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Summer is in full swing

Stand members hold a strategy meeting in our Pheonix office.

Every Child Reads programs getting started

Even though students are out of school for the summer, that doesn’t mean we’re stopping. Our parent members are continuing to meet and discuss how to reach more parents with our Every Child Reads program. In fact, this summer, we signed a formal agreement to launch our new Every Child Reads program in the Alhambra Elementary School District.

The goal of our Every Child Reads program is simple. We believe that with the right information, parents are empowered and can better support their children. This new program has four areas of focus:

  • High-quality, full-day kindergarten
    It’s crucial for students to have a strong start to their educational journey and that starts by understanding what type of programs are best for their students.
  • Supporting English Language Learners
    Although we came up short at reforming our current ELL law, the need to support parents hasn’t gone away. There are still 83,000 students who are falling behind. Our goal is to give parents information about what options they have and how to help their students.
  • Reducing chronic absenteeism
    Missing just ten days of school is incredibly harmful to a child’s academic success and is an alarming warning sign for dropping out of high school later in life. That’s why we’re giving workshops stressing the importance of school attendance.
  • Improving literacy
    Based on preliminary 2018 scores, 56% of Arizona’s students aren’t reading on grade-level. This is something we need to turn around, and our program will help parents implement Every Child Reads at Home, a simple and effective family reading program that has a track record of raising reading scores.

We are excited for the opportunity to have launched this program in Alhambra, and we look forward to partnering with more school districts!

Summer fun in the community

We’ve also been busy working in the community, attending and hosting various events. This summer we participated in a great event to help enroll more students in kindergarten at the Roosevelt Elementary School District. It was a fun event and a reminder that we need to get the word out and make sure that parents have the information they need to make the right decisions for their students. We’ve also participated in park dedications, lawmaker meet and greets, and strategy meetings with our Stand parents.

Reading rates go up, slightly

In case you missed it, an article by the Arizona Republic pointed out that “reading scores for third-grade students have gone up four percentage points between 2015 and 2018 (from 40 to 44 percent).”

According to the preliminary results, only 44 percent of Arizona's third-graders are reading proficiently.

Read the full article here.

Quotes from the trenches

“Over the last three years, Alhambra Elementary School District has had the benefit of partnering with Stand for Children Arizona. Over that period they have engaged parents on our behalf, brought much-needed resources to our community, and have been an overall positive asset for our school district.”

— Mark Yslas, Alhambra Superintendent on working with Stand for Children Arizona

"Hopefully, we don’t take this as we need to lower what is expected. Instead, we need to figure out how to help all students master the skills they need to know to be successful."

— Joe O'Reilly, director of Arizona State University's Decision Center for Educational Excellence on lowering reading expectations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s In The Trenches. Summer is in full swing and we’re busy working in the community. In the coming weeks, we’ll keep you posted on upcoming elections, our parent engagement programs, and ways that you can help. If you have any questions, let us know.

Warmly, Rebecca, Stacey, Luis, Martin, Liliana and Mia
The Stand for Children Arizona Team
In order to fulfill our mission, Stand for Children, Inc., our 501(c)4 organization, performs all advocacy and lobbying activities while the Stand for Children Leadership Center, our 501(c)3 organization, manages our parent and family education and engagement programs as well as Stand’s public awareness campaigns.
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