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Love ~ Invest ~ Victory ~ Encourage
December 2018 Issue
Happy 3 Year Anniversary to "I Choose to L.I.V.E."

On December 6, 2015, I received my first order of "I Choose to L.I.V.E." books and began to work on my vision as a published author. To everyone, thank you for joining me and helping to make my L.I.V.E. Club a reality. I admit that this journey is far from easy and not exempt from obstacles along the way, but I implore you to try to L.I.V.E. Daily!
~ Dr. Saunya

The Journey

From "F-bomb You" To "F-balm You"

The F-bomb refers to the four-letter word that begins with the letter “f” and is commonly used by a person to express an undesirable reaction. For example, the feeling of anger, frustration, contempt, or heartbreak are some triggers that may cause a person to use the unfavorable term toward something or someone. Some people may feel the term is warranted at the point of being fed up with an improbable situation or a very controversial debate. In the past, I was quick to conclude several of my discussions with a piercing F-bomb you! I did not give my word selection a second thought because I believed that the expression was vital to my closing statement to avoid any confusion and potential reiteration.
From the age of 10 - 15, I lived in a home that was infested with physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. The constant cruelty caused me to harbor enormous shame and to develop a calloused heart. Since my years of suffering abuse were completely ignored, I grew into adulthood feeling polluted and worthless. My personal motto became F-bomb everybody because I decided that I needed to be an army of one to survive the many battles along my path. I was so emotionally fragmented, but I was also in so much denial at the same time that I self-medicated by being unforgiving and thoughtless. To me, my hardness and allegiance to dropping the F-bomb formed a wall of protection that prevented me from becoming vulnerable to more detriment in my life. 
In 2012, I realized the depth of my brokenness while battling severe depression. After self-examination, I discovered that my long-term strategy for blocking my vulnerability had also been blocking my victory. My desire to reconnect with God guided my creation of 
L.I.V.E. as an acronym to represent Love, Invest, Victory, and Encourage. To start, I assigned Psalm 139:14 and 2 Corinthians 4:16 to the topic of Love and opened up to give God the opportunity to work through me. By way of forgiveness, God gave me a balm that delivered me from decades of emotional bondage and liberated my soul. The powerful experience inspired me to coin F-balm as an expression that meant forgive. I declared F-balm you and was overcome by the healing power of forgiveness. By shifting my allegiance to the F-balm, I demoted the victim and promoted the victor in me. Subsequently in 2015, I published my book titled “I Choose to L.I.V.E.” and provided key steps to support living life beyond a mask.
Trust me, the choice to harbor ill will toward another person will hinder you a lot more than you realize. While forgiveness may seem like an impossible assignment in some cases, forgiveness is essential to enable progression in all cases. You need to understand that you will encounter stagnation as long as you give painful feelings like hatred and bitterness permission to consume you. Therefore, you have to decide what and who will be permitted to have occupancy in your life. The F-balm is not about how to forget your pain ever existed, but the F-balm is about how to release you from residing in the trenches of your pain. 

The L.I.V.E. Commitment is applicable to any man or woman because we all face challenging situations that are unsolicited or unfair. I understand all too well the anguish of a plight that appears to be a permanent and insurmountable obstacle. More importantly, I also know the amazing reward of liberation that comes from letting go and letting God. When you are ready to transition from a place of hurting to a place of healing, I encourage you to exercise the F-balm and experience the awesome move of God in your situation...L.I.V.E.

Be Blessed and L.I.V.E.!
Dr. Saunya

I Choose to L.I.V.E. is a true testament to the healing power of forgiveness and God. Along with other topics, readers will learn how to love from a front-row seat, and how to use divine GPS for guidance. The book is engaging and speaks to anyone that has ever felt constrained or defeated by their own personal struggle. The book is available for purchase at 3G Publishing, Inc., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or directly from Dr. Saunya.
I Choose to L.I.V.E. - Embracing the Real Me
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Submitted by Trudy Williams
In August 2003, I had a massive stroke at home on a Sunday morning and was found the next day because I failed to show up for work. I laid in the hospital on the verge of entering into a coma. My doctor stated that I needed to have surgery on my brain in order to relieve the significant amount of pressure. At that time, I was against the operation and instructed my doctor to not perform the surgery. A few days later, my doctor reported that I no longer needed to have surgery on my brain. But, God!
While I did survive the stroke, my doctor was confident that I would never walk or talk again. I was forced to take an early retirement from my job and had to move in with my Godparents. I went through several months of therapy at multiple sites because I was determined to regain my independence. My trust was completely in God, and I believed that He was going to turn the situation around for my good. 

After two years, I shocked my doctor and was able to move back into my home. But, God! I did not need to be placed in a nursing home, which was my doctor's original recommendation. Since 2005, I have been living alone and taking care of myself. I talk to my Godparents every day and am so thankful for their unconditional love and encouragement. 

I give God praise for every morning that I wake up and study the Word before I start my day. I know that my stroke could have killed me, but I had the “twins” also known as Grace and Mercy on my side. I lost the ability to play the piano years ago, but one of my favorite songs is “God Will Take Care of You” by Le’Andria Johnson. Click
 here to listen to the song. In closing, we must all remember to keep God first and to always P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)!
L.I.V.E. with Dr. Saunya
Unfortunately, far too many people hide behind a mask and reside in some form of emotional bondage. Dr. Saunya understands that a personal struggle, like shame or unforgiveness, can cause a person to dwell in bondage without realization. She offers a variety of services that are based on self-examination, self-liberation, and self-restoration. Thus, the services are designed to inspire you and to help you recognize your own path to L.I.V.E. on purpose.
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Mime Ministry
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Workshop
Services start at $125 and custom packages are available.

Ready to get started? Click here for booking events, scheduling appointments, or submitting comments.
The Radio Show
In the past, Dr. Saunya also hosted a radio show called "Family Talk Wednesday" and covered a range of thought-provoking topics. Each week, she and her guests shared different perspectives and ignited several debates that left a memorable impression. Below, click on either link to replay the show.
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Shack Up or Shed Down
Marriage Prenup: Yay or Nay? Part 2
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