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Your Arctic destination, Swedish Lapland, is an international destination for all seasons. As one of only seven places in the world where you can experience the Arctic, Swedish Lapland is probably your most convenient gateway. Here you are invited to participate in our everyday arctic life and way of living. Close to nature, respecting it, and existing with it, with all those beautiful things around us, this is a fantastic place to discover. Either for incentive or meetings. Under midnight sun and northern lights.

Visitors frequently tell us that Swedish Lapland is a place beyond thought, a place full of wonderful discoveries. Who knows, it may be here that you get the insight and inspiration that develops into a fresh idea and completely new business opportunities for you and your company.
Camp Ripan's tasty sustainability
At Camp Ripan we always think and work with sustainability. In our day to day operations that is a priority. New for this year, since April 2019, is that we are running one of the most environmentally friendly kitchens in Sweden. A kitchen that opens up a whole new opportunity for us to focus more on our food philosophy, while at the same time making sure we do our best to preserve the beautiful environment we have in the Arctic region. With new technology in ventilation and heat reduction as well as cooling the kitchen reduces energy and at the same time helps to heat the camp itself. Organic leftovers and spill will be composted to make new fertilizing for our future greenhouse.

Our guests can rest assured that they will receive not only a great insight into our local food, flavors and textures but also feel like they are making a sustainable choice while staying at Camp Ripan. This will also open up new possibilities to work with exciting events, cooking classes and storytelling.

Read more about Camp Ripan:
ICEHOTEL – Celebrating 30 years
World famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, actually also the original Icehotel, has been an iconic place for visitors around the world 29 years in a row now. Icehotel’s aim is to become CO2 negative, a goal that was formulated in 2008. We have already taken some steps towards this, and have more plans in the pipeline. The seasonal ICEHOTEL melts down every spring under the midnight sun, while the midnight sun plays a big part in ICEHOTEL 365, not just as an attraction, but more as a necessity to make the facility available year round in a sustainable way. Solar panels provide ICEHOTEL 365 with enough energy to keep the rooms frozen even during the height of summer. ICEHOTEL continues to be a world attraction during winter, under the dancing northern lights. Every year, the seasonal edition of the hotel, with an additional 37 rooms, will be constructed – offering stunning ephemeral art and design during the winter season.

Find out more about ICEHOTEL:
KUST Hotell & Spa – the city lung
Award-winning KUST Hotell & Spa is much more than northern Sweden’s new design hotel. In its own way, it’s a journey along the river Piteälven, one of Swedens four National Rivers, with the river mouth just outside the hotel. It’s a journey in 14 chapters – or all the 14 stories of the building. The exterior of KUST Hotell & Spa, resembling the old time's timber transports down the river, is made of concrete mixed with titanium oxide, a technological invention that works so that the building absorbs Co2 and thus resembles a 14 story high air filter in the city. Some research suggests that the exterior of KUST cleans out air pollution just like trees. In this case thousands of trees.  At KUST you discover the highest sky bar and spa terrace along the coast of Swedish Lapland, 97 rooms, four unique suites that celebrate the seasons, a full-service conference floor, a renowned restaurant and a lounge with an international atmosphere. And already from the start, KUST has been acknowledged by the White Guide, where Swedens best places to eat is listed.

Take a closer look at KUST Hotel & Spa:
Environmently-friendly meetings at Kulturens Hus 
As the first conference facility to be awarded Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the North of Sweden - you can rest assured that your clients will have an environment-friendly meeting experience at Kulturens Hus in Luleå. To qualify as an eco-labeled conference facility, there are 39 mandatory demands that must be met. This includes limits on energy use, water and waste limits, disposable material to mention a few. Kulturens Hus is located by the waterfront in the city center of Luleå, the access to nature is close by all year around - making the facility accessible and popular amongst all types of visitors, from the midnight light in summer to northern lights in winter. The architects behind Kulturens Hus is Tirsén & Aili, whos wholistic view of functional, esthetical and good environment makes the first-class architecture. Kulturens Hus stretches from smaller daily meetings to conference facilities with up to 1000 participants. The close proximity of the city, all major hotels in walking distance, means you can easily enjoy a sustainable meeting in Luleå!

For more information on Kulturen Hus:
For more information on Nordic eco-label:

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