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Spectacular overhead shot of cyclists enjoying
the Fall colours on Gaetz Brook Greenway

(October 2019)
This Thanksgiving season, we were grateful for this beautiful new trail where we can safely enjoy active transportation activities. 

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Halloween - Trick or Treat?

"A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality."

-Lucy Van Pelt, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Whether or not you enjoy Halloween, you can not help but be aware of it here on the Eastern Shore where many people take it very seriously, festooning their homes with witches, ghost and other spooky accessories.  In the past few years, it has seemed that there are more Halloween decorations than there are options for the more traditionally trimmed and embellished Christmas season. Regardless of your feelings about the Halloween celebrations, it feels like a transition between the colourful days of fall to the colder, greyer days that will take us to winter.  Of course, we won't let the cold weather deter us from being active but the activities might start to change with only the most hardy keeping their bikes on the road through winter. It is a little easy to extend the season with safe trails like the ones in Gaetz Brook and Musquodobit.  

This season, we have had opportunity to enjoy the vibrant display of colours on the still-under-construction Gaetz Brook Greenway.   Our SATA Trails Updates focuses on the colour show that was available on the trail through October. For the latest updates and images, visit our Gaetz Brook Greenway, SATA Trails  Facebook page. Thanks again to Tobbi for keeping our social media current.

In AT on the Road this month, we have images shared by our members on outings around the Eastern Shore.  Watch our SATA Facebook Group for upcoming events offered by our walk / ride leaders.  Please continue to share your own adventures or suggestions.  We would love to hear about any outdoor adventures, especially at locations that we might be able to explore together.   

See In Other News for updates about active transportation.
Thanks this month to   Mary MacDonald, Julie Pearce,and Patricia Richards for pictures and descriptions.  These are the highlight of our newsletter every month.  Please keep sharing with us on Facebook. where we find much of the material we use here.

We are accepting new members and invite you to join SATA Trails to help us encourage active transportation (AT) and support safe AT infrastructure on the Eastern Shore. Annual membership is only $5! Details are in our Membership section.

Enjoy the last of the fall colours and temperatures as you explore the beauties of nature in Nova Scotia.

This weekend is the first of November.  Remember to turn back your clocks, check your fire alarm batteries - and break out some light coloured and/or reflective gear so you can be seen when you are out being active. 

SATA Trails Updates

"The kids love it!!"  ~ A grandmother walking with grandchildren

GBG Support

"We are so happy to have a place where we can walk safely - with no ruts!"


Most of you are probably aware that some community members oppose Active Transporation only trails and have been advocating for a shared use trail that allows ATVs and other motorized vehicles. Some of these people have been very vocal, which could give the impression that they are in the majority.  In fact,  Members of the Board and participants on events have been encouraged by the amount of support received both verbally and in writing  about the trail and its connection to community.  Here are a few more testimonials.

We enjoy escaping into the peacefulness of nature ... by biking or walking along the many beautiful trails, which is not possible when shared with ATVs. These vehicles damage the trails, pollute the air (not only is this bad for the environment but walkers are forced to breathe the fumes which often linger in the trail system), and disrupt the  natural sounds of the woods. Walking along trails is supposed to be beneficial for one’s health and offers a means of de-stressing; ATVs make this impossible. We were therefore delighted when the Dept. of Natural Resources awarded control of the Gaetz Brook corridor trail to SATA Trails Society in 2018 for non-motorized  usage. SATA Trails has done a wonderful job, in a short amount of time, improving the quality of the trail (replacing/fixing the bridges, clearing bush to expand the trail, which improves air flow and decreases bugs) and we look forward to  further repairs of the trail system. Furthermore, with the ever-impressing need to address climate change and carbon     dioxide output, the decision represents a step in the right direction in promoting safe, designated areas/trails for green methods of transportation such as walking or biking.”

I’m so glad that we are going to have a safe, smooth trail. Due to an invisible disability, I can’t walk safely or easily on rough or uneven trails and I don’t have the maneuverability to get out of the way of ATVs. I tried using a “shared-trail” but the surface was just too dangerous for me and I got badly hurt. This trail improvement will allow me to get out and enjoy nature in my own community!”

From our Facebook group:
"First time on the trail AMAZING! Thank you SATA."

Thanks to everyone who has shared support - and pictures.  
Nature on the GBG (Oct. 2019) 
Mary MacDonald shared this observation:  I found a few new plants to me along the trail this fall and the iNaturalist App helped me identify them. A shrub called Beaked Hazelnut from the Birch family had lovely bright yellow leaves that I found it on the Eastern end of the trail and Royal Fern I found along the Chezzetcook River. It is very tall and has a lively bronze colour in fall. 
Where friends meet (Oct. 2019) 
Patrica Richards wrote "The GBG is a great place to spend some time with a friend getting in some activity.  And it is wonderful to see people of all ages out enjoying a safe space on the trail.  I have seen many mothers and grandparents with kids on the trail especially in baby carriages.

