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4th May 2020



This week we move into Week 4 of remote learning, and I would like to say a big WELL DONE to students, parents and carers for your amazing efforts these past few weeks.
On Friday we undertook an in-depth curriculum day with Narissa Leung around effective instruction in reading and writing. We discussed the importance of focused instruction (modelling), clarity of purpose (the why), and the relevance (what and how) of a task to support student success and growth in their learning. We have taken away multiple learnings from this and staff are keen to implement ideas into their planning next week. 
Thank you to the parents/carers that completed the survey we sent out last week. We had a large volume of responses and have used this to not only celebrate our successes during this time, but to be constructive about what we can develop or amend when moving forward. I have summarised some points to share with you and outlined how we have acted on suggestions where possible.
It was almost an even 50% spread relating to screen time concerns. We have met with staff and discussed this with them. They will be reiterating to students this week that not everything needs to be done on the screen, and to use their learning folio. We are very conscious that particular children may be informing parents it is a necessity, however, there are many opportunities for them to review a learning task on a device, then turn it off to complete the set activity.
Most of the responses stated that SEESAW was a great platform to use and they found it easier to navigate, a percentage of families found Google Classroom presenting more challenges, although students are aware of this platform and their skills in navigating this are improving daily.
Families are loving the voice recordings and explicit teaching that are being filmed and distributed. Story time with Mrs Trupkovic was a hit, apparently. I must have some work to do to develop my story telling skills!
Parents/carers are loving the timely, positive and encouraging feedback from staff and the high level of communication.
Concerns arising from the survey included not being able to see other students faces in the WebEx check ins. We understand and feel your frustrations with this, and unfortunately this is down to internet connections.
Some families expressed the challenge of receiving too many emails, learning tasks from multiple staff which made it difficult to navigate for some students. We have reiterated this to staff and requested streamlining. Mondays will prove more hectic than other days, due to the fact the specialist learning tasks will be sent on this day also. Please remember children have the whole week to undertake the specialist lesson, not one day. We have also reminded specialists, that they are to send only one learning task a week, not multiple.
We received some fabulous suggestions from families. Some of these included the introduction of 1:1 or small group WebEx check ins. This is in the planning phase. We are waiting until May 11, prior to locking in further conference calls, once we determine what the remainder of the term will look like. All children will have a 1:1 meeting with their teacher in the coming weeks. 
Some classes were archiving learning tasks the day of completion, and particular families were missing out on them due to schedules at home. We are now archiving in P-2 at the end of the following week, so families can adapt where needed to suit their own needs and schedules.  In addition to this, P-2 will post learning activities earlier to families, they are conscious of not overwhelming parents with emails the night before but will review this again in the coming week.
Further suggestions were relating to students using their learning portfolio more, to reduce the back and forth (where possible) between platforms and to explicitly inform students that they DO NOT need to be on their iPad all day. All staff have discussed this at length and amendments made where appropriate.  
Finally, there were some discussion points around additional learning opportunities for particular students or greater differentiation for individuals having difficulties. The relevant families will hear from us in relation to that this week. 
Thank you again for your valuable feedback.  Good luck for the week ahead and tell your children that we miss them here at school.


Meg Bone
Principal Ashby Primary School
1-7 Waratah St, Geelong West, 3219
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Each day, sometimes hour can bring many emotions in quick succession, and if we tracked how we feel I am sure it would show us bouncing around like a crazy pinball zigging and zagging, hitting highs and lows with little rhyme or reason as to what is coming next. Some of those feelings are harder to deal with than others. I'll be in a slump, and then have a call or zoom with someone and bang! my head is back up and I feel like I can take on the world again, simply by having a positive energy exchange.
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