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Springbike is a Cycling Club in Springfield, Missouri
whose purpose is to promote enjoyable safe cycling for its members and community.

Help us advocate for safe cycling. Join Springbike!

A Note from our President!

The annual Christmas Party & Members Meeting at The Pitch Pizza & Pub was a rousing success and busy evening. Somewhere around 60 people attended and looked back on 2021, won some great (and not so great) door prizes, elected the 2022 board, had some great food, and met each other! A big thanks to our local bike shops that donated prizes: Sunshine Bike for a lot of great door prizes, and Bicycle Outlet and Frisco Bicycle for some great gift cards!

I would like to thank the outgoing board members for their terms of service on the board: Jamie Burks 2021 Vice President, Jackie McCarthy 2021 Treasurer, Cari Harrison 2020 & 2021 Mountain Bike Coordinator, Audra Uzzell 2020 & 2021 Webmaster, and of course Gary Ledford who retired a few months back after over a decade of overseeing the ride calendar, marking routes, and reliving great tales from years gone by!

Elected to serve are James Hearron as Vice President, and Ariele Lee as Treasurer.  Appointed to serve are Tony Franklin as Community Event & Calendar Liaison, Jeff Snelling as Webmaster, and Nathan Todd as Mountain Bike Coordinator.

Re-elected to new one year terms are myself as President and Jerry Jesky as Secretary.  Re-appointed for another year are David Hutchison as Advocacy Coordinator, John White as Tandem Coordinator, Dane Seiler as Ride Coordinator, and Julie Cassity as Membership Coordinator.

I really appreciate and need all the help from these folks. We all need more help though. We are forming small committees to oversee things like the finances, the membership, the rides, and more. Please give a few hours a year to help us make our club more relevant, stronger and better!

The new year will also see the introduction of a few new rides and even more guest speakers at our members meetings!

We're almost to the winter solstice when we start to get some of our evening daylight back ever so slowly and with that more evening daylight to ride in!

We love feedback and ideas, so if you've got 'em send 'em our way. My email is or you can text me at 417-889-3558.

I hope you have a great Christmas break and bring the new year in safely!

Let's go ride bikes!


The December Membership Meeting
Thank you to all that attended the December membership meeting! We had a great turn out and a good time was had by all!  
  • Board members gave respective reports. 
  • Yummy appetizers were shared!
  • Elections were held!
  • Door prizes were plentiful!
Plans for the January Membership Meeting

The January membership meeting will be held on Monday January 10th with the time TBD. Please save the date.

 The meeting location (in-person or Zoom) will be announced after our board meeting on January 3rd.

Melissa Bondy will be giving Tour de Bass recap and will discuss potential plans for the 2022 ride.

Springbike Cyclists Representing the Club!

Dane Seiler-- looking good!

Randy Fry is working out hard! 

David Hutchison, enjoying a country ride!

Route of the Month

Aurora to Cassville Flat Creek Loop

Find a warm day  and enjoy this 59 mile challenging loop with 2,768 feet of elevation gain. Starting from the Price Cutter in Aurora, this is a pleasant ride  including several miles along Flat Creek. Approximately 10 miles is gravel, seven on the outbound three on the inbound portion of the loop. David Hutchison describes the ride experience below:
"We started southwest of Aurora and rode south and down Camp Bliss Road, then made a left-hand circle through Cassville. Much of the ride was along Flat Creek and Flat Creek valley and much of the ride was on or near the Butterfield Stage route where there once was a sign identifying that route, but now just says “NEXT TWO MILES”. It was so much fun that I came and rode 11 more for 64 total miles."


Time For Safety!!

ON THE ROAD by Jackie McCarthy

Our goal in promoting safety is to prevent and reduce the number of bicycle crashes, so I did some research to identify the most common causes. 

#1 Distracted driving:

When riding we don’t have any control over the level of focus drivers may have, but we can make ourselves as visible as possible and attempt to make eye contact with the drivers around us.  We can also make sure we are not distracted when riding a bike and set a good example when we are driving a car.  This is true when riding alone or in a group. I know I talk a lot when riding in a group but it is important that we are still focused on the environment around us: other cars, other cyclists, road conditions, etc.

#2 Failing to leave an adequate buffer

We often think of this as the car not providing enough space for the cyclist when passing, but often cyclists ride too closely and pass within less than three feet of a car.  If you are within three feet of the center yellow line, you are not leaving an adequate buffer. If you are riding in a group more than two cyclists wide, you are not providing an adequate buffer. The buffer of protection that you create around yourself when you are riding is a signal to drivers as to the amount of space they should give you when passing.  Demonstrate by your position the amount of buffer you need.

#3 Speeding

Speeding makes it harder to stop or avoid a collision.  Be aware of your speed and the speed of the cars around you.

#4 Weaving through traffic

Riders who are weaving through traffic are more likely to get hit by a car that is not able to anticipate their moves or the car may not be able to see them on the road.  This includes passing cars on the right to get to the intersection while waiting for a light to change to green.  Car drivers are not anticipating a vehicle passing on the right, you are not providing a safe buffer, and you are just going to make the cars who have already passed you once, pass you again.  Take the position in the lane as though you are a car and wait your turn.

