Friday night Candlelighting is at 7:03
Shabbat ends at 8:04
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Mercaz Covid Guidelines
Pesach Questions for Rabbi Avi
What Seinfeld Teaches us About Pesach - Recording
Selling Chametz
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Hillel Pesach
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z"l on Vayikra: The Sins of a Leader
Many commentators note that the first word of the Sefer/Parasha Vayikra in the Torah scroll is spelled with a tiny aleph. There are many explanations for this. This Parasha is often read before Pesach and as we start to clean out our chametz, this small aleph reminds us of the humility, anava, of Moshe Rabeinu is the key to getting ourselves and others out of Mitzrayim. May our focus on our house's physical chametz help us reflect on how our own sometimes puffed-up sense of self is holding us back.  - Rabbi Avi

Shabbat day tefillah starts promptly at 9:30 am. One must be signed up in order to attend.

Mincha this week at 5:30 if there is interest. If we do not have a minyan signed up by tomorrow afternoon for Mincha we will cancel.

Tefilah sign-up is below. Please sign-up by 4 pm Friday afternoon.

Next week's Shabbat morning tefillah will be at 7:30 am since we need to complete eating chametz by 11:08. 

Shabbat Shalom!
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Mercaz COVID Guidelines
Please text or WhatsApp Rabbi Avi with Pesach questions (much better than email) at 9175199452.
Seattle Vaad Pesach Guide
Thanks to all who joined us for Rabbi Sam's Shiur on "The Haggadah About Nothing" last night. Here is a recording of the shiur, enjoy!

What do Seinfeld and Pesach have in common? Surprisingly, quite a lot.
R' Sam Reinstein, author of "The Haggadah About Nothing" discussing the connections between Seinfeld and Pesach followed by a Q&A with R' Reinstein.
The Haggadah has the full Hebrew text surrounded by commentary connecting it to Seinfeld.

There are tons of Seinfeld references in the translation, and the illustrations relate Seinfeld to the Haggadah.
This Haggadah is perfect for the Seinfeld fan looking to either bring levity to their Passover experience or to relate our national history to something modern and relatable. All Seinfeld content is used purely for commentary and/or parody.
Make sure to check out Rabbi Sam's Haggadah:
The Haggadah About Nothing:
Or if you prefer to shop locally, you can pick it up from Third Place Books:
Two places to sell chametz. On the Seattle Vaad's Pesach page scroll down to get to the form link. 
Seattle Vaad Chametz Form
Chabad Chametz Selling
Wednesday night learning 
Time: 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 825 7811 6647
Pesach Times
(davening sign-up sheet for next Shabbat and Pesach coming on Monday)

Thu Mar 25th – Fast of First Born starts 5:27 AM, ends 8:01 PM
Thu Mar 25th – Bedikat Chametz after 8:01 PM
Fri Mar 26th – Sell and Burn Chametz before 12:12 PM
Fri Mar 26th -  Candles 7:13 PM
Sat Mar 27th -  Finish Eating Chametz before 11:08 AM
Sat Mar 27th – Nullify Chametz before 12:12 PM
Sat Mar 27th -  Candles after 8:13 PM from existing flame
Sat Mar 27th – Earliest Seder Preparations/Seder 8:13 PM
Sat Mar 27th – Chatzot – Finish seder eating/drinking 1:13 AM (Opinions on this differ, if you have questions or concerns text Rabbi Avi)
Sun Mar 28th - Tefillah at 10 am
Sun Mar 28th -  Candles after 8:14 PM from existing flame.
Sun Mar 28th – Earliest Seder Preparations/Seder 8:14 PM
Sun Mar 28th – Chatzot – Finish seder eating/drinking 1:14 AM
Don't forget to begin to count the Omer
Mon Mar 29th - Tefillah at 10 am
Mon Mar 29th – Havdala 8:15 PM
Fri April 2 – Candle Lighting 7:23 PM
Sat April 3 - Tefillah at 9:30
Sat April 3 - Candles from Existing Flame after 8:21 PM
Sun April 3 - Tefillah at 9:30
Sun April 4 Havdalah 8:23 PM
Jewish Federation Community Calendar
Kosher for Passover Seders and Lunches To Go*

Hillel UW is pleased to offer community members Kosher for Passover* Seders To Go. Each Seder package will include all ritual Seder plate items as well as a complete dinner for five (5) for $280** and will be available for pick up at Hillel on Friday, March 26th.

Lunches To Go will be available on Wednesday, March 31, and Thursday, April 1, and will include Passover lunch favorites for four (4) for $80**. Both meals include four full courses: matzah ball soup, salad, main dish (vegetarian options available) with sides, and dessert.
For additional details and to sign-up before we sell out, click here.

*All meals are prepared by Leah’s Catering under the supervision of the Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle.
**Jconnectors (21-35 year olds), please email Nomi at for Jconnect prices and a discount promotion code.
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