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Prop 301 Signed Into Law

Governor Ducey Signing Prop 301 into law. (Photo: Governor's Office)

Prop 301 is renewed.

The clock was ticking on Prop 301, which was set to expire in 2021. But instead of waiting, our lawmakers did the right thing and renewed it and the Governor signed it into law on Monday. This means that the $667 million a year funding stream that Arizona schools receive will be extended until 2041.

While we should take a second to celebrate this moment, we must also remember that our work is far from over.

How will this bill help struggling readers?

The renewal of Prop 301 is an important step that keeps funding levels current, rather than dropping in the coming years, but this funding is still $1 billion lower than it was ten years ago. In addition, starting in 2021 this funding will no longer be “voter protected” which means policy-makers could use this revenue for other purposes. Over the coming months and years, Stand will be working to ensure that they don’t, and that additional resources are found.

We also can’t stop advocating for targeted education funding to address Arizona’s Reading Crisis, and common sense reforms to our current ELL laws so students can learn English faster.

Quotes from the Capitol

"Nearly 20 years ago, Governor Hull and Arizona voters passed Proposition 301. Today, elected leaders have worked together, in a bipartisan fashion, to keep this funding stream alive for our schools, teachers, and students."
- Gov. Doug Ducey on Prop 301

"The Prop 301 extension marks the beginning of a much bigger conversation. Education has changed a lot in 20 years. We need every education stakeholder at the table as we begin the work to build the Prop 301 of the 21st Century"
- Sen. McGee and Rep. Coleman, sponsors of Prop 301 extension.

In The News

Our ELL bill made the news in an article titled, “Arizona lawmakers consider alternatives for English-language learners” in the Arizona Daily Star. Our Government Affairs Director, Stacey Morley was quoted saying:

“We have basically sentenced these kids to this model until they test out. There’s no opportunity for a different type of learning environment,”

Click here to read the full article.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s In The Trenches. We are grateful to our legislative leaders for renewing Prop 301. We’ll keep you updated on the upcoming budget negotiations and continue to advocate for our ELL bill. Please, if you have any questions let us know.

Warmly, Rebecca, Stacey, Luis, Martin, Melissa, Liliana and Mia
The Stand for Children Arizona Team

In order to fulfill our mission, Stand for Children, Inc., our 501(c)4 organization, performs all advocacy and lobbying activities while the Stand for Children Leadership Center, our 501(c)3 organization, manages our parent and family education and engagement programs as well as Stand’s public awareness campaigns.
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