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Cycling trip to Magdaline Islands (Sept. 18, 2019)
Thanks to Julie Pierce for the photo

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It's officially Fall!

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"

-Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery)

Well, September arrived with a bang when post-tropical storm Dorian pasted through our area bring high winds, rain, storm surges and power outages.  All along the Eastern Shore, there lots of downed trees and power poles.  many were without power for days.  People came together to clear and share generators and supplies, reminding us of the great communities we share here on the Shore.  After the storm, many trails were closed for a few days until they could be cleared and made safe.  The Gaetz Brook Greenway was partially covered with down leaves and trees but it was quickly cleared and construction resumed quickly. 

The construction on the Gaetz Brook Greenway has been moving along steadily since Peter Conrod Construction started work late in the summer.  The progress is amazing to see and  is making the trail much more inviting to walkers and cyclists.  Our SATA Trails Updates this months includes Judy Myatt's story A September Journey. For the most current news on trail progress visit our Gaetz Brook Greenway, SATA Trails  Facebook page

In SATA on the Road this month, we feature some striking images shared by our members on outings around the Eastern Shore.  Watch our SATA Facebook Group for rides and walks being shared by SATA participants and please share your own adventures or suggestions.  We would love to hear about any outdoor adventures, especially at locations that we might be able to explore together.   

See our  Upcoming Events for our next planned ride and visit our SATA Facebook Group for more updates as well as pictures and inspiration.

See In Other News for updates about active transportation.
Thanks this month to   Mary MacDonald, Judy Myatt, Julie Pearce,Shirley Smith and Patricia Richards for pictures and descriptions.  These are the highlight of our newsletter every month.  Please keep sharing with us on Facebook. where we find much of the material we use here.

Finally, we are now accepting new members and invite you to join us.  Details are in our Membership section.

October is a wonderful time to be out exploring Nova Scotia, definitely my favourite time of year.  The air is crisp, the bugs are limited, and the colours are spectacular.

Stay active. Stay safe.  Happy October!

SATA Trails Report

"it looks fantastic.  And keeps getting better."  ~Shirley Smith

This month, we have a short report from Judy Myatt on her personal challenge to walk the trail each day in September as well as some testimonials from people who have been enjoying the newly improved Gaetz Brook Connector.

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories and pictures.

September Journey

"I made a commitment to walk the trail every day in September."  ~Judy Myatt

This fall, Judy Myatt of Gaetz Brook decided to spend some time close to home exploring the Gaetz Brook Greenway.  She challenged herself to get on the GBG every day of September, sharing her visits on Facebook and Instagram.  Here is a description of some of her time on the trail.

Following a busy summer with lots of visitors, kayaking and a bit of touring around Nova Scotia, I decided to get out on the Gaetz Brook Greenway. I am able to easily access this trail by walking across the road through a short path. So convenient.  I was very impressed and happy to learn that a local company, Peter Conrod Construction, would be building this wonderful asset to our community.  The work is ongoing but right from my first walk on the trail, I could see that they are doing a great job. I made a commitment to walk the trail every day in September.

This journey through the month has more than met my hopes and expectations. I met local neighbours whom I hadn’t seen in months, some not in years. and met many others from nearby neighbourhoods. There were times I came across groups of folks having wonderful conversations. I often heard expressions of delight and amazement about how this community asset is such a gift. There were families walking together with or without dogs, couples, young and old, cyclists and even groups of junior high students on their safety drill to the Gaetz Brook Legion. 

The greatest thing I can say about the Gaetz Brook Greenway is that it is a community builder.  Many days I would meet and walk with a few local folks. We had great conversations and I learned more about the community. I was not the only one with this type of experience. One man told me that he has learned more about the community in 3 weeks on the trail than he has in the 40 or so years he has lived nearby. I met a woman recently who expressed that the trail is the best thing that has happened here in a long, long time. I agree and look forward to the ongoing development and completion of the Gaetz Brook Greenway and what it may bring to our future.  Someday soon we will be able to walk or cycle to Porter’s Lake or Musquodoboit Harbour to visit the bank, library, doctor’s office, or other local businesses.

I am going to send my MLA a note of appreciation for this asset to my community and I encourage others to do the same. Let's express our support for active transportation trails.
Enjoy a few of the images from Judy's September Challenge (Aug 24, 2019) 
Top: Grade 7 students from Gaetz Brook Jr. High getting safety orientation using the GBG trail to the Gaetz Brook Legion, which will be used if there is a need to evacuate the school.   
Bottom: (left) Upgrade surfaces and cleared trees
(right) Meeting neighbours. Building community!

GBG Support

We appreciate this trail in our community.


