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Edition 14 - June 2016

Call for Class Ambassadors

Over several days in May, 2017 alumni will have the opportunity to stroll along the Cours Mirabeau, revisit the Institute’s buildings, both old and new, rediscover the Marchutz School of Art, reconnect with classmates and professors, attend receptions, seminars, and an evening gala, and explore the markets and Mont Sainte-Victoire.

Prior to the 60th Anniversary Reception, IAU is looking for alumni volunteers to serve as Class Reunion Ambassadors to help bring together their classmates for this special gathering. Please contact with any questions or if you are interested in becoming a class reunion ambassador. 

More information on both alumni events will be forthcoming.

Table of Contents
- Alumni Reception, Montecito
- Faits Divers
- Marchutz Vernissage
- IAU Shares Best Practices
- Alumni Ambassador Profile
- Marchutz Alumna Art Work
- Renovations at IAU, Aix
- June Debonis Retires
- Alumni on J-Terms
- Partnerships & Visits

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IAU President Carl Jubran '92 welcomes alumni from the class of '65-'66 at the alumni reception in Montecito, CA. Left to Right: Dr. Vicki Riskin, Ambassador Frances D. Cook, Dennis Murray, Susan Helling Maertz, Leslie McNamara, and Dr. Jubran.
Alumni Reception in Montecito, CA: April 2016
Dr. Vicki Riskin '65 - '66 with alumnus and trustee Dr. Rudy Alvarez '59 - '60 at the Alumni Reception in Montecito, CA.
This past April, thirty-three alumni and guests attended a reception in Montecito, CA. President Carl Jubran, Dean Leigh Smith, and staff from IAU's San Diego office also attended. The reception was a great success due to our generous hosts Dr. Vicki Riskin '65 - '66 and her spouse David Rintels.

IAU College alumni in the dining room at Birnam Wood Country Club in Montecito, CA.
For information on our Alumni Reception in New York City on Thursday, October 20 as well as IAU's 60th Anniversary in
Aix-en-Provence in May, 2017,
please visit our Alumni Events page.
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Faits Divers
Earlier this year, IAU President Carl Jubran '92 ran into IAU alumnus Taylor Anctil '15, a senior at Hampden-Sydney College, Taylor’s home university in Farmville, VA. 

Professor Muriel Cros took her students to visit an installation of works by artist Arnaud Lapierre at the Hotel Gallifet in the Mazarin quarter of Aix.
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Nicholas Czekaj '15 is biking from North Carolina to San Diego to build houses with Habitat for Humanity and like programs. Read more about his journey here.

Les étudiants du cours FRENCH 202 étudient en contexte au salon de thé "Thé Mandarine" place de l'hôtel de ville! Leçon de communication pour apprendre à réserver une table, commander, et les questions-réponses utiles pour aller au café ou au restaurant "on their own"!
Marchutz Vernissage
Marchutz students with Professors Alan Roberts and John Gasparach
Left to right: O'Neill Cushman '09, Dean Alan Roberts, Emma Bachman '15 - '16, Associate Dean John Gasparach, Wylie Schwartz '16, & Professor Pauline Betrancourt.
The Marchutz Vernissage took place on May 7, 2016. The event serves as a platform for the school's student artists to exhibit their work. The Marchutz School of Fine Arts purchase award was received by Emma Bachman and Wylie Schwartz. The award, was made possible thanks to a donation by alumnus and Trustee Rudy Alvarez '59 - '60.
IAU Shares Best Practices Among International Universities
This past April, IAU President Carl Jubran and College Dean Leigh Smith attended the conference "Managing Universities in Times of Turmoil," hosted by the Association of American International Colleges & Universities Direct Educational Exchange Program (AAICU-DEEP). The meeting was held at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest where 35 university presidents, deans and administrators from 27 institutions convened to discuss key issues facing university leaders such as political unrest, security issues, human resource issues, and to explore a number of collaborative strategies.  The conference focused on issues of Best Practices of higher education institutions with regards to the collaboration and promotion of inter-cultural and international understanding.
"Having the opportunity to share thoughts on standards and Best Practices as well as share ideas on the different ways our institutions respond to turmoil can only improve how IAU provides for its students and staff. It was reassuring to see that much of what we are doing is right and also that there are still things to learn," said Dean Smith. 
The Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU) was founded in 1971 by the Institute for American Universities and the University of Greece as a leadership organization representing American institutions of higher education overseas. The current member colleges and universities are among America's most important cultural and educational assets throughout the world. IAU has been a member of AAICU since 1971. AAICU institutions provide privileged spaces of intellectual interchange, academic freedom and responsibility, where independent learning and democratic values are allowed to flourish. AAICU upholds the highest standards in American higher education, such as English-language instruction, a non-profit business model, liberal arts-inspired curricula, and American regional accreditation.
IAU Alumna Ambassador
Katharine Callahan '15, Boston College
"I struggled to decide whether I wanted to experience a culture I had never known, in Asia for example, or if I wanted to take this opportunity to work on becoming fluent in French. I ultimately realized that I might never again have the chance to immerse myself for months in a culture whose language I spoke, and I couldn't pass up that opportunity. While Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world, I had been warned that it was not that conducive to improving language since most locals speak English there. With all of these conclusions, I ultimately chose to study in Aix-en-Provence, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Aix as a town is friendly, comfortable, and extremely young because there are so many University students, both French and international, studying there. In addition to Aix being a wonderful place to live, IAU also became an incredibly welcoming and stable base for all of its students."
Katharine enjoyed her courses at IAU as well as the small class size which helped her to forge connections with her professors and classmates. "Their diverse experiences and perspectives helped me to learn so much more about a culture that I thought I already understood quite well, which in and of itself demonstrates how a study abroad experience can open your mind even if you think it's already open. I wanted to become an IAU ambassador because while studying at IAU I was exposed not only to the wonders of France and Europe, but more importantly to the wonders of truly experiencing and understanding another culture. I know I was not alone in feeling this way during my program at IAU, and I would love nothing more than to encourage others to have the opportunity to discover their own wonders in Aix!"
Marchutz Alumna Niki Farrell '13 presents her work in the show 'Mon Bec Sucre' at the
Marblehead Arts Association in Marblehead, MA
"I reflect back on my time at Marchutz, realizing that it served as a major growing point in my artistic career. Immersed in a different culture, I cultivated not only an appreciation for stepping out of my comfort zone, but relished in the novelty of discovery. 

