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English Language Learners Bill Passes out of House Education Committee Unanimously 

“There are a few issues where I've seen so much bipartisan agreement that something needs to change with the status quo” - Rep. Paul Boyer, House Education Chair
Stand For Children Arizona Government Affairs Director Stacey Morley with lawmakers and supporters of the ELL bill after the vote.

This is a big deal.

For the last three years, we’ve been fighting to make sure that English Language Learners (ELL) are getting the best education possible —and we are closer than we’ve ever been with HB 2435 passing unanimously this week. Next stop – House Rules!

It matters because too many of our 80,000 ELL students are falling behind in school.

To add insult to injury: according to the state’s report card, ELL students scored below all other sub-groups on the statewide assessment, at every grade level and subject area, including students with special needs.

That’s why HB 2435 is so important, and one of the first hurdles was getting it out of the House Education Committee.

We are also excited that our Government Affairs Director, Stacy Morley, was able to testify and clear up any questions on HB 2435 during the committee hearing on Monday. She did an excellent job explaining why Arizona needs to modernize its ELL legislation. You can watch a full recording from the committee meeting here.

Quotes from the Capitol

“There's few issues where I've seen so much bipartisan agreement that something needs to change with the status quo” - Rep. Paul Boyer, House Education Chair

“A one-size-fits-all approach for education is not effective...we don't do that in any other area except for this.” — Stacey Morley, Stand for Children Arizona

“I’m really excited about this bill. I work with a lot of English Language Learners at the school where I teach, and there’s a lot of frustration from parents, teachers, students with the current system… I’m excited to see some hope for them.” - Rep. Michelle Udall

How will HB 2435 help ELL Students?

Provides Flexibility
Removes restrictive time and instructional requirements, allowing schools to provide English language instruction without reducing instruction in core academic content.

Increases Quality
Requires all models of English language instruction used by schools to be evidence and research-based, instead of just SEI.

Requires More Accountability
Establishes data reporting on all methods of English instruction to provide policymakers, schools, and communities with enough information to make decisions regarding which models provide the best outcomes, providing ELL students with the maximum opportunity for success.

We hope you enjoyed last week’s In the Trenches. We received so much positive feedback. Please keep those comments coming and let us know if you have any questions.

Rebecca, Stacey, Luis, Martin, Melissa, Liliana and Mia
The Stand for Children Arizona Team

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