Most of our readers are probably well aware that there have been some community members who oppose Active Transporation only trails and have been advocating for a shared use trail that allows ATVs and other motorized vehicles. Some of these people have been quite vocal, which could give the impression that they are in the majority.  In fact,  Members of the Board and participants on events have been encouraged by the amount of support received both verbally and in writing  about the trail and its connection to community.  Here is a sampling of some letters we have received:

Movement is my medicine. I am living with a genetic neurological disease and I would be in a wheelchair by now if I could not get out daily on a safe, accessible trail.”
“While cycling, I hit a very large ATV-created rut in the trail. If this had been an active transportation only trail, I would have had a wonderful 40 Km round trip. As it was,    I broke my collarbone, bruised my ribs, sprained my thumb, etc. I am sorry, folks, but ATVs and bikes cannot co-exist on the same trail It is simply not safe. The surgeon told me that barring complications, my recovery time is 2.5 months. Meanwhile I have a splint on one arm and a hand brace on the other arm to protect my damaged thumb. As you would expect, I am in  considerable pain."

I have heard a lot of noise about making the trails "shared" between walkers and motorists. I think this would be a very sad mistake. This is one of very few safe places for us to exercise, and get our kids and pets out in nature. I can say with absolute certainty it would cease to be safe for a family walk or a run with your dog on the trails. So, so many families use the trails. If ATVs and motorized vehicles start using it too, we walkers will be forced to stop using it. The trails are so beautiful and well cared for. If the trails became "shared" trails it would be so much harder to care for and I can't imagine we would see more funding come to maintaining it so the quality will most likely fall. There are so many places for ATVs. Our area has so few places for people to walk without constantly watching your back and I think it would be a shame to lose them.”
Images from GBG ~ Mary MacDonald (Sept. 2019) 
Top: A beautiful fall morning to bike the trail. The lighting was lovely!
Middle: Location of future picnic shelter /  Parking lot on Hy #7
Bottom: Trail extension from Stat Hill Road Chezzetcook River from future bench locations

SATA on the Road

Spring flowers, wildlife sightings - and bug notes.

SATA riders on the Shore.  Be sure to share your active transportation adventures in our SATA Facebook group or submit images or a few observations for our newsletter ( 

Trail Walk for Bert (Sept. 14 2019) 
Remembering our friend Bert Myatt on the anniversary of his passing.

Exit 20 Trail Improvements  (Sept. 2019) 
Ready to ride!!  Patricia says: Impressive looking for sure - even a centre lane!  It is all about connections and active transportation!
Beautiful images captured by Julie Pierce while riding (September 2019) 
Top / Middle: Beautiful images of Petpeswick Lake
Bottom: (left) A path created by a dad for his son
(right) Trail debris near Gaetz Brook landowner property
Nature on the trail ~ by Julie Pierce (September 2019) 
Top: Dragonflies  "getting busy", I must have taken twenty of them , had to shoo away a big spider that was going to eat them while they were "entangled"
Bottom: Spotted yellow salamander egg balls. I found these along GBG before the construction but I noticed there still seems to be enough still water along the trail for eggs to grow and survive.
Riding the Greenway (Sept, 2019) 
From Patricia Richards:
Susan Doble, Shirley Smith and I rode  today on the Greenway.  It felt great and will only get better as it gets completed.  We used the words “oh wow” many times. We met a young women with dog and young son and we said it will get better.  She said it is already really good!

Upcoming Activities

Fall rides and hikes.  Colour and conversation with SATA.

Please note that our website Activities Calendar is not currently working.  For details on new events, watch for news on our  Facebook group.  Our team of event leaders will be adding more Thursday morning active transportation outings soon and sometimes include special trips or events on other days.  Tune in often so you don't miss any of the fun!

Thursday, Oct. 10
Lawrencetown Beach - Eastern Passage

Meet at 10 a.m. at Lawrencetown Beach and bike ride to Eastern Passage. It's more local so should be easier to connect.. Lunch at Boondocks
Lead - Mona Bordage


  • We welcome ideas for future walks, or reviews of past events. Talk to activity leaders, share in our Facebook group or contact with any ideas.
  • SATA events are open for participants of all ages and abilities and follow a relaxed pace with plenty of stops for discovery, photography, conversation and other fun diversions.
  • Our SATA Facebook page has the most current news on outings, updates, weather changes, and event pictures.  

In Other News...

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AT-related projects and opportunities.

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Bicycle Nova Scotia
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Buy local! It supports our local economy in so many ways. Please consider visiting your local bookstore; most bike shops will have the book available. We will also have books available at the BNS office. Contact to get your copy. 

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Building more bike lanes and promoting cycling for all ages just 2 of the recommendations.  Read More

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We have recently amended our by-laws to clarify both our mission and the definition of Active Transportation. To become a member, an individual must agree with  the following statement:

I agree with the objectives of the Society to develop, construct, maintain and promote the development of non-motorized* active transportation trails in the Porters Lake and surrounding communities in order to facilitate safe self- propelled human powered recreation and travel in our communities. 

*Mobility devices, including electric wheelchairs, are also permitted and protected by the NS Accessibility Act.

We have implemented an annual membership fee of $5 to be renewable by March 1st each year. 

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Cooler weather is coming but October usually brings us some warm days and bright sunshine.  Get out and take in Fall!

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