Painting in the campagne of Southern France taught me how to unwind to nature's tranquility. Inspired by the studies of the great masters, Cezanne and Van Gogh, I learned how to capture the breath and life of nature. My paintings took a leap of faith and visibly became more cohesive in their concept and techniques. I became interested in capturing that moment in time, as time is fleeting. I gained a specific interest in the architecture in combination with the people of France. Upon my return back to the US, many of my paintings focused on the small alleyways of France that the average person strolls down daily. Quotidian, one may not notice their beauty, which is what I try to bring to light: the beauty of what one may not normally notice.
Saturated in bright hues, I capture not only the memories of my own adventures but the daily life of European culture. When I think back to Marchutz, I realized it spawned a new chapter for my artwork. Marchutz exposed me to not only different scenery and philosophy, but also propelled a sense of self discovery in a the new light of Aix-en-Provence." - Nicole Farrell, Marchutz, Spring 2013
Renovations at IAU, Aix-en-Provence
The latest project for the renovation of the Main Hall in the Centre d’Etude Françaises (La Chapelle, 2 bis, rue du Bon Pasteur) was completed in record time over the winter holidays. A new ceiling was installed and the space now glows after re-painting and cleaning of the stonework. The room was enlarged by knocking down two walls  and  the lighting and  sound system were entirely renovated, thus giving new life to this central part of the 16th century chapel.

