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Welcome to the Pinholics Anonymous® monthly newsletter, serving the Washington, D.C. greater metropolitan region for pinball enthusiasts.  This newsletter provides a list of upcoming pinball events, including leagues, tournaments, and shows.  

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Featured Tournament
IFPA State Championships, January 20th

The IFPA State Championships will occur on January 20th throughout the United States and Canada.  These championships feature the top 16 players in each state or province based on total WPPRs received in each.  Players may only play in one state or province's championship.

Final standings will be official on January 4th and acceptance of invites is due by January 7th at 9pm ET.  Your IFPA rep will send out invites, and in many cases they have already sent out initial invites based on standings that are not expected to change on the 4th.

Washington, D.C. is also included and will play at Lyman's Tavern.  Virginia will play at the Richmond Pinball Collective in Richmond, Virginia.  Maryland will play at Crabtowne in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  Good luck to all players vying for their spot in the North American Championship on March 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Date Name Entry Location
1/4-6 MAGfest PAPA Circuit Event Free Oxon Hill, Md
1/20 IFPA State Championships $20-30 Across the U.S.
1/27 Pintervention Circuit Championship $30 McLean, Va
1/28 RPC Flipper Frenzy $5-10 Richmond, Va
2/10 Pinabler Tour Finals (Nov/Dec/Jan) $25 Holy Frijoles, Md
2/10 Cathode Ray's Winter Open $30 Eldersburg, Md

Weekly Tournaments

Day Name Entry Location
Tuesday @ 8:30pm CrabTowne Tuesday Weekly $5 Glen Burnie, Md
Sunday @ 7pm
(starts on Jan. 28th)
Sunday VUK Veekly Series $5 Bethesda, Md
Special Notice
IFPA Player Fees Start in 2018

Starting in 2018, all IFPA sanctioned open (non-restricted) tournaments in the United States and Canada will require a $1 fee / player.  These fees go towards the IFPA State and North American Championship prize pools. (75% to respective state/20% to North American Championship/5% to cover processing fees).

Tournament directors will be responsible for collecting these fees and remitting payment to IFPA using the new IFPA Tournament Management tool.  See the IFPA website here for more information on the manager.

Tournament directors have the discretion to simply take the dues out of the overall prize pool, charge a separate $1 / player fee, or other method such as getting the venue to agree to paying the fee. 


DC Pinball League
Played at Lyman's Tavern on Thursday at 8:30pm, Monday at 2:00pm, and Black Cat on Sunday at 7:30pm.  Players can play either of those three times each week.  Dues are $20 for the 8 week season.

The Winter season starts on January 11th at Lyman's Tavern.  Just come on out to sign up and play in league. The first 3 weeks of the season, Black Cat will be closed so Sunday night league will be held at Lyman's Tavern as well.  Website with details here
FSPA Leagues
Four FSPA leagues are held in four locations. 
  • Red Zone in Fairfax, Va on Thursdays at 8pm
  • Silverball Sanctum in Sterling, Va on Mondays at 8pm
  • Volleyball House in Elkridge, Md on Wednesdays at 8pm
  • VÜK in Bethesda, Md on Sundays at 5pm
Spring season will be starting within the next few weeks.  Dues are $40 for the 10 week season.  You may preregister at the FSPA website. Guests are always welcome.  Website with details here
Holy Frijoles League
A new team league at Holy Frijoles in Baltimore, Maryland will start on Thursday, January 11th.  Team up with your friends or arrive solo and be paired up on a team.  Website with details here (closed Facebook group but you can join to get more info).
Did you know?
Local Pinball Tournament Circuits/Series
Did you know there are now THREE pinball circuits/series/championships in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore, Maryland metro area?

The original Pinholics Anonymous Pintervention Circuit Championship begins its third year with the first event of the 2018 season at MAGfest this week at the National Harbor in Maryland.  More info on events for this year can be found here, along with changes to the format that will be finalized mid-January.

The VÜK Veekly Series is returning to VÜK in Bethesda, Maryland.  This comprises a weekly two strike tournament following the FSPA league on Sundays.  The top 24 players in WPPRs earned during those tournaments qualify for the championship to be held the Sunday after the series concludes.  More info can be found here.

The new Cathode Ray's Open Series comprises four opens (one for each season) that then culminates in a finals in December. The top 16 players in WPPRs from the four opens are eligible to play in the finals.  More info can be found here on the series, finals and their upcoming Pinball Olympics scheduled for May 26th.

Local Machines for Sale

Introducing a new section to the newsletter that lists local machines for sale to help connect locals looking for their first (or tenth : ) pinball machine.  Email us to get added to this list each month.  We'll keep it concise with contact information to help you find out more from the seller.
Pinabler Tour Bimonthly Selfie Tournament
The Pinabler Tour is in its last month of this tour.  Players have until January 31st to submit scores.  Players should submit scores within 1-2 weeks of playing in order to keep standings current.

Finals will be held at the new location, Holy Frijoles in Baltimore, Md on February 10th.  Entry fee will increase from $20 to $25.  The Pintervention Circuit prize pool fee will be eliminated (formerly $60).  The new IFPA fees of $1 / player will be paid for all participating players from the entry fees.  The $5 increase and Pintervention fee removal will help offset these IFPA fees and increase the prize pool payouts for the top 4 finalists.

For more details on the Pinabler Tour and how it works, see the website.  If you have any questions about how it works, you can always email us through the Pinholics Anonymous contact from on the web-site.

Pintervention Circuit Championship

The 2017 season has concluded with an exciting finish where Dave Hubbard and Justin Bath fought it out until the last game of the Pinholics Anonymous tournament to capture the top seed. 

Finals will be held on January 27th in McLean, Virginia.  Official invites will go out to players on January 8th.

The Top 10 players in standings as of December 31st are below.  
See the website for final standings.
Best 10 events count towards standings. 
Kevin Stone as organizer is not eligible to participate in finals.

IFPA State Championship Leaders

As of December 31st, 2017

1 - Justin Bath
2 - Justin Day
3 - Elliott Keith
4 - Dave Hubbard
5 - Mike Frasca

1 - Kevin Kuntz
2 - Kevin Stone
3 - Edan Grossman
4 - Malik Berger
5 - Steven Bowden
Washington, D.C.

1 - Kevin Stone
2 - Fil Baird
3 - Justin Bath
4 - Greg Boehm
5 - Dave Hubbard
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