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Issue 19
 24th November 2016
President's Message:
Tēnā koe <<First Name>>

It's all systems go!  Time to start chipping away at that massive task list we all face at this time of the year. It's tough and a time when principals can run themselves ragged.  Don't let that happen!! Make sure you keep a work/life balance in your run down to year end. When things do get manic, just stop and close your eyes. Visualise yourself shutting the school gates, waving goodbye to the last student and sprinting to the beach, tossing the picnic provisions under the big shady pohutukawa, and flopping into the glistening waters of any one of your favourite bays or beaches!!

It certainly hasn't been the most relaxing week if you live in the upper South Island or lower North, with the unwelcome arrival of the 7.8 earthquake. To all those schools in Kaikoura and surrounds our thoughts are focussed on you. And to the Principal of Waiau School, Mary Kimber, massive accolades to you. The nation watched you on national television immediately after the earthquake and could not have been more impressed by the way you handled the situation and just got on with showing real leadership not just to your school but to your local community. You made us all feel so proud!

At times like this, you can't be in a better country than New Zealand. The generosity of our schools in supporting each other when the chips are down is second to none.  It happened when Canterbury had its devastating earthquake and it is happening again now . Schools are asking us who they can send the proceeds of their fundraising efforts to, to help the schools in Kaikoura and surrounding areas affected by this destructive and isolating earthquake. We suggest that you send any fundraised money directly to the Marlborough Principals' Association who have set up a special bank account just for this purpose. The bank account details are:

Marlborough Schools Principals Association
ASB - Blenheim

Please make sure that you indicate the name of your school when you are making donations!

Our thanks to Gaylene Beattie, Principal of Springlands School and President of the Marlborough Principals' Association for setting this up to support our colleagues in Kaikoura, Ward and Seddon whose schools are all affected by the quake. 

Here at national office in the Wellington CBD our issues are insignificant compared to yours in Kaikoura. We all watched with relief to see the army arriving to bring much needed provisions but realise you have a long haul ahead before normality resumes. I want to assure you that we are looking out for you and thinking of practical ways that we can support you from a distance.

On behalf of Barbara Bowen and Phil Palfrey, my thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to their special education survey. Perhaps the most astonishing finding is that 95% of you are providing special needs funding beyond your special education allowance. Under the section 'NZPF Notices' below you will find a section with a link to a summary of the survey results.    

You all know about our Principal Leadership Advisory (PLA) Service. Extending it to become a system-wide service has been a major focus for NZPF for the past two years and I am delighted to tell you that we are now seeing the fruits of that hard out lobbying. The Ministry have called for potential contractors to submit their RFPs and last week they selected their preferred provider. NZPF was represented on the selection panel. We are now one more step closer to appointing 21 more PLAs to advise and support principals in 2017. The new PLAs will be appointed in the same way as the current four PLAs and will all be principals or recently retired principals. I hope that we can announce the preferred contractor and support them by advertising for the new PLA positions in our last Principal Matters of the year.  It is expected that the new PLAs will start their work in 2017. 
Take care everybody!

Noho ora mai ra

Iain Taylor
December 2 - 3: NZPF National Executive Meeting, Wellington
Thank you again for taking time out to respond to our special education survey.  We can use the survey evidence now to support lobbying for additional special education funding which your responses tell us is far from adequate. 
Click here to link to the survey results.
This is to give early notice to all regional and large cluster presidents that the NZPF Moot will be held Friday 17 March 2017. Diary the date now so you can secure cheaper travel. The theme will be "Challenging Change" as education has the power to change the world. The Moot will be one day only and the focus will be on feedback from regional membership. We will not be inviting guest speakers next year.  What we look forward to is a robust debate on prominent issues that you raise.
You and/or your team members can easily access the NZ Principal Magazines online, as an e-magazine or as a PDF. Additionally you can search for a previous issue, an article by title or by the author of the article. All magazines back to Term 1 2012 are available in this format. To view or search click here.
Here at national office we have a large L-shaped desk, in very good condition, looking for a new home.  The desk is free to the first school in the Wellington region to claim it!  If you are interested, please e-mail us as soon as possible. Collection is from NZPF National Office (Level 8, Bayley's Building, 36 Brandon Street, Wellington CBD).
You will all have received last week's MOE Bulletin. I repeat some points from that edition for an extra reminder:

• Schools Planning and Reporting information for 2017: We have reorganised the information about Schools' Planning and Reporting on our website to make it easier for you to find the information you need to develop and submit your documents. More on Page 3.

• What you can do if you are experiencing Police Vetting delays for urgent requests. (Page 4)

• Reminder from Education Payroll Limited: End of Year screens close 28 November. (Page 5)

National EOTC Coordinator Database is now live. (Page 7)

• On 3 November, you should have received a letter from the Secretary for Education and guidance for NZ schools on behaviour management to minimise physical restraint. FYI, the letter, guidance and other resources are also
on our website.
It is important that employees in your school are aware of tax changes that could impact them in pay periods 18 and 19. You can help communicate this information through your staff meetings and supporting your payroll officers to get this information out to your employees.

The Inland Revenue has changed its operational position on holiday pay to clarify the treatment of tax on holiday pay, annual leave on termination and accrued annual leave paid in advance.

This is not specific to education – the changes are how Inland Revenue will treat all relevant lump sum payments for all New Zealanders across the year.
A number of sectors process a large number of these types of payments at particular times of the year. For the education sector this is the period leading up to Christmas but the tax changes also affect employees during the year. 

Since 1 April 2016, these types of payments have been taxed as "extra pay" and therefore at a lump sum rate. If a school employee receives a leave in advance payment or termination payment at the end of the school year, the net payment is likely to be different to what they may have expected to receive. This payment will be different for each individual.

The employees who are likely to be impacted are:

• Term time only non-teachers
Fixed term teachers who have not worked for a full year
• Employees that are retiring or terminating their employment in a school 
Cancer Society of New Zealand Incorporated, through its commercial arm Daffodil Enterprises Limited, is pleased to once again be giving away 100,00 tubes of its top quality sunscreen to schools.

This donation is available again to New Zealand schools that are accredited 'SunSmart Schools', or are working towards accreditation. Schools show they are SunSmart by making sure shade is available for kids playing outside, having a policy that kids wear hats, having sunscreen available, and being committed to educating the school community about the risks of UV radiation and the importance of skin protection.

Schools wishing to become SunSmart accredited can find out more here.
The terms and holidays for state and state integrated schools for 2018-2020 have now been confirmed and are available to view here.
Our dedicated School Account Managers are here to help build a banking package that's designed for your school. Whether you want to make the most out of your funding, streamline payments or manage expenses, our dedicated School Account Managers are here to help.

If you're interested in seeing what we can do for you, visit or contact your local area's School Account Manager.
With just under a month to the end of the 4th term and school year, CrestClean would like to remind you of how we can help you over the Christmas holidays. If your employee cleaners are on holiday we can undertake your term cleans. We can come in and clean your carpets, windows and vinyl floors so that they are maintained for the start of 2017.

Don't forget CrestClean can help out when your cleaners are sick or on leave by offering short-term contracted personnel. This gives you comfort that your school is being cleaned to a high standard every day. To make an enquiry about these services, please click here.
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