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November 2022

At Amsterdam Science Park, 2022 has been a year of unprecedented growth. For companies and researchers at the park, working together in ground-breaking ways is becoming the norm, and the opening of new buildings Matrix ONE and LAB42 provide new venues for collaboration. The park is a vibrant home not only to AI/Digital Innovation and Sustainability, but also Life Sciences & (e)Health – this was apparent during a recent dinner with companies, entrepreneurs and scientists, where new ideas were discussed and seeds for budding collaborations were planted. This was just one of many recent events and opportunities for new companies to make contacts, ranging from a Business Club to CEO lunches.

I’m honoured that the Amsterdam Science Park community is upholding our proud tradition of defining the future and I look forward to all the new discoveries and developments – innovations that have a direct impact on our everyday lives. 

Leo Le Duc  |  Director Science & Business at Amsterdam Science Park

News from the park

The heart of talent development in AI and digital innovation

“The time when entrepreneurs, researchers and students worked in separate silos on their own tasks is over,” says Maarten de Rijke, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval. “In the field of digital innovation and AI interaction is essential.” As a new venue for knowledge sharing and fresh ideas, the international hub LAB42 opened in September. Read more >>

Take the tour

Want to stay ahead of the pack? Looking to optimise your R&D and find collaborators? Our interactive tour will show you why Amsterdam Science Park is the place to be: an ecosystem of bright young minds, pioneering researchers and innovative entrepreneurs. The park offers endless opportunities to connect, collaborate and transform your project. Explore the park now >>

Matrix ONE opens its doors

The multi-tenant, multi-function Matrix ONE building, home to SustainaLab, recently opened its doors. This space encourages interaction between researchers and businesses with a focus on sustainability and AI technology. Matrix ONE will accelerate the search for solutions in these fields by facilitating knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Read more >>

Explore the ecosystem

Some of the world’s most ground-breaking science is happening in the heart of Amsterdam. At Amsterdam Science Park, we connect highly innovative companies with emerging talents and cutting-edge scientists. Watch our animations to see how the park is fostering innovation and collaboration in sustainability and data science & AI >>

Connecting Boundless Minds

Adventurous entrepreneurs, motivated students and cutting-edge scientists tell inspiring stories about their work and environment, in which collaboration is key.

Femmie Geradts (Startup Village)

Knowledge knows no borders at Amsterdam Science Park – a place to connect, collaborate, innovate and solve contemporary challenges. Femmie Geradts is statutory director of the park’s Startup Village, an AI and quantum computing hub and a welcoming home to businesses seeking a dynamic environment to stimulate growth.
Watch more stories of other 'Boundless Minds' from the Amsterdam Science Park >>

Science & Business Meet Ups

Pioneering (e)Health projects

What resources are needed for innovation, and how do we make the best use of what we have? Leading scientists and entrepreneurs shared ideas and exchanged views about new healthcare projects and how technology is saving lives. Curious about what the Life Sciences & (e)Health ecosystem at Amsterdam Science Park has to offer your company? Find out more here >>

How to ready your company for a sustainable future

No business can ignore the urgent need for sustainability, and partnerships between science and industry are bringing new innovations every day. Amsterdam Science Park is home to impressive pioneers in diverse areas, from the energy transition to sustainable plastics, and from circularity to biodiversity. Key players from the park got together earlier this year to present the latest developments in sustainability. Watch our video >>

 Upcoming Events

Nov. 23th | ADS Drinks & Data: Machine Learning & Recommendation Systems
Experts talk about recommendation systems. Sign up >>
Nov. 24th | Masterclass: Introduction to Quantum Computing
Designed for professionals working for businesses or governments, and who need to be aware and well-informed of new innovations in IT, security and network technology. Sign up >>
Feb. 9th 2023 | CWI in bedrijf (save the date)
Matchmaking and networking event about the role of digitalization in the energy sector, and the role of mathematical modelling in the energy transition. Read more >>


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