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NEW Passenger Sneeze Guards, Driver Barrier Solutions 🤧

If you missed our last email about driver barriers, then you won’t want to skip over this new product addition. 

Our driver’s protection barriers are designed to help prevent the spread of germs and have the proper materials and strength to handle transit applications — and now you can buy Freedman’s Passenger Protective Equipment (PPE) Sneeze Guards directly through Schetky Bus & Van Sales. 

Having another passenger’s sneeze, cough or spit on the back of your neck is never ideal — especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Adding Freedman Sneeze Guards to your bus can help protect passengers from sneezes, coughs, droplets and other airborne germs.


Additional PPE Info
  • Made from soft, clear vinyl
    • Replaceable
    • Easy to clean
  • UV and mildew resistant
  • Flexible material does not create a laceration hazard or hard impact surface.
  • Includes high visibility “DO NOT TOUCH” sticker.
  • Easy to replace, yet not removable by riders.
  • Does not inhibit the use of most grab handles and the 202A headrest
  • Extra hardware, including grab rails, available to purchase.


The competitor's driver barriers typically consist of a single, large piece of plexiglass that will swing too wide when opening, will rattle the entirety of a route and might not meet FMVSS, DOT or NHTSA regulations. The jury is out.

At Schetky, we have spent considerable time developing this barrier and have even had NHTSA review it for compliance. We are proud to show off our new driver barrier product, built to serve the common needs we have seen in the industry. Below are photos and descriptions.


We are currently taking pre-orders due to high demand

Additional Barrier Info
  • Working, real product in actual customer's vehicles. Customizable for quantity orders.  We understand transit.

  • Reinforced, aluminum framed and braced for far less vibration and noise than competitor's designs. All attachments that touch the polycarbonate barrier are mounted in rubber. This was a major concern of transit agencies and unions alike.

  • 1/4" AS4 Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate - DOT and NHTSA-approved for driver's cockpit area. Photos show the first-generation product, all production going forward will include upgraded AS4. AS4 should be etched with a DOT number. Ours is!

  • Adjustable for 3-Step and 4-Step entry.

  • Sturdy door latches close and easily open so the driver can step out with ease. Competitor's designs are single large doors that inhibit the driver's ability to access the rear of the bus.

  • Sold in an easy to install kit that is modifiable and shipped to you per your vehicle's dimensions. If interested, we will ship you a proprietary measuring tool to help determine sizes for a proper fit. Components easily connect to current stanchions and rails, with options to fit any bus.

  • Sealed hydraulic commercial grade hinges.

  • Natural line-of-sight visibility that doesn’t block mirrors or curb view window.

Door Closed: View from entry stepwell. Panel trim and braces added to combat other designs’ common vibration issues.

Door Open: View from entry stepwell. Door design allows for driver to step out of the driver's cockpit without needing to walk around a large single door, as in other designs.

Full Assembly: View from the passenger area with the door closed.

Full Assembly: View from the passenger area with the door open.

Driver's Door Open: View from the driver's door to the passenger entry door.

Door Closed: Looking toward the passenger entry door.

Bottom of Barrier Door: U-Hoop at right-hand entry stanchion. The assembly can be moved upward to accommodate a 4-step entry.

View from the driver's seat of the overhead mirror, looking through the barrier.

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