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Issue 17
 27th October 2016
President's Message:
 Tēnā koe <<First Name>>

Charters, objectives, goals and strategy!  They all sound so heavy and dry, and they are...but they are also the key to every successful organisation! Whether it's your school or an organisation like NZPF, these documents give us guidance and focus.  In the last issue of Principal Matters we explained that this year we have revised the NZPF Charter, objectives, goals, strategic foci and operation plans. You can click here to have a read. If you and your Board are thinking of revising your own school charter documents, you may even find ours useful to you!

Talking of Boards reminds me about the importance of our relationships with our Boards and especially the Chair.  We have mentioned this before in Principal Matters but I really can't emphasise it enough. Having a close working relationship with your Board Chair will save you a great deal of stress and anxiety if anything goes wrong, and in this climate of continual change there are plenty of opportunities for things to go awry! If you understand each other and have good open and regular communication, it is much more likely that even serious issues that sometimes arise will be successfully resolved.

That said, we do advise you to look after your career and join our principals' legal advice and support scheme.  NZPF has been operating this scheme in conjunction with a Dunedin legal firm for many years now and the membership has never been so high. About two thirds of you now subscribe to the scheme and I would suggest that if you are not one of those subscribers, then think seriously about joining. Contact our office for more information.

In the last issue of Principal Matters we talked about the Education Act Update and we included a link  to what EDUCANZ had to say about different aspects. It was suggested that you too should respond to these issues. The closing date is 11 November 2016.  The changes to the Education Act have now passed their 3rd reading in Parliament. Should they be passed by the parliament, they will impact significantly on the operation of our schools. That is why it is important to have your say, before parliament takes its final vote. Many of the changes are structural changes, giving 'Wellington' the ability to control what and how we teach our children. These include:
  •        System objectives and Statements of National Education and Learning Priorities
  •        Abolition of school charters
  •        Forcing boards of trustees to merge
  •        Communities of Learning (CoLs)
  •        Communities of Online Learning (COOLs)
  •        Enrolment schemes
  •        Funding Review
  •        Operating under the new Food Act
The executive committee meets this weekend to finalise our own NZPF submission which we will then share with you.

Noho ora mai ra

Iain Taylor
October 30 - 31: NZPF Executive Meeting, Queenstown
November 1: Rural Conference Funding applications close
This is to give early notice to all regional and large cluster presidents that the NZPF Moot will be held Friday 17 March 2017, so that you can diary the date now and secure cheaper travel.  The Moot will be one day only and the focus will be on feedback from regional membership. We will not be inviting guest speakers next year.  What we look forward to is a robust debate on prominent issues that you raise.
NZPF annually awards rural grants of $1000 to rural principals’ groups, to assist them to hold their own conference or seminars. Applications close on November 1.  For further information and an application form click here. Applications need to be made now to fund your conference in 2017.
You and/or your team members can easily access the NZ Principal Magazines online, as an e-magazine or as a PDF. Additionally you can search for a previous issue, an article by title or by the author of the article. All magazines back to Term 1 2012 are available in this format. To view or search click here.
You will all have received this week's MOE Bulletin. I repeat some points from that edition for an extra reminder:

• Select Committee dates are set by Parliament and this is a reminder that the closing date for submissions for the Education (Update) Amendment Bill is Friday 11 November. Go to New Zealand Parliament website for more information.

• Education Payroll Limited - End of Year 2016: Screens for End of Year are now open and you can now start entering your End of Year data in Novopay Online. To ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time you will need to enter your school's data and have submitted it by clicking the End of Year complete button by the deadline of 28 November. A checklist of resources to help you get ready can be found on Page 4 of the Bulletin.

• Preparing for the new food safety law: There's a new law for food safety called the Food Act 2014. Under the Food Act anyone selling kai (food), or providing it together with a paid service, must make sure the kai is safe and suitable to eat. This includes schools, kura Māori, and holiday programmes run by schools or kura Māori. Kai can and does make people seriously ill, and the law helps make sure that the kai ngā tamariki (the children) get at school is safe.

What do schools need to do to comply with the law? Information on Pages 4 & 5.