SATA on the Road

Spring flowers, wildlife sightings - and bug notes.

SATA riders on the Shore.  Be sure to share your active transportation adventures in our SATA Facebook group or submit images or a few observations for our newsletter ( 

Atlantic View Trail (Oct. 10, 2019) 
Thanks to Julie Pierce for these pictures and description, shared through Facebook.  "An exhilarating ride through the Salt Marsh Trail , Atlantic View and a peek at the new Bisset Road trail with Shirley, Mary, Patricia, Wendy and Mona - as well as some new friends."
Nature on the trail ~ by Julie Pierce (October 2019) 
"Got out for a hike , communed with nature and an old friend , found lost items and discovered some mini waterfalls, excellent morning on our trail !"

Upcoming Activities

We'll might still get in a fall ride or two and then it is on to hikes.  Join us!!

Watch for updates.
Watch our  Facebook group. for news on planned outings or events.  Our team of event leaders will continue to lead Thursday morning active transportation outings as well as special trips or events on other days. We don't let the cooler weather deter us but we'll soon be changing from cycling to hiking and, before you know it,  we'll be breaking out the skates, skiis and snowshoes.  Tune in often so you don't miss any of the fun!


  • We welcome ideas for future walks, or reviews of past events. Talk to activity leaders, share in our Facebook group or contact with any ideas.
  • SATA events are open for participants of all ages and abilities and follow a relaxed pace with plenty of stops for discovery, photography, conversation and other fun diversions.
  • Our SATA Facebook page has the most current news on outings, updates, weather changes, and event pictures.  

In Other News...

AT around the province  - and beyond

AT-related projects and opportunities.

HRM Peninsula South Complete Streets public engagement
Pop-Up Session 
Tuesday, November 5 from 7am - 9am

Join in support of protected bike infrastructure!  

Improvements are being considered for several streets. This project will apply a "complete streets" approach to improving mobility for people travelling through the south end of the Halifax peninsula, with a focus on improving comfort, safety and convenience for people walking and cycling while also considering transit, accessibility, placemaking, urban forestry, vehicle traffic, loading, parking and other factors.

The resulting functional plan will recommend improvements to pedestrian infrastructure and new all-ages-and-abilities (AAA) cycling connections along several streets as identified in the Integrated Mobility Plan and Active Transportation Priorities Plan.

Learn More about the project.

HRM Alliance Meeting
Nov. 6, 1:00-4:00 at Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts 

All members encouraged to attend.  Register in advance to receive agenda for this month's meeting.

Hike Nova Scotia
Fall Hiking Series -  November 2019

@hikenovascotia & 25 local host organizations offer the #fall guided #hike series with events across NS until Nov. 17 2019. Participants qualify to win trail prizes.

Bicycle Nova Scotia
Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia

Do you have your copy yet?

Buy local! It supports our local economy in so many ways. Please consider visiting your local bookstore; most bike shops will have the book available. We will also have books available at the BNS office. Contact to get your copy. 

Membership Update
Make your voice heard for Active Transportation on the Eastern Shore


Membership now open for SATA Trails Society
Have you visited our website to register as a member? Member numbers help us increase the impact of our campaigns.  If you haven't already joined, please take a minute to do so now and make your voice heard for a safe, sustainable active transportation network in Porters Lake and surrounding communities.

We want to thank you for your past support of SATA and SATA Trails.  SATA Trails Society membership has helped us move ahead with the Gaetz Brook Greenway, closing a gap in the Great Trail and an important piece of HRM’s Greenway Network.

We have recently amended our by-laws to clarify both our mission and the definition of Active Transportation. To become a member, an individual must agree with  the following statement:

I agree with the objectives of the Society to develop, construct, maintain and promote the development of non-motorized* active transportation trails in the Porters Lake and surrounding communities in order to facilitate safe self- propelled human powered recreation and travel in our communities. 

*Mobility devices, including electric wheelchairs, are also permitted and protected by the NS Accessibility Act.

We have implemented an annual membership fee of $5 to be renewable by March 1st each year. 

Your membership helps support development and maintenance of Active Transporation routes in our community.  

Please take a two minutes now to Join. If the link does not work, visit and click on the JOIN button. 

If you have any question please send them along to our Membership Committee at
Remember that joining our Facebook page is NOT joining SATA or the SATA Trails Society.  Answering the questions and joining us on Facebook only allows you access to our closed Facebook group.

Help us achieve our vision of a safe, sustainable Active Transportation (AT) infrastructure connecting communities across the Eastern Shore.  Become a member today.
HAPPY HALLOWE'EN to all our cycling (and hiking) witches and other AT supporters!!!

This image is from TeePublic.   This design is not currently available but lots of others are and each purchase supports independent artists.

Shorter days and cooler temperatures. Dress warmly and with reflectors.
Be seen to stay safe.

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