#5 Unsafe lane changes

A single unsafe lane change can lead to a dangerous traffic accident. These events typically result from car drivers merging into bicycle lanes without checking first if the lane is clear.  This is one to always be aware of when riding in a bicycle lane near an intersection.  Look out for cars that are not looking out for you and learn how to maneuver to avoid getting hit.

These are the top 5 causes, if you would like to learn some avoidance maneuvers, look for a cycling class in the Spring and fill out this form so the LCI instructors can notify you when classes get scheduled: 

Are you interested in attending safety classes?

Please fill out this form to provide feedback about Safe Cycling Classes you would be interested in attending.
December Patch Ride

December Patch Ride sponsored by

Ugly Christmas Sweater Patch Ride

You can ride this on your own or with others any day through the month of December. You will need to ride the route after dark!
Read all about it here:
More Information Here!

 Cycling Events for 2022!

Last and First Rides of the Years
---- a perfect day to end 2021 and begin 2022!!

For more information, check out the event!


New Year's Day Ride

Springbike's annual New Year's Day Ride. Kick off the new year in style, by declaring your ride goal, and taking a ride through Rogersville. Ride distances of 19, 24, and 31 miles are available. $15 for non members to ride, with a free year's membership to Springbike. Let us know if you plan to be there!! 
For more information, click here!

Weekly Community Rides

To see a list of the many weekly rides, visit the Springbike Facebook Events page!

Bicycle Facility Construction Updates

December Highlights- Click here for a complete report.

Current Construction

  • On Scenic Avenue at Chesterfield Blvd a crosswalk with a pedestrian-activated rapid rectangular flashing beacon will be installed.
  • Fassnight Creek Storm Water Project is between National Avenue and Virginia Avenue is under construction.  Brookside Drive is closed to through traffic between Green Avenue and Kings Avenue through Spring 2022. 
  • Jackson Street (Route 14) in Ozark is being widened to five lanes between 16th Street and the Finley River bridge including trail crossings under Jackson Street near 12th Street and near 16th Street is near completion. Trails connect the Ozark Community Center with the Junior High School, the High School, and Ozark Innovation Center.
  • Central Street between Clay Avenue and Benton Avenue is being reconstructed as a complete street with a sidewalk on one side and a sidepath on the other. 
  • Fellows Lake Dirt 66 ultimately will include 35 miles of single-track trail around Fellows Lake.   Current construction which will add 6.3 miles of single-track trail includes trail on the south shore of Fellows Lake southeast of the dam and east of Farm Road 197. 
  • The old Riverside bridge was hoisted onto new piers near its original location crossing the Finley River near Ozark Mill in March and is open to Finley Farms and Ozark Mill. 
  • A sidewalk along West Division Street from Kansas Expressway to West Avenue is nearly complete. 
Training Indoors? Easier or Harder?

Whether you are training indoors are are considering doing so, this is great information on why indoor training is perceived as more difficult and some tips for making it feel easier. Read here for more information.

How Does Your Springbike Membership Benefit You??

Just a reminder to use your membership benefit at the local bike shops. Remember local bike shops offer a 10% discount! 

Other member benefits include:
  • Use of Ride with GPS with Turn by Turn Directions for all routes on the Springbike site
  • 10% off food at Springfield Brew Co!!
  • Massage discount with Dale Nimmo!  Contact Dale at | 417-887-8075

You will recoup your membership cost and then some if you take advantage of all these benefits!!
Please consider helping us support advocacy for bicycling in the Springfield, Missouri area! Become a member today for as little as $14 per year for a two year membership or $15 for a one year membership!  

Please share this information with a friend!  They will be glad you did!!

Keep Up with Your SpringBike Club!

There are many ways to keep up with the activities of Springbike!   
Get Involved and Get Excited!!

Rider Support List

Thank you to the individuals below that are willing to assist our fellow cyclists!

Sometimes things happen when we are out cycling and the fix is not possible out on the road or the trail and help is needed to get back to your car or home. Please call the person closest to you if you need a helping hand!! If you are interested in joining this list, please fill out and submit this form

Call any of the following for rider support:
Randy Fry- 417-889-3558 (Southwest Spfld, Battlefield, Republic)
Jackie McCarthy- 417-838-1471 (Southeast to Central Springfield)
Julie Cassity- 417-861-7345 (South Springfield)
Cari Harrison- 417-861-5809 (Willard, Frisco Trail)
Dane Seiler- 417-849-0384 (Battlefield/Southern Springfield)
Tim Kelley- 417-840-5447 (Battlefield)
David Hutchison- 417-496-9879 (Southeast Springfield)
Mark Millsap- 417-459-0534 (Brentwood/Sequiota Trail/Trail of Honor)

Heather Noggle- 314-330-1415 (Southwest Springfield /Battlefield)

Springbike Board

Randy Fry
Vice President
James Hearron

Jerry Jesky
AJ Lee

Julie Cassity

Ride Coordinator
Dane Seiler
Jeff Snelling

Tandem Coordinator
John White

Mountain Bike Coordinator
Nathan Todd

David Hutchison

Community Event / Calendar Liaison
Tony Franklin

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