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Issue #80 | December 29, 2017  

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Facebook Just Created More Ad Inventory -- Through Instagram
"The move was likely made in an effort meet advertising demand for Facebook, according to a source familiar with the matter. The social network owns Instagram and says it is maxed out on ad inventory. Facebook rolled out ads to its 1.2 billion users on its Messenger platform in July for similar reasons."

The Digital Advertising Duopoly
"I want to see the technology industry adopt new approaches to monetization, ideally not attention based models, to combat this.

I don’t think subscriptions are the only answer here, as many do.

We need models that support free consumption of media for many reasons."
How Anyone Can Audit Facebook’s NewsFeed
"Over 22 days, I learned that using colored backgrounds caused my friends on Facebook (I have just over 2,000) to like and comment on poems 2.1x more. Poem conversations with a plain background received 7 likes and comments on average, ranging from 0 to 15. With or without colored backgrounds, poems were often the least liked posts on my feed for that day, but I knew going into this that not everyone likes poetry."
Studying the Hidden World of Dark Social Engagement
"Even though copying and pasting is a bit more difficult on a mobile device than a desktop, dark social still accounts for more than a quarter of all mobile sharing. But the majority of mobile users primarily use open social channels like Facebook and Twitter, where they like to share content on politics, news, and entertainment."
Why Year-End Doesn’t End in December
"After blitzing your supporters’ inboxes for four weeks straight, you owe them a little gratitude. Resist the temptation to treat your thank you email like a throwaway — instead, surprise and delight your supporters by leveraging your organization’s leadership or a celebrity ambassador."
8 Inconvenient Truths We Learned About Facebook
"It wants to be a TV network...It still can't be trusted to report its own metrics...It was still way too easy to create racist ads...It's "ripping apart the social fabric" of society."

Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us?
"According to the research, it really comes down to how you use the technology. For example, on social media, you can passively scroll through posts, much like watching TV, or actively interact with friends — messaging and commenting on each other’s posts. Just like in person, interacting with people you care about can be beneficial, while simply watching others from the sidelines may make you feel worse."

Instagram will now add ‘Recommended’ posts to your feed
"The injection of recommended content is a fairly big change for Instagram’s feed – perhaps one of the largest since the switch from the chronological feed to the algorithmic one, or the introduction of ads. It means users scrolling through their home feed will now no longer only see posts from accounts they directly follow alongside the ads."
A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance
"First and foremost, we have never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades. Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that."

Fiskkit - Fighting Fake News with Readers
"Fiskkit is a news commenting system *designed* to favor facts, logic and civility. It lets people comment and tag articles, and at scale can statistically quality-check all online news, to the sentence."
Tools of the Trade
Coin Demo
Crypto currency and blockchain explained.
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