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Innovations in Radiotherapy

Our leading monthly industry profile of the latest innovative products and services in radiotherapy. 
This month we feature Phoenix Dosimetry.
New Personal Electronic Personal Dosemeter - TruDose
Phoenix Dosimetry are now supplying the very latest in Electronic Personal Dosimetry with the New Trudose EPD from Thermo – In combination with the Radsight software it is simple to issue / return and also stores full dose information.
The Radsight software also works with the older Thermo MK2 units. The Trudose reports H*10, H*0.07 and also has a pulsed mode – you can simply configure dose / doserate alarms using the Radsight
Read more here
Contact details: for more information or you could visit their virtual exhibition stand on our Expo at

 Social Media Spotlight

Tweets of the Month from our partners, click on the image to go to their feed.
PTW is on LinkedIn so you can read their updates here:
Which new functionalities and expert features of the BEAMSCAN software make BEAMSCAN the best choice for small field dosimetry and robust, reliable and accurate measurements in general?
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News-Zone comment and analysis

Monthly Blog

A radiographer’s life. A 40-year career in radiotherapy.

The May blog written for RadPro by Duncan Hynd is entitled:

“From tracking Cobalt to tracking criminals, a largely Cobalt blue radiotherapy journey from London in the early 80’s right through to 21st century Africa and beyond”

We take you across the world from Nuclear Free Zones to Cobalt bombs and Mexican bandits to Tesla cars, if you are involved in radiotherapy, it’s a great read! Read more.

Question of the month

This month we have two, one from Elekta and one from RadPro
Q: How can treatment times be reduced with the new Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning from Elekta?
A: Lightning enables automatic creation of plans through optimization based on dose constraints for one or more targets and organs-at-risk, combined with priorities to minimize the overall dose to healthy tissue and beam-on time, all controlled by the user. The speed of optimization (typically well below a minute) combined with explicit control over beam-on time in optimization give the potential to reduce both planning and treatment times significantly depending on case.
Find out how.
Q. What are Baryons? Our June blog will explore more.
A. Quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components of atomic nuclei or alternatively named Baryons.
Objects in the Universe composed of baryonic matter include clouds of cold gas, planets, comets and asteroids, stars, neutron stars and black holes.
This baryonic matter only makes around 4% of the constituent parts of the Universe, the rest is made of dark matter (around 27%) and dark energy (around 68%) which fuels its current rapidly accelerating expansion.
Our June Blog out in a few days looks at the early days of neutron and proton therapy up to the present day so keep an eye out for “A Radiographer’s Life, a 40-year career in Radiotherapy”, the RadPro blog. We have over 18 editions now and so if you work in radiotherapy we think they are a good read, especially in times of lockdown so have a look!

Read more. 

Did you know? 

Mevion Medical Systems have taken a virtual stand in our Expo international radiotherapy directory and in a time of travel disruption, carbon footprints and Covid19 with events, meetings, congresses and exhibitions cancelled and postponed, this is an innovative way to stay connected with our international radiotherapy readers. There is even a chatbot to ask them questions!
If you are new to Mevion, according to their website they “transformed radiation oncology by inventing compact proton therapy - shrinking the equipment footprint and the operational and financial costs significantly while still delivering a powerful cancer-fighting tool”.
You can visit their new booth here.

