Dear friends and colleagues,

I wish all of you and your families a healthy, joyful, and successful 2019!

Please share in my excitement about the establishment of our 3rd Ondamed company located in Africa, besides our companies in Germany and the U.S.:

Ondamed Nigeria Limited, Daiwaki, Abuja FCT

The past 6 months have taken me to West Africa, in particular Nigeria. Most of us have heard much about the unwanted side of this country’s scams. In thus, I wanted to find out more about this place for myself by meeting the people. I traveled to historic Enugu and to Abuja which is Nigeria’s main capital. Did you know that Abuja is one of the fastest growing cities on the planet (Ref: Oct.26, 2018)? Nigeria, a developing nation and not 3rd world nation, has a population of close to 200 Million people today and is supposed to outgrow the U.S. population by 2050. Nigeria is a rich country, being the 6th largest oil producing country in the world, yet has to overcome many challenges to meet its population’s needs.

I was surprised when I arrived. Nothing prepared me for this part of the world. I came without expectations and was shocked by how different this place is. The earth has a unique vibration I have found nowhere else in my many travels around the world. This is not just another continent, but you find yourself in the middle of a different planet. Not much information is available in the “West”, and there is little coverage in our education, upbringing, or in the media about this amazing continent which some call “the navel of our earth”. Recent archeological findings of stone tools point to civilizations more than 1.7 Million years ago.

Anywhere I was in public I was welcome with a big smile and with a “You are Welcome”, as they say here.  I only found friendly, sweet people with big open hearts. All of whom speak English. They grow up bilingual and all of their education is in English. There is music everywhere; music is an integral part of everyone’s life. No matter where you go, Afro Pop music is playing in the pharmacies, at the auto mechanics, and the colorful markets offering an abundance of farm fresh and organically grown fruit, vegetables, and so much more.

Truthfully, I was in a pleasant state of shock. For the first time in my life, I felt an amazing vibration from the people, earth, and animals which all live together in this harmonious way, which I find hard to describe. I have never felt as human or connected to our earth or humans as I have been feeling living in Abuja for weeks at a time. Even though you walk through villages which are clearly quite poor, people live together and seem far from having nothing, yet having so much. Life is raw and intense with its powerful beauty, nature, vast space, and pureness. This country has incredible resources and agriculture and its power is its people with an incredible human potential due to people’s love, understanding, an inner and outer connectedness and wisdom I have not found in other cultures before. I am starting to rediscover myself and the deep joy I feel in connecting to this culture’s soul. It feels as if I have been missing it all my life without knowing it even exists.

Explaining the ONDAMED concept to local physicians reaches exciting and embracing brains. They immediately understand the significance of impacting biology by applying focused electromagnetic fields tapping into cellular communication pathways. It makes sense to them and also to patients.
Although I was not planning on it, but within a few weeks of being in Abuja, I was offered a lovely practice room, nestled on top of a rock surrounded by incredible nature overlooking Abuja. I was taken by surprise by this very kind offer and accepted. Patients arrived on the first day my practice opened. From the little experience I have had so far, I am observing that people here react to treatment so much faster than in other countries. I experienced that a 1-hour treatment was enough to reduce people’s pains and symptoms from which they had been suffering for many years. How is this possible? As I said, these beautiful people here resonate on a different vibration. Most of them do not take pharmaceutical medications since they prefer natural treatment. They are less toxic and most of them eat well, without sugar, wheat as we know it, or milk in their diet. Locally grown foods come from rich soil without costly insecticides or pesticides. Even at my visit to the Department of Health of Nigeria, I was surprised to see a banner educating people about different natural forms of medicine including those from Africa, China, and India.

I could write many more pages about my experience here in Africa, the 2nd largest continent on earth. Things are falling into place very quickly; it seems to me that being at this place at this time is in alignment with where we are supposed to be!

With love,

Silvia Binder N.D., Ph.D.
CEO of the Ondamed Companies &
Founder of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine

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