacity. It gives paint high hiding power, meaning the ability to mask or hide the substrate underneath. It does this more effectively than any other white pigment."                     

It comes in handy to have several pigments that can cover similar to Periwinkle.  I have 3 others that I occasionally use:  Cobalt Teal (Daniel Smith), Light Cadmium Red (Winsor Newton) and Naples Yellow.  Another two colors from Cheap Joe's American Journey with strong covering power are Mint Julep and Orchid.  Both contain Titanium Dioxide.
The Fun Continues...............
I hope this email finds you somewhat adjusted to your sheltering in place.   I also hope that you have found a space for your creative urges, be it painting, cooking, gardening, interior designing, mud pies or writing.  The creative "spot" is a joyous one.  

Coming soon............Floral in Watercolor Workshop - Zoom and Individual Critiques with Cathy Quiel.
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