Hey Fitter Nation,

Totally bangin' week at bootcamp this week with some serious strength work now that we are well into February.

If you're new or recently joined Fitter Stronger You then welcome!

There a few things in the diary for this year away from camp which will allow us all to just let our hair down (I know you wouldn't be able to tell but mine's always down).

We have our first social of the year on Friday 29th March in Stony Stratford - simply bring £10 to camp in order to reserve your place and you'll have the tenner returned to you on the night to go towards your food and booze.

We also have a team run at this years Colour Obstacle Rush at Willen Lake on Saturday 1st June.

To find out more and book your tickets simply head over to their page - it should be a fun day out!

Not much in the way of mindfulness this week save for noticing how eating processed food can play havoc with my sleep patterns.

I use it as a reminder that I owe it to myself to eat the way my body actually needs to be fuelled i.e. whole proteins, veggies and small portions of complex carbs.

Good luck to those of you who are charging ahead with the Back Trooper Challenge this month, I know that many of you are 'feeling it' after this first week but remember there's a wonderful prize to be had at the end of the challenge as well as second and third placed prizes.

So keep up the good work!

I've had many conversations with some of you about footwear and how it can benefit you to shell out on a decent pair of trainers.

I've never looked back ever since purchasing my first pair of really epic training shoes that not only fit comfortably on my feet but actually help prevent knee pain from all the sweaty madness we get up to.

Lastly you'll see a small yellow bucket at camp for the next week or two and it's to raise money for Willen Hospice who do some amazing work here in MK looking after those who have a terminal illness as well as the families who have suffered bereavement.

Any spare change down the back of the sofa or in your car would be much appreciated.

Stay healthy

Shout Outs

This week's shout outs go to Laurence and Lisa for helping to tidy the heavier items we've had a bootcamp this week to the car at the end of sessions - it really does help, thanks guys!

In Person

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6.15am to 7.00am - Medbourne Pavilion, MK5 6LS
8.00pm to 8.45pm - Whitehouse Primary School, MK8 1AG

6.15am to 7.00am - Medbourne Pavilion, MK5 6LS
8.00pm to 8.45pm - Whitehouse Primary School, MK8 1AG

8.00pm to 8.45pm - Whitehouse Primary School, MK8 1AG

6.15am to 7.00am - Medbourne Pavilion, MK5 6LS

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Great atmosphere. David keeps us going with fun encouragement! Definitely recommend and looking forward to next week's sessions!

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Great classes, always different and very motivating and fun!

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