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Letter from the Principal
1 August 2016
Proposed Junior School Oval Re-development
Dear Parents / Guardians,
You will recall earlier this year we undertook an “Infrastructure Survey” which focused on us concentrating our efforts towards a major infrastructure project for the school, being the proposed re-development of the junior oval into an astro turf facility. The overall project also included lined games, sensory play areas and the re-development of our kitchen garden. 
The results of the survey, which we shared with you in our school newsletter (Issue 7, 15 March 2016), indicated that 91% of respondents supported our focus on the redevelopment of junior oval area. Much of the feedback revolved around the ongoing poor condition of the current oval and the need for it's improvement. (As pictured above). 
This email is provided to you as an update of what’s been happening since the survey was undertaken in March.  However firstly, I would like to provide you with a quick overview of the Building and Grounds Sub-committee.
The Building and Grounds Sub-committee of Council is overseeing this project.  The current committee members are Nicole Armstrong, Wayne Holloway, Gavin Dowling, Glyn Seal and myself.  We have also been fortunate to welcome a couple of additional parents to the committee being Jai Dorais, Kate Robertson and Rebecca Denning.  
As with many projects, the planning phase takes time to ensure all required elements of the project are considered, including budget, timeframes and the overall project management. This project is no different. Since March, our main focus has been contacting suitably qualified contractors to undertake preliminary discussions about the overall concept and where possible, obtain initial concept drawings and estimated quotes so we have a clearer idea of budget requirements. This process alone has proved challenging as some contractors consider the project too small for their interest, and for others, they cannot undertake the project as a whole, rather just elements of.  It is our preference to appoint a contractor who can deliver the project in its' entirety.
At this stage, no contractors have been appointed to undertake any works, as in line with the requirements of the Department of Education, we are legally required to obtain 3 quotes given the proposed value of the project. 
In terms of what will happen next, our aim is to:
1. Provide the Ashby School Community with a preliminary design concept to use as a starting point for discussion and comment back to the committee. This would be through a "public display" approach whereby school community members can see the initial concept and provide written feedback, outlining suggestions and queries. The more ideas and feedback the better, so we can work towards making this project the best possible for Ashby.
2.  Refine the concept drawings taking into account the feedback received. At this stage, we will seek further feedback from the school community via an information session.
3. Finalise the design for construction.
4. Commence construction.
Simultaneous to the above 4 steps, we will also be seeking funding/sponsorship for the project, which we will inform you of as we go along as well.  We'll be setting up a page on our website dedicated to this project alone, providing updates and opportunities for comments.
Whilst a detailed project timeline has not yet been developed, the committee is working towards a completion date of January 2018.
So in the coming months you will receive more information about the project as a whole, as well as the public display opportunity mentioned above.
And if at any stage you have any questions about this project, please contact me either by phone, email or in person.  We would also welcome additional parent representatives to the committee, so please let me know if you are interested. 
We hope you are excited about this opportunity to provide a wonderful new outdoor space for the children of Ashby as we are.
Kind regards,

Meg Bone
2 Lawton Ave
Tel: 03 5223 1291 Fax: 03 5222 3652


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