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A “Radiographers life” in Radiotherapy… a monthly Blog by Duncan Hynd
From Lead Glass Windows to
Real Time Motion Management in Radiotherapy.

Sometimes the best ideas are considered too simple!
As discussed in past blogs I have always tried to be creative when it comes to designing products to assist in the day to day running of a busy radiotherapy centre but perhaps my RTrak system was misunderstood!
Pic: Sample CCTV set up

In 1980 when I started as a DCR student at the Middlesex Hospital every megavoltage radiotherapy bunker had a solid lead glass style window (and if I recall Barium based glass too?) that was then the gold standard in checking that the patient was still where you put them! These windows were designed with patient safety in mind even in the 1950s as this article from Mount Vernon below shows when 2 new Megavoltage bunkers were being designed. Read more

“Innovations in Radiotherapy”


Our new leading monthly industry profile of the latest products and services in radiotherapy

This month we feature Imaging Equipment Limited better known as IEL.
We have been focusing on the role of AI in Radiotherapy over the past few months and so are pleased to showcase a new offering available from IEL – MVISION Automating target and organ-at-risk segmentation for radiotherapy using leading edge AI
MVISION – Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging


Artificial intelligence can help you streamline prostate cancer treatment planning

MVision’s new artificial intelligence (AI) contouring software saves your clinic time and resources by reducing the manual work involved in QAR contouring. Our product uses cutting-edge deep learning technology to automatically produce consistent, reliable contours of critical structures in radiotherapy.

Go to the MVISION website

Ready to get started? Contact IEL on or call us on 01761 417402

Pic: MVISION pathway

Want to read more about AI and prostate cancer treatment planning click here to download a brochure

 “Tweets of the Month”

We highlight some of the most popular and interesting tweets of the month from partner companies

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"Question of the month!"

Can you use AI to assist in CCTV surveillance systems and might this assist in Radiotherapy?

Limitations in the ability of humans to vigilantly monitor video surveillance live footage led to the demand for artificial intelligence that could better serve the task. Humans watching a single video monitor for more than twenty minutes lose 95% of their ability to maintain attention sufficient to discern significant events. With two monitors this is cut in half again…and so can impact on patient safety and security in radiotherapy. This is the main reason why the RTrak system was designed that changes a simple CCTV system into an alarm device monitoring unwanted patient motion, you can read more in the August Blog above or by clicking here


Pic: Robot-Cam
Further reading on
AI assisted CCTV here:
Artificial intelligence for video surveillance utilizes computer software programs that analyze the audio and images from video surveillance cameras in order to recognize humans, vehicles, objects and events.
Read more.

"What we’re watching"

e showcase some selected videos of interest to our readers in radiotherapy and those from our partners

  • The best way to quantify MRI 3D geometric distortion watch here.


  • Reduce install and commission time with Elekta's "Accelerated Go Live" program - watch here.


  • Follow the journey of an orthovoltage radiotherapy patient at the Cheltenham General Hospital, UK - watch here.


  • A world of experience - RayStation with machine learning - watch here. 



"What We’re Reading"

Curated News feed

Curated news items from partner companies, organisations and the press/media…
What we’re reading from partner companies in radiotherapy:

  •  Full Range of MR Solutions from IEL endorsed by MR Manufacturers,  read more

  • MRI Linac clinical study, read more.
  • 3# APBI for breast cancer clinical trial, read more
  • New Monte-Carlo dose engine, read here.
  • New Sarrp beamline for proton-photon-carbon and flash research, read more.

  • New reference site in Belgium for PTW, read more.
  • PTW Dosimetry School celebrates 5th Anniversary, read more.


What we’re reading in the Press and International Media, some selected thought-provoking stories:

Two new state of the art RT delivery concepts
Radiotherapy targets tumours precisely - with less damage to healthy cells…using VHEE or very high energy electron beams

A new way of concentrating radiotherapy dose in tumours, while minimising damage to healthy cells, has been proposed in research led by scientists at the University of Strathclyde.
The study proposes that focusing high-energy particle beams on a small spot deep inside the body could potentially enable clinicians to target cancerous tumours
precisely, while reducing the dose to surrounding tissue.
Read more

FLASH radiotherapy: from preclinical promise to the first human treatment

FLASH radiotherapy – it’s the technique that’s got everyone talking. The idea is that delivering radiation at ultrahigh dose rates, roughly 50 Gy/s and above, will vastly reduce normal tissue toxicity while preserving anti-tumour activity.

The premise has been demonstrated in preclinical studies by several research groups and, as delegates at the recent AAPM Annual Meeting heard, the first human treatment has just taken place. A dedicated symposium examining the promise of FLASH saw a ballroom packed full of delegates keen to find out more about this cutting-edge treatment.

Read more

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"Did you know?"   

Our section of interesting facts from our partners

Its ten years ago since the first order of a RayStation treatment planning system!

This summer marks the ten-year anniversary since the first order of the treatment planning system RayStation.

The first customer was the proton center Westdeutsches Protonentherapie-zentrum Essen (WPE) in Germany. Ten years later, RayStation is established at 580 clinics all over the world, of which 55 are particle therapy centres.

In 2022 PTW will celebrate 100 years in the Radiation Dosimetry business!

We will bring you further news and updates from PTW as they lead up to their centenary celebration and so stay connected to RadPro for these!
We will bring you further news and updates from PTW as they lead up to their centenary celebration and so stay connected to RadPro for these!
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