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Have you seen patients suffering from the discomfort and pain of hemorrhoids? Often our patients are ashamed and would not even mention their complaints. When we scroll through ONDAMED’s programs, the patient’s pulse biofeedback would react to program 137 “Vascular Tissue/Hemorrhoids”, allowing us to ask the patient if they have any such problem. Let me share a patient case I recently treated:
Female, 42, complaining of pain in her anus region when she moves and when she is sitting down due to a 50mm large hemorrhoid extruding from her anus. No history of hemorrhoids.
I applied program 137 “Vascular Tissue/Hemorrhoid”. This program’s pre-set time is 9.10 minutes and there are 3 frequency pairs offered:
Frequencies 0.52Hz and 0.62Hz
Frequencies 0.11Hz and 1.41Hz
Frequencies 1.37Hz and 0.44Hz
I placed the applicators as follows:
  1. 10” MA4 applicator underneath her anus (she was sitting on it)
  2. Neck Applicator on her neck
  3. Hand Applicator switching between liver and small intestines (reaction areas)
I extended the program time to 30 minutes.
Patient returned next day. Her pain was less and I applied the same program for 30 minutes.
The next day, the patient called to tell me how excited she was. She can no longer feel the hemorrhoid and all her pain was gone.
In only two 30-minute ONDAMED Sessions, she was symptom free and still is today. No other remedies were used.
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Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D.
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