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Issue 18
 10th November 2016
President's Message:
Tēnā koe <<First Name>>

We have just had our second to last executive meeting of the year! When you look at the size of the agenda and  its 16 appendices of reference documents, you realise just how much is going on here in Wellington!
Here are some highlights of what we covered.

1. The Education Act Update Bill was a major focus and I am pleased to say that after a long and meaty discussion on the mainl areas, we can now share our submission with you.  Your executive is uneasy about many parts of the Update, especially those that undermine the intent of Tomorrow's Schools.  Abolishing charters would destroy the cornerstone of Tomorrow's Schools which is the partnership between schools and their local communities. Legislating for one Board of Trustees to govern more than one school is also disturbing, given that in exceptional circumstances  it is possible to do this now. We don't support legislative change to make this common practice.  We also had a long discussion on the CoLs and continue to oppose the leadership structure which creates barriers to  quality collaboration.
2. The Ministry is about to appoint the provider to take up the contract to administer and coordinate 21 more Principal Leadership Advisors (PLAs) across the country.  We are delighted that the Ministry has agreed that principals need more support and that this support should come from the profession. All PLAs will be current or recently retired principals.

3. NZPF and other sector heads sent a joint letter to the Minister to say that we do not support the introduction of COOLS as a new school option.  The Minister has rejected our position.

4. The NZPF Moot topic for 2017 will be 'Challenging Change'. We will be inviting spokespeople from each political party to answer questions on their education policies

5. Note that registrations for the NZPF Queenstown conference 2017 will open next week. Because of venue constraints there are limited tickets for the conference dinner so if you want to secure a 'place at the table' it would pay to get in early.

6. I have been out and about in the regions a lot lately and first, thanks to all the associations who have hosted me. What shocked me is how many of you in smaller areas are really struggling with everything that's coming at you. It just makes those extra PLAs even more important. You sure need their extra support and mentoring.  

7. Here is a link to a survey that was sent out to you as a special flyer earlier today. It came from our executive team focussing on special education. They want to know more about how you manage inclusiveness in your schools so that we can advocate for the help you need. 
We have already received one query about the use of the word 'capacity' in the first four questions of the survey.  The meaning intended is 'resources'.  

Well that pretty much wraps up the main topics of the executive meeting.  I trust everything is buzzing along in your schools and you are starting to chip away at all those last term chores.  Just remember 'How do you eat an elephant?'  'One mouthful at a time!'

Noho ora mai ra

Iain Taylor
December 2 - 3: NZPF National Executive Meeting, Wellington
NZPF recommends that schools continue to boycott engagement with the PaCT, and its development and trialing. This is not because we think the tool is incapable of strengthening the reliability of National Standards. It is because it is intended to legitimise National Standards so that they can be used as a performance measure for comparing and ranking schools, with no reference to their vastly different contexts.
This is to give early notice to all regional and large cluster presidents that the NZPF Moot will be held Friday 17 March 2017, so that you can diary the date now and secure cheaper travel.  The Moot will be one day only and the focus will be on feedback from regional membership. We will not be inviting guest speakers next year.  What we look forward to is a robust debate on prominent issues that you raise.
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You will all have received this week's MOE Bulletin. I repeat some points from that edition for an extra reminder:

• With the recent media attention about kiwi suspensions (term often used for a suspension, exclusion or expulsion that is not legal), we thought it timely to outline the support we provide, as well as every school's obligations. (Page 3)

Fake social media accounts - how to support your students. (Page 4)

• New service to deal with harmful digital communications. (Page 5)

New construction contracts and guidance notes are now on our website. (Page 5)

• From 25 October to 5 December, the Ministry for Primary Industries is running public consultation on proposals for changes to food safety regulations. Submissions close 5 December. (Page 6)

Supplementary support: Regional offices are currently working through the allocation processes for Programmes for Students and Reading Recovery 2017. Contact your education advisor if you have any queries.

• We'll be asking schools involved in Kia Eke Panuku and Te Kākahu PLD to do a survey evaluating Building on Success. This is the final year of a three-year evaluation and will focus on school, teaching and Māori learner outcomes, and relationships between schools and iwi, from participating in the interventions.

• Final reminder: Innovative Learning Environments - Have you had your say? (Page 11 of Issue 59)
Over the last few weeks there has been much commentary about seclusion. Please note the MOE definition of seclusion below.

Seclusion is when a student is involuntarily placed in a room, at any time or for any duration, from which they cannot freely exit. The door may be locked, blocked or held shut.

When used in this way, seclusion has no therapeutic value and in no way promotes mental and physical wellbeing. Using a "sensory" or calm-down room, or prompting a student to work in another room is not seclusion if the student can leave freely.

You may use a "sensory" or calm-down room that is provided as part of an Individual Behaviour Plan to a student with additional needs. They could be on the autistic disorder spectrum or have other sensory difficulties. They may use the room when they feel overwhelmed, and are able to freely leave at any time. 
It’s the last term of 2016 already and we are in the midst of the End of Year/Start of Year payroll process.
We at Education Payroll (the company that manages the Novopay payroll) believe that it is really important that processing staff movements and organising their pay for the Christmas holiday period is high on your to do list.
The End of Year processing screens are now open and you, or your Payroll Administrator, should have started preparations for this important process. The screens close on 28 November, so there are only a few weeks left for processing your changes.
You can help your Payroll Administrator during this busy time by providing them with the information they need, for example, your school’s term start and end dates, the last day of duty for your term-time only employees and fixed-term teachers, what leave your employees will be taking, and if any are terminating.
If any alterations are required in the EoY screen for your administrator you will need to log in to Novopay Online and make these changes as they cannot alter their own details.  Your Payroll Adviser at Education Payroll will happily take you through the necessary steps to do this if necessary.
There is an
End of Year homepage on the Novopay website, which has useful information and tools for you. We’ve also created an online training module which you can do at your own convenience.
By the way, you do not need to complete End of Year all at once. We would encourage you, or your Payroll Administrator, to go into the End of Year screens in Novopay Online, complete as much as you can, save your progress and come back to it at a later time. This will help reduce the work you need to do at the end.
And please don’t hesitate to contact the Novopay Service Team if you have questions or would like help with the End of Year process.
Cancer Society of New Zealand Incorporated, through its commercial arm Daffodil Enterprises Limited, is pleased to once again be giving away 100,00 tubes of its top quality sunscreen to schools.

This donation is available again to New Zealand schools that are accredited 'SunSmart Schools', or are working towards accreditation. Schools show they are SunSmart by making sure shade is available for kids playing outside, having a policy that kids wear hats, having sunscreen available, and being committed to educating the school community about the risks of UV radiation and the importance of skin protection.

Schools wishing to become SunSmart accredited can find out more here.
The terms and holidays for state and state integrated schools for 2018-2020 have now been confirmed and are available to view here.
To end this issue we wanted to share this lovely article about Maihiihi School principal, Glenn MachPherson and his act of kindness for one of his students who has autism. We love stories like this, so if you come across anything similar please feel free to share them with us and we might include it in a future issue of Principal Matters.
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