Meanwhile at Manning Hall, beautiful oak panels were installed in the entrance hall. The wood echoes the warm color of Pearson Library and unifies the space, offering an impressive entrance area for visitors and students – a shining introduction to IAU College!
June Debonis, IAU Librarian
Retires from IAU After More Than 40 Years
Forty years ago IAU welcomed June Clymer Debonis, a young American who had recently graduated from the Middlebury French master’s program.  June provided a helping hand in many different jobs at IAU - teaching, student housing, but most importantly June has been the pillar of the library.  It will be hard to imagine the library without June.  Her beautiful smile, her impeccable French, her never-ending patience helping IAU students and of course her wealth of knowledge available to all that crossed the library doors made June an exceptional part of IAU.  Dependable, gracious, discreet are a few of the adjectives that have been used over the past years to describe June.  It was June’s warm welcome that greeted thousands and thousands of IAU students’ as they came up the steps of IAU’s main building, 2 bis rue du Bon Pasteur.  With June’s departure, a part of IAU’s memories are leaving with her. After forty years of loyal service, June will be retiring this summer.  She will be greatly missed by students, staff and professors.  All of us at IAU wish her the very best for the future.
 Recently, June sat down and wrote about some of her early memories of the Institute and Aix:
"I remember clearly the day I stepped on a train (overnight from Paris - no TGV then!) to arrive in Aix en- Provence via Marseille the next day. It was cold and grey in the north that February and I will never forget arriving at the Rotonde under an incredible blue sky which set off the soft yellow stone buildings on the Cours Mirabeau to perfection. And that was it - I had to return.
A friend in our graduate program in Paris was an Institute alumnae, and introduced me to Norma Benny and Herbert Maza in the offices at the place de l'Université and so I began to work at the Institute for American Universities in the late 1970's.
The small administrative offices on the second floor was where everything happened. Typewriters clanking away to edit letters of acceptance, bulk mailings to US universities, piles of brochures everywhere, and especially, lots of ideas in the air. A program in Toulon, summer Art in Avignon as well as cooking classes, theater workshops and more. From secretary to assistant registrar then librarian and housing officer at 2 bis I witnessed the transformation of the Institute. I had the privilege of knowing wonderful teachers and administrators: Amos Booth, Monica Maza, Françoise Vatin, David Baker, M. et Mme Visière, Mme Roland, Jacques Chabaud, M. Mathis, Paul Desorgues just to name a few.
Before sandwich shops sprouted all down the rue Gaston de Saporta, I remember students going down the street to the 'Couscous Lady' for lunch and Mme Petit Gas with her famous peanut butter and jelly!
Before email and cell phones, I remember students lining up to use the 'broken' pay phone on the boulevard and running up the stairs as soon as the mail was delivered to see if they had received a letter or package from home.
I cherish these memories and innumerable others, but mostly I cherish the friends and colleagues; the wonderful people at the Institute. And now the future looks brighter than ever, thanks to a group of incredible professors and administrators and so I wish the best of luck to all at IAU College."
A bientot et bonne continuation!!  
Do you have a favorite memory of June and the library? We would love to hear from you as we compile a book of memories to thank June for her time at IAU.
January Term Traveling Seminars
Jeannette Johnson '16 enrolled in IAU's Shakespeare & Theatre Traveling Seminar this past January. Afterwards, she wrote to IAU to express her gratitude for the academic seminar. "I now have a new and much deeper understanding of Shakespeare and his work - and also of the vagaries of the British monarchy which still heads up my country, Australia. I wish to express my thanks to Dr. David Hay and all involved in the preparation and presentation." Check out all of IAU's J Term Programs here.
Updates from the US Office, San Diego, CA
Student Advisor Arianna Zabriskie '13 in the San Diego, CA IAU office

Over the course of the past year, IAU has entered into agreements with several U.S. institutions. These agreements cover student enrollments in IAU’s semester and/or summer programs and include IAU’s faculty-led programs.  The institutions are:
California State University – Fullerton Penn State University
Duke University Rice University
Fitchburg State University Rollins College
Muhlenberg College St. Johns College (New Mexico)
Northern Arizona University San Diego State University
Ohio State University University of Nebraska - Lincoln
In addition, IAU has verbal commitments to enter into partnerships from the following schools:

Augsburg College University of Georgia
Elon University University of Virginia
Kansas State University Washington State University
Pace University  
Site Visits
2016 is shaping up to be a busy year for institutional visits to IAU’s Aix-en-Provence campus.                 The following schools have either already visited IAU or are scheduled to do so before the end of July:
Chapman University Ohio State University
Christopher Newport University Rice University
CU-Boulder San Diego State University
Duke University St. John’s College (NM)
Fairfield University University of California – Davis
Hobart and William Smith Colleges University of Cincinnati
Juniata College University of Georgia
Kansas State University University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign                              
Northern Arizona University University of South Florida
Northern Illinois University Valparaiso University

IAU welcomes visitors from partner institutions and prospective partners throughout the year. 

Dr. Garett Heysel, Assistant Dean of The College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University recently visited IAU’s campus in Aix-en-Provence. Here, he is outside of Manning Hall with Dean of IAU College, Dr. Leigh Smith and below, being shown the reception area in Manning Hall by Alumni Fellow Lexi Amy '11.

IAU President Dr. Carl Jubran, Dean of Admissions Kurt Schick, and members of IAU’s U.S. Office of Admissions have attended several industry conferences this year, including AIEA (Association of International Education Administrators) in Montreal, Canada, the Forum on Education Abroad in Atlanta, GA, and NAFSA (National Association of Foreign Student Admission) in Denver, CO  In addition to providing an opportunity for professional development and networking, these conferences also offer a great venue for IAU to connect with current and prospective partner institutions.  Between these conferences, IAU has met with representatives from nearly 70 U.S. institutions.
Thank you, Jennifer.

IAU would like to thank Dr. Jennifer Ledfors, Alumni Affairs and Development Coordinator, for her work this past year with IAU alumni. Dr. Ledfors has moved on from IAU and we wish her the very best of luck.

Alumni are encouraged to contact the following individuals for any alumni-related questions:
For receptions and events, please contact Yamina Boudellal, Office of the President.
For general alumni inquiries, please contact Kurt Schick, Dean of Admissions.
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