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DECEMBER 2017                                                          Vol. 2, No. 3
Coyote/TNT Square and Round Dance
Hello <<First Name>>,
      Don and Dot Coy with Santa
It’s beginning to look like Christmas, and soon the bells will start, and the thing that makes them ring, is the square dance you will sing, right from your own heart.

Merry Christmas to all the square dance callers and round dance leaders wherever you may be.  Maybe you are in Sweden, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Liechtenstein, the USA or any other country, we thank you so much for your business. 
By now you are well into your classes and I hope you have a great one.  I am writing this letter from my office in Brooklyn NY.  I call for the one and only square dance club in Brooklyn (The Ale-Mo-Dancers ) . Brooklyn is one of the five Burroughs of New York City.  New York City has a population of over eight and a half million.  Of all these millions of people to draw from, Ale-Mo-Dancers only got 5 students this season.  When I moved to NY from Kentucky in 1990 there were 2 clubs in Brooklyn, 4 on Staten Island and one in Manhattan.  Now there are no clubs on Staten Island, one in Manhattan  (time Squares ), and Ale-Mo’s in Brooklyn.  It’s not that New Yorkers don’t join square dance clubs because they think it’s to country, it’s because there are too many other thing to do.  In a normal household both Mom and Dad work just to make ends meet.  They don’t have time to commit to long term classes as we usually ask them to do.
 But keep your chins up fellow callers and don’t give up on our great activity. People might not be flocking to organized clubs.  However, they are square dancing at church parties, father and daughter events, birthday parties Lions clubs etc.
In conclusion
We as callers should  try to keep our clubs happy with a variety of good square dance music and fun choreography.  Just remember, when you are doing a Barn Dance to keep things simple.  After all you have been hired to entertain. 

November Barn Dance
Don and Dot Coy and the
Barn Stormer Bluegrass Band -
November Barn Dance
Other Things
The  callers  association that I am a member of  (Callers Council Of New Jersey) just finished holding a 5 week course for want-to-be callers.  Caller coach Betsy Gotta was in charge of the classes. Fourteen students attended  the classes. Congratulations to all of you and welcome to the wonderful world of square dance calling. These new callers will not be doing things I had to do when I started calling almost 45 years ago, things such as toting  record cases, and a turntable.  Now they have a  computer, digital music, and a small amplifier. They don’t even have to use checkers anymore to figure out how a call works. They have instant choreography right from a program that they can download onto their computer.  I failed to mention that Gardner Patton the man that helps with this newsletter is the one that taught the session that focused on digital music, digital choreography, etc.
Trivia Question
Who wrote the following calls (see answer below)?
LINEAR Cycle and Chain Reaction       
Cute Choreo
Heads or sides … Swing Thru … Spin The Top
Extend …. All 8  Circulate 1 & 1/2
Meet partner … Wrong Way Grand
Meet Partner …. Slide Thru …  Home
For Sale
Original Half Yak, Hilton 500, Hilton Small horn speaker, 2 Hilton Large Speakers, 25 ESP records,  25 Mac Gregor  records.
Contact Kappie Kappenman @ 206-722-4747
Music Time

Note: you may purchase any Coyote and TNT music and have it instantly downloaded at on the TNT or Coyote music pages.

We have added two more callers to the TNT Label in the past two years:
Gardner Patton, a seasoned caller and our newsletter editor
Recordings  TNT  # 332    Jacket River [Listen]  [Buy]
                      TNT  # 335    E Mau Ke Aloha ( The Love Continues) [Listen]  [Buy]
Anthony Casale, a new caller
Recording  TNT  #  340   Someday Someway [Listen]  [Buy]

What do these two callers have in common beside the obvious things?
Recording a square dance tune was one of their things to do on their bucket list. 

Latest NEW releases
Coyote   #  833     Will The Circle [Listen]/ Nice and Gentle  (Patter ) [Listen]  [Buy]  
Coyote   #  832     Let It Snow ( Singer ) [Listen]  [Buy]
TNT         #  339     Rudolph The Red Reindeer ( Singer) [Listen]  [Buy]  
TNT         #  340     Someday Someway ( Singer ) [Listen]  [Buy]
TNT         # 227      Yama Hoedown [Listen] /Jump right In  (Patter ) [Listen]  [Buy]

TNT round dances       
TNT         # 121      Happy Days
(no phase specified)  [Listen]  [Buy]     
TNT         # 181      Walkin Cha Cha
(no phase specified) [Listen]  [Buy]
TNT         # 222      Blue Bayou (no phase specified) [Listen]  [Buy]     
TNT         # 231      Arizona Waltz
Phase II + 2 [Listen]  [Buy]

Coyote   # 832      Let It Snow [Listen]  [Buy]
Coyote   # 814      Walking in A Winter Wonderland [Listen]  [Buy]         
TNT        # 338      Jingle Bells [Listen]  [Buy]  
TNT        # 339      Rudolph [Listen]  [Buy]

There are lots more on the web sight.

Wrapping it up

Coming in Jan.
Watch for  Coyote  # 834 Ain’t Nothin' Shakin' but the Leaves on the Trees

Also look for our ad on the back cover of American Square Dance magazine.

That’s it  for now.  Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..
A special thank you goes out to Lawrence Johnstone and Gardner Patton.  
Until next time, just remember, If The Coyote Don’t Get You, The TNT will.

Don Coy

PS. Answer to trivia question           Lee Koppman
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