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Sept 16 🌍⌨💬 The Language Issue

It's been freshers' week and we're all back to school, thinking about language and its restless, tangled, recalcitrant sort of nature. No talking in the back...
The English language will literally not sit still

This short podcast from NPR chats with linguist and author John McWhorter on those little wrinkles in language where words have changed over time. Did you know 'silly' used to mean 'blessed'?
Improve your writing in two minutes with these tips

Digital marketer Josh Spector reminds us that at the end of the day it it is preferable to cut out all the waffle that is extraneous to your point.
Do we make better moral decisions speaking a foreign language?

Recent research has shown that considering moral problems in a language other than our own will produce different results.  
Why sad memes are the ones that live on

Hannah Ewens on the language of internet jokes and why it's the sad ones that stick [RIP Harambe 1999—2016]
Scientists have recorded an actual dolphin conversation

The dolphin chat was overheard on porpoise.
'YOLO!' Oxford English Dictionary lives life on the edge with new entries

On the list of new additions to the OED this year, 'YOLO'. Is yolo another example of a contronym, a word with too opposite meanings? Though a shorthand for 'you only live once', the word is often used to justify reckless and impulsive behaviour. 
Lux Disrupt Trailer
Spaces are filling up for our next Rise event on Sept 22, Lux Disrupt. Over coffee and croissants we will be presenting the future of luxury and premium. And yes, it's totally free.
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