March 21, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
This is round 2 of our invitation to share with us your “Top Question about ONDAMED”.

Hello Silvia,
I wanted to pass on something to you.
There is a Dr. here in US, Dr. Jack Kruse, well known for his views on nutrition, sunlight, grounding and EMF.
He claims that PEMF devices are giving off Radio Frequency waves and are detrimental to people’s health over the long run.
I am curious if you have heard this claim, or how you would respond?
Do PEMF devices radiate RF waves?  If not, can it be easily proven by use of some meters set in the near field of the ONDAMED device to prove this?

Daniel Kane, California


Thank you, Daniel. Good question.

Dr. Kruse’s opinion on PEMF devices giving off Radio Frequency waves and its negative effect on biology is partly correct.
This is a 2-fold issue. Let’s start with his opinion of PEMF devices which give off radio frequency waves.

There are different types of PEMF devices; those that emit radio frequencies and those that emit single pulsed electromagnetic fields. The difference is that radio frequencies are high frequencies (1-100 MHz) applied in blocks. This may be hard to understand at first. During stimulation with radio frequencies, a 10 Hz frequency application means that blocks of high frequencies are applied in a repetition of 10 times per second.  In other words, it does not mean that 10 Hz are applied, but in increments of 10 times per second, blocks of one high radio frequency is applied. Treatment with radio frequencies is transferring energy, such as creating heat in tissue, and can be harmful to our biology. Think of an inflamed tissue, where there is stress and increased heat. You would not want to add more heat to inflamed tissue, which potentially may cause more inflammation, dysfunction, or pain. Radio frequencies can be contra-productive to what our biology would need in order to heal inflamed tissue. There are situations where radio frequencies may benefit our biology; when used short term to irritate tissue as is done to induce a local fever or to disrupt nerve conduction or for use in aesthetics.

Looking at devices using pulsed electromagnetic fields, the mechanism of action is single pulses with repetition rates of mainly up to 1000 Hz and without using blocks. The high frequency block induces heat and energy while the repetition of single pulses induces micro-currents within tissue, thereby creating movement in and around cells. In comparison to radio frequencies, if 10 Hz are used, then a repetition of 10 single impulses is applied; and not blocks of high frequencies.

As you can see, there is a huge difference between those two types of PEMF applications.

Now let us explain the uniqueness of ONDAMED’s PEMF application.

This device uses single impulses and allows personalizing frequency selections most significant to the patient’s need for tissue repair and regeneration. Further, its specialized applicators are designed for targeted stimulation affecting local tissue.
ONDAMED’s single pulses have the potential to disrupt stagnation including edema, growths, scars, adhesions, infections, inflammation, sclerosis, and other metabolic dysfunctions.
Emotional unresolved shock or trauma stored as cellular memory can also be a disruption for healthy physiology.
Stimulating with focused fields in a targeted area which is found with help of the patient’s autonomic response evokes release of such memory if and when the patient is ready to face it.
This emotional release can be a game changer for treating chronic disease.

There is significant difference even between PEMF devices and it may be confusing for you to fully understand the importance of such difference. Just imagine a simple PEMF mat and ONDAMED; 2 different worlds! The ONDAMED enables you to:

1. Localize AND stimulate dysfunctional tissue
2. Personalize frequencies needed by the patient
3. Use 4 treatment modules giving you diagnostic information as to the             
    correlation between frequencies and
  • Organs/organ systems
  • Indications
  • Pathogenes
  • Nutritional assimilation
In our Indications Module, we offer programs to help reduce the negative biological effects caused by different types of radiation. This is not a new topic for us. Stimulation reducing harmful radiation effects has been an integral part of ONDAMED for 25 years.
Please let me know if you have additional questions about this or other topics.
Be well, much love,

Dr. Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D.
Founder and President
The Binder Institute For Personalized Medicine
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