• A new online resource Sector Support for Schools and Kura is now available. More information on Page 9.
The New Zealand Parent Teacher Association (NZPTA) is up and running and stronger than ever!!
They want to bring the news, views and interviews to your school PTA wherever you are.
The latest important news for members is information on:
The revamp of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. Most PTAs are incorporated societies and will need to know about these changes.

Information and advice on the new Charities Services reporting structures
This is another must for most PTAs, especially if you are registered with Charities Services, which saves you tax.

The NZPTA website is being refreshed and updated all the time with videos, webinars and much more to help members to be better informed. Our funding to provide these services is largely through membership subscriptions.

We ask principals and Boards to encourage their parent groups to join NZPTA so that we can support their groups through training and providing important news and information, resources and fundraising ideas so that we can work collaboratively and effectively for the good of all New Zealand children.  
The New Zealand Fire Service is reminding schools that between Guy Fawkes and Christmas there is a heightened risk of arson.

Arson can have a significant impact on a school and its community. The loss of teaching resources, children's work, administration records, and in some cases, the living history of a school cannot be measured in dollar terms. The loss of buildings and assets places a great strain not only on the Ministry of Education's resources, but on those of the school administrators and the local community.

All schools can take the following simple, low-cost steps to improve fire safety and reduce the likelihood of arson.
  1. Keep rubbish bins and skips well away from outside walls.
  2. Remove materials that can be used to set fires.
  3. Install or increase security lights.
  4. Involve the community.
  5. Confront all fire-setting behavior, no matter how small.
Please visit our School Arson Reduction webpage for more information.
Copyright Licensing New Zealand is delighted to announce the successful applicants in the third round of the CLNZ Contestable Fund. Introduced in 2014, the fund was established to support strategic projects that demonstrate New Zealand publishing growth and development, including within education. In 2016, total funds available were $75,000.
The projects receiving funding contributions in 2016 are: 
  • Toitoi Media Limited            $7,600                                 
  • Huia (NZ) Ltd                      $10,000               
  • Lesley Smith                       $10,000                                           
  • NZ Book Awards Trust       $20,000                               
  • Prue Langbein                    $8,000                                                 
  • Clean Slate Press Ltd        $8,000                    
  • Zak Waipara                       $5,000                                  
  • Flying Start Books Ltd        $5,000                                  
Funding contributions will be made to Huia Publishing, Clean Slate Press and Zak Waipara, for projects that specifically encourage Te Reo in primary school classrooms. Toitoi Media Ltd receives funding to help deliver New Zealand student journal publications and teaching resources into low decile schools.               
CEO of CLNZ, Paula Browning, said “We intentionally established the Contestable Fund with broad criteria and the variety of projects that have been funded in the past 3 years, endorses this approach. Investing in authors and publishers and supporting organisations that deliver value to the sector is what the CLNZ Cultural Fund (where this funding comes from) was set up for.”

Applications for the next round of the CLNZ Contestable Fund will be called for in mid-2017. 
Earlier this year National Library Services to Schools introduced a new prototype lending service as part of the National Library’s commitment to increase the reach and impact of the lending service to schools to support children in their learning, and in their development of a love of reading. 
The National Library has been actively seeking and listening to feedback on the new prototype lending model throughout 2016, and in particular they have heard that schools would like their requests to be processed faster and to keep some resources for longer periods of time.  In response to this feedback, the lending service has been refined for 2017.


Key points:

  • - Four whole-school loan requests are available to each school, one request per term, each issued for two terms. This includes:
    • * Two inquiry loans  — a Term 1 & 2 loan and a Term 3 & 4 loan
    • * Two reading engagement loans — a Term 2 & 3 loan and a loan to cover Term 4 & Term 1 the    
    •    following year
    • * Each loan can also include five specific ‘author-title’ requests.
  • - Secondary schools can continue to request specific resources at any time of the year by using a secondary school author/title loan. 
  • - Inquiry loan requests for Terms 1 & 2 2017 can be placed from 23 November 2016.
For more information about this important update, please visit the Services to Schools website here
The terms and holidays for state and state integrated schools for 2018-2020 have now been confirmed and are available to view here.
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