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Issue 13
 18th August 2016
President's Message:
Tēnā koe <<First Name>>

Global Budgets and PUMs
You have recently received notice from PPTA/NZEI that they are calling Paid Union Meetings (PUMs) to debate the issues contained within the Global Budgets proposals. I know this because dozens of you are emailing me to express your concerns!  Your messages to me are all much the same. You do not like these meetings disrupting your students' learning time and the Funding Review Advisory Group has not yet completed its work. 

I believe that your messages represent a broad range of principals out there but in this instance I am strongly urging you and your staff to attend the PUMs!  There is not enough detailed information reaching schools and school communities to make informed judgements about Global Budgets and it is critical that you are fully informed. The Global Budget issues are a significant concern. We need as many support staff, teachers and principals as possible to hear what these issues are - in detail! So again I say, 'Go to the PUMs!'

NZPF has observed many 'fish hooks' in the global funding proposal. It would dramatically change the way schools are funded, and not in a positive way. We are concerned that the global budget would be a far more complex system of funding schools than the present system and would create more financial strain for principals and Boards of Trustees. The disappearance of maximum class numbers and the staffing schedule leads to the possibility of fewer teachers and larger class sizes, less job security for teachers and fewer hours for support staff.

The funding review is all about creating a new model of funding. It is not concerned about the current level of school funding or whether funding should be increased. NZPF believes that the Advisory Group should be debating whether or not current funding is sufficient and will continue to request a debate on funding levels at the advisory group meetings. For more information on the funding review, click here.

Highlights from the August NZPF Executive Meeting
- We warmly congratulate Whetu Cormick, President-elect and Karen Brisco Vice-President-elect for the 2017 year.  We also congratulate Deidre Alderson who will replace Karen Brisco as an ordinary Executive Committee member next year.  Deidre was the next highest polling candidate in the 2015 NZPF election
-  Number of Acting Principals seeking advice through the NZPF Helpline has increased
- Health & Safety continues to be an issue. Discussion on sport related issues especially where a school team enters Saturday competition but teachers may not be present; Mitigating risk in these situations.
- Accreditation panel for future PLD providers - Anne Malcolm from Ponsonby is the NZPF nomination
- Education Council Governance Board - Ernie Buutveld is the NZPF nomination
- Digital Technology Reference Group - Perry Rush is the NZPF nomination
- PLD Accreditation Panel - Dr. Anne Malcolm is the NZPF nomination
- Discussion on staff procurement especially in Auckland region which is now reaching crisis point.  Noted that Northland and Nelson also beginning to struggle to fill vacancies
- Executive members have now completed operational plans for the different focus areas of principal hauora, principal PLD, Rural Matters, Maori, Pasifika and special education.  These plans will be posted on our NZPF website within the next few weeks
- Former NZPF President Geoff Lovegrove has agreed to write the history of NZPF for the decade 2001 - 2011.  If anyone has special photos or information about NZPF from this decade please contact Liz Hawes at national office
- President Iain Taylor has had a very busy time in the media this past month covering 25 different issues across television, radio and print media
- The Maori Achievement Collaborations continue to flourish with interest building all the time
- Received a report on Student Information Sharing Initiative noting that a draft policy has been prepared to share with peak bodies
- Discussion on possible theme of Hauora for 2017 NZPF conference in Queenstown and would welcome any feedback on this idea or ideas for keynote speakers.

Enjoy your next couple of weeks, and remember, this is a short term!
Noho ora mai ra

Iain Taylor
September 16-17: NZPF Executive Meeting, Wellington
It is with great pleasure that the NZPF Executive Committee announces its President and Vice-President for the 2017 year. We warmly congratulate Whetu Cormick as the President-elect and Karen Brisco as the Vice-President -elect. Both were elected unopposed.  Whetu and Karen will take up their positions from 1 January 2017. 

Ordinary Executive Committee members will continue in their roles for a further year, since Executive Committee elections are held every two years. We will be welcoming Deidre Alderson from Auckland as a new Executive Committee member to replace Karen Brisco as she moves to the Vice-President's position. Deidre was the next highest polling candidate in the last Executive Committee election held in 2015. 

We will farewell Denise Torrey as the Immediate Past President and Iain Taylor becomes the IPP next year.  
Increasingly the NZPF Helpline receives calls from Acting Principals seeking advice whilst their principal is on leave or sabbatical.

NZPF recommends that the following reference points be made known to Acting Principals, all of which we believe will support them in their roles:
• MOE Bulletin
• NZPF Principal Matters
• Contact details at MOE: Regional Senior Advisors, Property Advisors and Directors.

NZPF's PASL also offers one off term contracts of one ($159), two ($275), three or four (full price of $390) terms. Click on the link below for further information:

As per previous advice, NZPF recommends that you pay the subscription yourself not through your Board of Trustees.
You and/or your team members can now easily access the NZ Principal Magazines online, as an e-magazine or as a PDF. Additionally you can search for a previous issue, an article by title or by the author of the article. All magazines back to Term 1 2012 are available in this format. To view or search click here.
A small sample of schools have been asked to complete a Novopay survey. If your school has been selected, NZPF encourages you to complete the survey.
Check out what other schools have done to prevent injuries in the classroom and in the playground on ACC's case studies webpage. In most cases, students and teachers worked together to investigate hazards and come up with a solution to minimise them. Download a case study to give you ideas about what you can do at your school.

  • • Winter is a great time to check and clean heat pumps and their filters. This can lead to better energy efficiency and longer life of the units.
  • • Do your staff need support or someone to talk to confidentially? Contact your local Employee Assistance Programme provider for more information.
Coming Soon
  • • Guidance on the Code of Practice for Exempt School Laboratories
  • • Refreshed and new factsheets - keep an eye on the Ministry's website
  • • Guidance for National Sporting Associations and your physical education staff
Got a question? Email NZSTA at or the Ministry of Education at
The Ministry of Education have recently put out a survey on property services. We really encourage you to complete this. Click here to take the survey.
Schools recently received copies of ERO's finalised School Evaluation Indicators, which replace the trial version released in May 2015. If a school has a review coming up in the next term and prepared for it using the trial indicators, they are still valid. However, by Term 4 it is expected that all schools will be using the finalised indicators. The core of the indicators remains the same and in response to feedback, they have been reshaped to be more readable. 
More information and a copy of the final indicators can be found here.
Here's additional advice on applying for centrally-funded PLD for 2017. You will be able to apply for PLD every term starting in term 4 2016.
The Ministry have published a practical guide to help you navigate the Vulnerable Children Act (VCA).
Every three years the NZCER national survey gives us really useful information about what is happening in New Zealand's primary and intermediate schools. Over the last couple of weeks, questionnaires have been sent to principals at 350 schools, as well as teacher and trustee surveys. Please take the time to contribute. This would be really helpful for ensuring we get a good response rate, and can provide you with a good representation of principals' views.
Dress in mufti or choose your own fancy dress theme this National Mufti Day, help Kiwi kids living in hardship and have fun at the same time. There's fewer than six weeks to go until National Mufti Day and schools up and down the country are registering with some creative ideas! Every dollar goes towards helping KidsCan support disadvantaged Kiwi kids. Register now at
For more information, contact Sebastian Mackay at or call +64 09 222 3465.
The terms and holidays for state and state integrated schools for 2018-2020 have now been confirmed and are available to view here.
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