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Issue 2, 28 July 2016.

Welcome to second edition of the Connections Project email update. There has been a lot of work in the reset and community engagement areas of the project, not to mention our construction staff who have been out in the winter weather getting on with job of delivering infrastructure. 

This edition highlights these stories. If you know someone who would be interested in the content of this update please pass it on. 

Part of the 26 kilometres of pipeline that will be laid in the 2016 Winter Works Program.

Message from the Project Director

This week we released the Community Consultation Report. This report has been compiled by consultant Tim Cummins and Associates following a series of community consultation sessions in June.

It provides a summary of feedback received from landowners at consultation sessions on the four delivery options for the project reset.

The report shows that landowners clearly supported option 4 as a delivery model. 

Option 4 is a fit-for-purpose approach that has been identified as the best option to deliver improved consultation with customers and greater use of local knowledge.

Option 4 differs from options one, two and three in that it involves developing a tailored solution for each individual channel within the GMID. It is a mix of all options applied at the channel-level, based on each channel’s condition and attributes.

The report will inform our project reset planning activities.

I am committed to continuing conversations with landowners and communities as we work towards incorporating the feedback into the reset planning process.

You can continue to send me your feedback and ideas to

Frank Fisseler

Swan Hill Modernisation Project Update

Aerial View of works at the Little Murray Weir

Works are taking place at a number of sites along the Little Murray River this winter, to improve water quality, replace ageing infrastructure and secure water supply for people who pump water out of the river. These works are a part of the Swan Hill Modernisation Project.

New construction and upgrades include:
  • New and improved pump stations
  • Lowering the Little Murray Weir
  • Lowering the level of the Little Murray River
  • Installing fish passages
  • A new weir gate at Fish Point Weir

More information on the Swan Hill Modernisation Project can be found on our website

Winter Works Wrap Up

Connections Project End to End Project Manager Ian Wright inspects a new dual bay regulator.

The Connections Project 2016 winter works program is almost complete and final construction is taking place in time for the start of the irrigation season.

Connections Project staff and contractors have been working hard across the Goulburn-Murray Water Irrigation District to carry out the 2016 program that is worth more than $45 million.
This year, works have included up to 20 kilometres  of channel remediation at high loss sites, up to 26 kilometres of pipelines installed, channel automation at 45 sites, special project work at Box Creek Weir and the Swan Hill, an ongoing meters installation program and various decommissioning works.
Connections Project Construction Manager Mark Poole said weather had impacted progress this season but the majority of works would be finished by the August 15 deadline.
“I’m really pleased with the roll out of this year’s program of works. We have been working closely with landowners in the district to ensure there is no disruption to their water supply.”

Five minutes with the Chair of the Connections Project Stakeholder Committee.

Richard Anderson talks to us about his role in the Connections Project Stakeholder Committee.

What is your role as the Chair of the Connections Project Stakeholder Committee?
I am responsible for the overall management and logistics of committee meetings and agendas.

This committee is about giving members the opportunity to discuss first hand, the issues and challenges the local community and industry are facing as part of the Connections Project reset, with the Project Director, Frank Fisseler and his team,

Why is the Stakeholder Committee such an important part of the reset of the Connections Project?
The committee has a very important role to play in providing ‘frank and fearless’ advice to the Project Control Group (PCG) and Frank. This advice covers policy and practical advice related to modernising Northern Victoria’s irrigation infrastructure.  

Specifically, members have been providing advice to the PCG on matters relating to landowner, stakeholder and community engagement including:
•    The structure of the recent community consultation process.
•    Strategic issues and feedback about the implementation of the Connections Project reset.
•    Issues referred to us by the PCG.

Who are the members of the Committee? 
The committee has 14 members that represent the water services committees, local government, industry, catchment management authorities and the community. 

What is something that the local community may not know about the Connections Project?
Over the past few months, I have observed first hand the challenges Frank and his team have faced in turning this project around.

They have had to make some tough decisions, and rightly so. The are being held to account by a range of stakeholders including this committee. 

There is a genuine mandate from the top to see the project succeed and while I know it’s not perfect, there are people working around the clock to see this reset phase succeed. I’d encourage local communities to remain optimistic and patient as Frank and the team work to finalise the reset activities. 

Where can people go to get more information about the Stakeholder Committee?
You can speak to one of the members directly, or visit the Connections Project website.

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