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First Round of Endorsements Are Out

It’s time to elect education champions

With less than 90 days until the general election, we are proud to issue the frist round of 2018 bipartisan legislative endorsements, recognizing 26 candidates for Arizona Legislature. These candidates have shown a commitment to improving the education quality and achievement of Arizona school children.

At Stand, we don’t take our endorsement process lightly. In fact, in determining these endorsements, a committee comprised of Stand for Children parent leaders evaluated candidates on an education-specific questionnaire, as well as incumbents’ voting records and the candidates’ overall alignment with Stand for Children core objectives.

The candidates we endorsed are committed to addressing the reading crisis, supporting English Language Learners, and providing our schools with the accountable funding they deserve.

Senate Endorsements:

  • Senator Frank Pratt, Senate District 8
  • Representative Drew John, Senate District 14
  • Representative Heather Carter, Senate District 15
  • Representative J.D. Mesnard, Senate District 17
  • Senator Sean Bowie, Senate District 18
  • Representative Paul Boyer, Senate District 20
  • Representative Rebecca Rios, Senate District 27
  • Senator Kate Brophy McGee, Senate District 28 
House Endorsements:
  • Chris Ackerley, House District 2 Representative
  • David Cook, House District 8
  • Representative TJ Shope, House District 8
  • Blake Sacha, House District 12
  • Joanne Osborne, House District 13
  • Tara Phelps, House District 16
  • Jennifer Pawlik, House District 17
  • Representative Jill Norgaard, House District 18
  • Representative Denise "Mitzi" Epstein, House District 18
  • Chris Gilfillan, House District 20
  • Matt Bullock, House District 22
  • Representative Ken Clark, House District 24
  • Representative Michelle Udall, House District 25
  • Roberto Sanchez Garcia, House District 27
  • Kathy Petsas, House District 28
  • Representative Cesar Chavez, House District 29
  • Bill Brotherton, House District 30
Click to read more about each candidate and view their surveys.

Quotes from the trenches

“Education will always be my #1 priority in the state senate. Proud to have the endorsement of Arizona Stand - it's the latest in a long line of bipartisan endorsements for our campaign.”

— Senator Sean Bowie, LD 18

"Thank you Stand For Children for your endorsement! Our Children, Our Future, Our Arizona!"

— Joanne Osborne, House District 13 Candidate

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s In The Trenches. Election season is upon us and it's critical that we elect Education Champions. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Rebecca, Stacey, Blythe, Martin, Liliana and Mia
The Stand for Children Arizona Team
In order to fulfill our mission, Stand for Children, Inc., our 501(c)4 organization, performs all advocacy and lobbying activities while the Stand for Children Leadership Center, our 501(c)3 organization, manages our parent and family education and engagement programs as well as Stand’s public awareness campaigns.
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