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                 A few ART possibilities                                                     while                                                     Cocooned in your "Space."

I promised in my newsletter last week that I would list some art activities that might fit into your cocooned life at home. 

FIRST...........A SIDE NOTE 
Consider painting what you feel. I mention this based on my experience as an art instructor during 9/11.  During that time students approached me multiple times stating that they were so unhappy with their work. Their normally transparent scenes and rich colors were dark and muddy.  After the 5th or so student came up to me I had the "aha" moment.  Of course, their distress over 9/11 was coming out in their pigment choices.  One can't always paint upbeat paintings when life at the moment "isn't."  Therefore, we can paint and embrace the "disturbing experience" or find alternative ways to allow our standard art to flow to the surface. 
1.  Paint how the present situation makes you feel. 
2.  Paint paintings that are loose and gestural with no final result expectations. 
3.  Become engrossed in a serious study/painting or series 
4. Learn new skills or go totally crazy out of your comfort level without expectations or judgement.
5. If the expectations of your artwork is stressful, read about art, art materials, art history, artists etc.  All of it will show up in your art later.


1.  My favorite  - Free Art Video Every Day  CREATIVE CATALYST PRODUCTIONS   Every day at 12 noon  1 hour long  or Liliedahl Video Productions                                                                     2.  Doddle                                                                                                           3.  Zoom an art Class    (I'm taking a marvelous figure drawing class virtually with Tom Henderson SBCC Continuing Education)  Lots of new classes starting the 2nd week in May.
4.  Zoom your critique group
5.  Rip up an old National Geographic into small pieces and then collage an entire painting utilizing the colored pieces of paper....let it rip!!!!!! 
6.  Create a virtual critique group
7.  Watch an art DVD
8.  Pull out a dusty art book and read or paint from it
9.  Copy a master painter
10. Listen to the Savvy Painter Podcast (Excellent)
11. Finish some old paintings
12. Paint vegetables starting with the letter A - Z    26 day assignment
13. Take an old painting and cut it and turn it into a cube
14. Google art activities to do during the pandemic...LOTS out there
15. Paint utilizing a color scheme
16. Paint Monochromatic
17. Take a walk at 10 am or 5:30 (when the shadows are best) and photograph a dramatic value contrast scene with marvelous shadows...... to paint the next day.
18. Purchase Nita Leland's book EXPLORING COLOR 1st edition
and do the 91 lessons
20. Research your pigments
21. Finally read your unread art
22. Virtually visit art museums
23. Learn to paint glass
24. Purge old paintings that didn't make it or try to save them 
25. Call art buddies and create an art assignment
26. Call art buddies.........always nice
27. Sketch with a twig and India ink
28. Go through your photographs......find the ones that you said you would always paint because they were so fabulous....strong in subject matter, value contract  and color. Make a folder for these photos.  Paint!!!
29. Zoom in on the subject matter and get a bug eye view and paint it. 
30. Eat Chocolate.....then smear melted chocolate on paper and see if you can match the color with your paints.

 I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe and content


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