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RadPro 365 News-Zone for March 2019


Welcome to the new-look RadPro 365 Live monthly news-zone for 2019 incorporating the previous e-Lectron e-news and the latest monthly news from our partner companies and organisations in Radiotherapy

New from RadPro
A “Radiographers life” in Radiotherapy… a monthly Blog by Duncan Hynd

The March blog is now online entitled: People buy People first…with highlights of a new job running the mould room at Mount Vernon as the lead radiographer and his subsequent move to a career in the corporate world selling high value radiotherapy equipment and treatment planning systems from Theratronics.
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“Innovations in Radiotherapy”


Our new leading monthly industry profile of the latest products and services in radiotherapy

This month we feature our own RadPro 365 Live international virtual exhibition and congress for radiotherapy.

RadPro 365 Live is an innovative international radiotherapy forum combining a virtual exhibition of the leading radiotherapy company’s products and services along with presentations, posters, papers, webinars/podcasts and videos from radiotherapy professionals worldwide.

Pic: Interactive EXPO map of stands and congress zones

RadPro is now part of Hynd Healthcare and so please contact for more information on participating in our innovation.

Any company or organisation can create their own virtual exhibition stand and any radiotherapy professional can submit clinical data for easy sharing and comment with peers worldwide.

RadPro 365 Live can be accessed from your office, hospital, home and when you are out and about on your mobile phone or tablet and so is a very cost-effective way of attending an exhibition and conference without the expense of travelling or taking time off work and so means that considerably more people can have ready access at any time.

 Why not visit the Virtual Exhibition on RadPro 365 live to see other radiotherapy products and services here

Sample virtual exhibition stand for Hynd Healthcare, these can be built in a matter of minutes and remain online for people to visit at any time. There is no need to dismantle your stand at the end of the show!

 “Tweets of the Month”

We highlight some of the most popular and interesting tweets of the month from partner companies

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"Question of the month!"


Why is a photon a quantised unit of light? Some more interesting bits of quantum mechanics and something to think about when treating your patients, the ethereal properties of our common photon being particle and wave. 

Max Planck postulated that energy was quantized and could be emitted or absorbed only in integral multiples of a small unit of energy, known as a quantum. ... Einstein postulated the existence of what today we call photons, particles of light with a particular energy, E = hν.

The Standard Model of particle physics is the theory describing three of the four known fundamental forces (the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions, and not including the gravitational force) in the universe, as well as classifying all known elementary particles.
In the Standard Model, a force is described as an exchange of bosons between the objects affected, such as a photon for the electromagnetic force and a gluon for the strong interaction.

"What we’re watching"

e showcase some selected videos of interest to our readers in radiotherapy and those from our partners

Imaging Equipment Limited 
  • The Chabner XRT® Radiation Bra
    This provides optimal breast support, patient comfort and dignity, and reproducibility during simulation, planning and radiation treatment. Designed by a female radiation oncologist, the bra can also be used for breast support during other radiologic procedures such as CT, MRI and diagnostic X-rays
    To view click
Imaging Equipment Limited 
  • Body Pro-Lok™ Immobilization & Positioning System
    The Body Pro-Lok™ system provides an easy-to-use modular system for complex SBRT setups. These modular components are indexable to allow for reproducible setup day to day, including bridges, respiratory plate and belt options to help control patient breathing.
    To view click

For more information on the above products contact

"What We’re Reading"

Curated News feed

Curated news items from partner companies, organisations and the press/media…
What we’re reading from partner companies in radiotherapy:


Anderson Regional Cancer Center is the first center in the United States to treat cancer patients using RayStation and the TomoTherapy® Treatment Delivery System
Anderson Regional Cancer Center in Meridian, Mississippi, U.S., has treated its first patient using the combination of RaySearch’s treatment planning system (TPS) RayStation, and Accuray Incorporated’s TomoTherapy® Treatment Delivery System. This is the first-ever treatment in the U.S. using the two innovative technologies.
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ZON-PTC now in clinical use with RayStation 8B and Hyperscan
Zuid-Oost Nederland Protonen Therapie Centrum (ZON-PTC), Maastricht, Netherlands, recently treated its first patient using the combination of the treatment planning system (TPS) RayStation from RaySearch in combination with the Mevion S250i™ Proton Therapy System with Hyperscan®Pencil Beam Scanning.

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The Oklahoma Proton Center, USA, selects RayStation as its treatment planning system
RayStation has been chosen as the treatment planning system by The Oklahoma Proton Center. The center was established in 2009 and had until recently been owned and operated by ProCure. Following an acquisition of the clinic by Allied Health Management (AHM), the new management team has selected RayStation for its treatment planning.

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What we’re reading in the Press and International Media, some selected thought-provoking stories:

Following on from our focus on Therapy Radiographer shortages in the January blog, the RCR have just released news on clinical oncologist shortages too. Go to the end of the blog where you can comment on this or use out facebook and twitter feeds.

Cancer doctor shortage 'puts care at risk'
“There has been a 2x increase in the number of vacant clinical oncologist roles over the last five years”…RCR
A shortage of cancer doctors will hamper the ability of the NHS to provide cutting-edge care, experts are warning.
A Royal College of Radiologists census of 62 major UK cancer centres found more than 7.5% of consultant posts were vacant, with services maintained only by large amounts of overtime.

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A positive update on UK PBT provision from the Daily Mail
Girl, nine, survives her inoperable cancer doctors dismissed as an ear infection after undergoing proton beam therapy in the US
  • Caroline Brown had an earache, weight loss, and lack of energy over four months
  • Then seven, a stage-four tumour was eventually found close to her brain
  • She had proton beam therapy in the US for ten weeks and is fully recovered
  • Game-changing' therapy has just become available to patients on the NHS
A nine-year-old girl with a rare inoperable cancer has been saved by pioneering proton beam therapy in the US.
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"Did you know?"   

Our section of interesting facts from our partners

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth commonest cause of death from cancer in men and women

Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas has a dismal 5-year survival rate of only 4%

At presentation, only 10–20% of patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma have potentially resectable cancers, 40% have locally advanced unresectable tumors, and 40% have metastatic disease.

In the past 10 years, pancreatic cancer rates have increased and it is thought they will continue to increase.

Successful surgical resection is the key prognostic factor

Less than 5% of all cases are referred for radiotherapy

Find out more on the exciting progress of electron based IORT for pancreatic cancer using Mobetron here
Latest news from RadPro- Did you see our blog on Brexit
"The impact of Brexit on Radiotherapy"

You can now comment and interact at the bottom of the page. 

We give Brexit a very brief review from a professional and corporate perspective and provide interesting and relevant professional links to provide some answers.
To read the Brexit blog click here

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