Editor’s comment
More than ever, we need to take risks

 “Life is a risky enterprise that always ends badly. But if we allow fear to crowd out living, existence becomes pointless. I’m concerned that Covid-19 — and, in particular, the authorities’ reaction to it — is undermining our reasons for being on Earth” - Luke Johnson. Sunday May 17 2020, The Sunday Times.
You can read more here.
Luke Johnson is the chairman of the Institute of Cancer Research and also of Risk Capital Partners and so is well placed to put some of the current Covid-19 crisis into perspective and proportion for us as radiotherapy professionals and also importantly for The Times readers.
As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, having raised venture capital and started radiotherapy companies and been involved in cancer treatment and radiotherapy my whole 40-year career, I also agree that to some extent we now need to take calculated risks.  We should not be afraid to leave home, go to our GP or be scared by the new authoritarian approach of government but instead take full responsibility for our actions.
The media did not help initially with the dreadful imagery from totally unprepared and overwhelmed Italian and Spanish hospitals, nor has the reporting of death rates with little clinical perspective or explanations applied until now made things any easier.
However, recently the media have really taken on the mantle of the impact of Covid-19 on cancer and that is now back on the front pages, thanks also to some of our more well know peers such as @ProfKarolSikora while the government needs to catch up and repeat this mantra on TV and social media briefings.
Covid-19 is taking a huge toll on cancer patients, its diagnosis, treatment and screening meaning we are likely to walk headlong into a further, even worse health crisis sooner rather than later while our economy has been greatly self-harmed and lies in a terrible state based on widely varying advice and changing tactics depending on your political and scientific views.
The article linked to above and his regular column in the Sunday Times are well worth a read if you are working in radiotherapy either clinically or commercially or follow on twitter @LukeJohnsonRCP
We do need to be let out now please!
The local Co-Op.
My “shout-out” this month is for the people working in my local small Co-Op store where without proper PPE and with what seems like a “war time spirit” taking precedence over their own health and safety, they always greet me with a smiling face and are always there every day, working on check out, stacking shelves, keeping their social distance where possible in very trying circumstances, monitoring the one-way systems and keeping me supplied with my food and drink.
Without them we would really be in trouble and so while the clap for carers and NHS is well intentioned, let’s virtually clap for our food shop workers who are also on the front line and taking just as many risks to keep us fed. Perhaps some other professions less keen to return to work should take just a little note but I won’t go there.

RadPro TV

What we’re watching. We showcase selected videos of interest to our readers in radiotherapy from our partners.

Superficial Electron Therapy for Skin Cancer - IntraOp

Proton Therapy Has Changed - Mevion

The impact of IntelliMax - Elekta

UK and World News

What we’re reading. Our curated news feed
What we’re reading from partner companies in radiotherapy

DEGRO Joins ASTRO in Affirming Single Treatment Electron IORT for Low-Risk Breast Cancer. Under the new Partial Breast Irradiation Consensus Guidelines, IORT with Electrons as delivered by the Mobetron® is the only single treatment modality affirmed as non-inferior to whole breast irradiation. Read more

How robust service and support helps Australia’s GenesisCare maximize linac clinical availability. Real-time monitoring, a modular maintenance schedule and ongoing learning help busy radiotherapy centers achieve high uptime. Read more

Acquisition of Kaiku Health strengthens Elekta Digital offering with personalized digital health interventions. The Finnish company is best known for its app that monitors patient-reported outcomes, providing intelligent symptom tracking and management for healthcare providers in routine oncology care and studies. Read more

Elekta launches Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning, a cutting-edge solution for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery. Elekta today announced the launch of Leksell Gamma Knife® Lightning, its next-generation treatment optimizer that represents a significant step forward in the already efficient workflows for the integrated Leksell Gamma Knife® stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) system. Read more

What we’re reading in the press and international media, some selected, thought-provoking stories:

Cancer specialists demand urgent meeting with Health Secretary Matt Hancock over 'crazy' NHS decision to ration treatment.
Matt Hancock was plunged into a fresh virus row last night after it emerged thousands of cancer patients were being denied Covid-safe treatments that could save their lives.
The Health Secretary was challenged to act over protests that half of England’s cancer centres were still not routinely providing advanced radiotherapy despite doctors insisting it was the safest way to treat many tumours during the virus crisis.
The ‘stereotactic ablative’ technique (SABR) can spare patients dozens of exhausting hospital visits under traditional methods by delivering vital radiotherapy in as little as three to five sessions – with one lung cancer sufferer even being treated in a ‘breakthrough’ single session last week.
Read more

Radiotherapy is a vital treatment that can reduce unnecessary cancer deaths during the coronavirus pandemic
Radiotherapy provides a clear and immediate solution to government's challenge to prevent cancer deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic, says Tim Farron MP.
A radiotherapy taskforce led by a government minister will save ‘collateral’ cancer lives from the Covid-19 pandemic
Read more.

One-week course of radiotherapy could benefit women with early stage breast cancer, study finds
A one-week course of radiotherapy in fewer but larger daily doses was found to be as safe and effective as standard three-week therapy for women following surgery for early stage breast cancer. The protocol is being eagerly sought by hospitals to help reduce demands on the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read more

How do high radiotherapy dose rates affect implanted cardiac devices?
When a patient with a pacemaker or other type of cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) requires radiotherapy, the treatment plan is designed to avoid direct irradiation of the device, to prevent malfunctioning or even permanent damage
Read more

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