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JUNE 2017                                                          Vol. 1, No. 5
Coyote/TNT Square and Round Dance
Hello <<First Name>>,
Welcome to callers from all over the world. Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes of your time to read our little newsletter. Being a caller myself for 45 years, I know how busy and hectic this calling business can get.  Some callers are really really busy.  Buddy Weaver comes to mind as being a very busy, involved caller.  Think  about it, he calls dances, takes care of the Record Producers part of the business and the most important thing that Buddy does is  critique all of the record producers new releases. Good work Buddy.  Keep it up.

I wonder if the dancers ever consider all of the work that goes into calling a dance?  There is the equipment involved, music to consider, level of dance material to work with and of course the travel time put into getting to and from the dance.  As I get older travel is the worst part.  We are like the post office; the dance must go on rain or shine.  With all the above going on, most of us wouldn’t give up calling for anything.  We don’t do it to make lots of money.  We do it because it makes the dancers so happy.  At the end of the evening when the dancers make a large circle and thank us with a loud voice, that makes the world right again.

Other things
July 1 marks the 2nd anniversary of my taking full control of Coyote & TNT Records.  Thanks to you it has been a great two years.  A lot of the music on Coyote and TNT is over 40 years old.  However, callers are still downloading it because it’s good music.

Please contact me if you have a recording of  TNT # 217   Round Dance Glo Worm.  I would appreciate it very much.
Note: you may purchase any Coyote and TNT music and have it instantly downloaded at on the TNT or Coyote music pages.

Coyote latest release

Coyote  # 831  I’m Gonna Make You Mine [Listen] [Buy]
( Watch the video by High Valley on Youtube and you will see why I chose this one to record.  Also watch our video version on the Coyote/TNT music web site or on Youtube   Don’t be to critical of the picture of Dot and myself that  opens the video.  This photo was taken over 30 years ago.

TNT latest release
TNT     # 337  I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl  [ With a new vocal ] [Listen] [Buy] (previously # 253)
TNT     # 264  It’s Been a Long Long Time [Listen] [Buy]

Round Dances
TNT     #  206   OK Boogie [Listen] [Buy]
TNT     #  193   Molly’s Two Step [Listen] [Buy]

Songs that have been recorded on Coyote, and will be released in a timely manner

Coyote  # 832  Circle

Singing Calls
Coyote  #  833  Ain’t Nothing Shaking But The Leaves On The Tree
Coyote  # 834   Let It Snow
Coyote  # 835   Will The circle Be Unbroken
TNT Re-lease
TNT     #  338   You Wore a Tulip ( New Vocal) (previous number 137)        
TNT     #  339   Sugar Blues   (previous  number 152)          
 Please note: The reason for new vocals is the old version has figures that are no longer used.  However, the music is good.

Please consider the following tunes when you are planning your next special dance.

Graduation Marching Tunes  
TNT  #  281   76 Trombones [Listen] / Pomp and Circumstance  [Listen]  [Buy]

TNT  #  284    Take Me Out To The Ballgame [Listen] [Buy]
TNT  #  287     I’ve Been Working On The RR [Listen] [Buy]
TNT  #  291     Home On The Range [Listen] [Buy]

Party Closer
Coyote #  805  Turkey In The Straw/ Virginia Reel [Listen] [Buy]

Patriotic Holidays:
Coyote # 807  God Bless America [Listen] [Buy]
Coyote # 822  America The Beautiful [Listen] [Buy]
Coyote # 827  Patriotic Medley [Listen] [Buy]

Wrapping things up
Thank you again for taking the time to read our newsletter.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.
Maybe I will see you in Cincy.  I will be in the live band hall on Thursday night at 7:10 PM
Until the next time remember “If the coyote doesn’t get you  TNT will”.
Don Coy
Owner of Coyote  & TNT records


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