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3rd August 2020



Last week Corrie Barclay, Natalie Biscan and I took part in a valuable meeting around leadership relating to mental health and well-being during a crisis. Kristen Douglas, the Head of Headspace Schools presented ‘Reflection, Re-balance and Re-orientate’ to the principals and assistant principals in the Geelong region.
Kristen talked to us about 1 - Our School Community; 2 - Staff; 3 - Self; and the importance of supporting all three. We are all in the same storm, however with 4 very different capacities, strategies, anchors and experiences, and how paramount it is that we acknowledge this. No one experience, will be the same and where each individual sits this on their catastrophe scale will be different.
Kristen unpacked the V-U-C-A response and antidote which resonated heavily. 
V- Vision (make sure it is short term ie- 5 weeks)
U- Understanding (seek it)
C- Compassion (show it)
A- Agility
We talked about the importance of setting a goal, all the while celebrating successes. I believe all of the Ashby community, students, staff and families would be able to identify multiple successes we have experienced during this challenging time and it is imperative that we do not forget these, even though it is human nature to immediately focus on the negatives!
An analogy shared was that in an plane you are to ‘place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping small children or others who may need your assistance…’  Whether it is at home, in the workplace or here at school, we need to ensure we are looking after ourselves in order to be the best possible supports to others.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep, minimise exposure to conflict or environmental stressors, get back to nature, switch off from emails and social media and most importantly start talking; vulnerability is a strength not a weakness.
The staff here at Ashby have been undertaking the 10,000 steps a day challenge since early June. Since commencing the team challenge this term, we have seen true determination come out of the woodwork.
Each team has walked well over 1 million steps in 2 weeks and this challenge just gets even more competitive with roughly 50,000 steps separating the ‘School of Walk’ and ‘Happy Feet’. This is just one way we are promoting our staff health and well-being at this time.
This not only helps our health and fitness, but we are far more productive and assertive within the classroom and with each and every student here at Ashby. Something we will now need to transfer into remote and flexible learning platforms.
My takeaway action from the meeting is this. This week I am going to 1 - Ask; 2 - Listen; 3 - Encourage Action; 4 - Check in. I challenge you to do the same.
I can’t applaud our students enough. They are absolute champions. Showing resilience and enthusiasm in all that they do and will continue to do so during this next period of remote and flexible learning.
Please expect multiple communications this week due to the transition phase. Take care everyone, and stay in touch. 

Meg Bone
Principal Ashby Primary School
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