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L.I.V.E. Daily!
Love ~ Invest ~ Victory ~ Encourage
April 2019 Issue
On December 6, 2015, I received my first order of "I Choose to L.I.V.E. - Embracing The Real Me" books and began to work on my vision as a published author. My dream has been to create more than just an acronym, but a movement. I admit that this journey is far from easy, but I encourage you to find the joy in your journey and to try to L.I.V.E. Daily!

~ Dr. Saunya

The Journey

L.I.V.E. Through It!

On March 30, 2019, I had the awesome opportunity to serve as a keynote speaker at The “Why You?” Initiative, Inc., [YU?] Confab 2019. In 2011, Dr. Renaldo C. Blocker and Dr. Antonio M. Daniels founded the nonprofit organization to empower the success of high school students through young professionals by effectively delivering support using technological along with traditional mediums. With enormous success year after year, [YU?] has targeted socially and economically disadvantaged communities and has impacted students as well as young professionals across the nation. The [YU?] Confab provides an opportunity for participants to be exposed to a variety of activities that includes panel discussions, cutting-edge presentations, educational tours, personal and professional development, and thought-provoking workshops.

The theme was "Hope In The Hard" so I shared some of my experiences. If you have read my book or have heard my story, then you know I understand all too well the anguish of a plight that appears to be a permanent situation. Even right now as I finalize this edition of my newsletter, I am in the midst of a very hard place. My situation definitely hurts at times, but I must keep going and trusting God. With God on my side, I remind myself that I am not exempt from having the challenges, but I am equipped to overcome the challenges. Despite what the situation looks like, I will
L.I.V.E. Through It!

Be Blessed and L.I.V.E.!
Dr. Saunya

L.I.V.E. Through It!
[YU?] Confab 2019
I Choose to L.I.V.E. is a true testament to the healing power of forgiveness and God. Along with other topics, readers will learn how to love from a front-row seat, and how to use divine GPS for guidance. The book is engaging and speaks to anyone that has ever felt constrained or defeated by their own personal struggle. The book is available for purchase at 3G Publishing, Inc., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or directly from Dr. Saunya. In addition, all specialty items such as the L.I.V.E. magnet or L.I.V.E. bookmark can only be purchased by contacting Dr. Saunya. 
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"I" written by Evangelist Dr. Sonoma Suggs
I, I, I, I cry
And sometimes I know why
I allowed life to take me down
Spent most of my time wearing a frown
Thought at times, I was doing my best
But did I really take the time to INVEST

In my life while hiding behind a mask
That hid my incompetence to do what was asked
I refused to believe that I could enjoy sweet rest
Because all I faced was another test
I carried the garbage that stifled me
But one small investment made me free
Free to soar to climb above
Unforgiveness and bitterness through my Jesus’ love
I am somebody…that is God’s will
To attain beyond the things I feel
One simple decision turned my life around
Emptied out the garbage that had me bound
Today, I declare that I will INVEST
In this life I have been given because I am Blessed!
L.I.V.E. with Dr. Saunya
Unfortunately, far too many people hide behind a mask and reside in some form of emotional bondage. Dr. Saunya understands that a personal struggle, like shame or unforgiveness, can cause a person to dwell in bondage without realization. She offers a variety of services that are based on self-examination, self-liberation, and self-restoration. Thus, the services are designed to inspire you and to help you recognize your own path to L.I.V.E. on purpose.
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Mime Ministry
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Workshop
Services start at $125 and custom packages are available.

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The Radio Show
In the past, Dr. Saunya also hosted a radio show called "Family Talk Wednesday" and covered a range of thought-provoking topics. Each week, she and her guests shared different perspectives and ignited several debates that left a memorable impression. Below, click on either link to replay the show.
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Shack Up or Shed Down
Marriage Prenup: Yay or Nay? Part 2
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