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Just wrapped another busy work week. Focused on final draft of HOLE IN THE WORLD during the day, and in the evening, when it was nice out, worked on the new office and podcast studio. The evenings in which the weather was shit, I spent working on CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ.

Mary asked...nay, commanded...that I take the weekend off, so I did, and I'm glad I listened to her. On Saturday, we took a trip to the ghost town of Centralia. I've written at length about Centralia and our trips there, and the fascination we have with the place. You can read all about that in my book UNSAFE SPACES (the hardcover is long sold out. A digital and paperback version will be released later this spring). Suffice to say, we've gone there every year for the last six years. It's amazing to see how nature has reclaimed the place over that time.

After a day spent exploring Centralia (and don't let the online travelogues fool you -- there is a lot more there to see than just the graffiti highway, but you have to actually get out in the woods and fucking discover it) we met up with Chet Williamson and his wife for a lovely dinner. Chet told me how much fun he's been having narrating the Levi Stoltzfus audiobooks. He previously narrated THE COMPLEX and DARK HOLLOW, both of which you can buy here. His version of GHOST WALK should be on sale any time now -- just waiting on Audible. And he's currently recording A GATHERING OF CROWS. Chet said he liked voicing the revenants from Crows, but they hurt his throat after a while. So, when that audiobook comes out, make sure you thank him.

Today, we met up with Weston Ochse, who was in town on business. Had a few drinks and some wonderful coal fired pizza, and hung out and talked for a long time. Here's a pic of us below. No, we are not grumpy. We are full of pizza and in need of a nap.

Sometimes, it is good to take a break. But now I am antsy and anxious to start working again, so that's what I'm going to do as soon as this is finished.
That's it for this week. A few reminders:

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Take care.
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